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Vendor Order Addon

Vendor Order Addon facilitates each vendor to manage his/her Orders, Invoices, Shipments, and Credit Memos by providing splitting of orders during checkout process.

  • Vendor has full access to Orders, Shipments and Credit Memos
  • Vendor-wise splitting of orders into multiple orders
  • Supports both Merged Order and Split Order for multiple vendors
  • Supports Vendor Multi Shipping and Vendor Drop Shipping
  • Item-wise transaction management functionality for admin is also available

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Compatibility: Magento 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
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Vendor Order Addon for CedCommerce marketplace gives the control of the orders to the vendor. The management of vendor orders now becomes easy as every vendor gets to see his own orders. A unique Split Order feature is provided in this addon which works when multiple vendors’ products are added to the cart.

Settings are provided in the admin panel to merge/split the order. Vendor can create the invoice of his/her orders; create shipment from the vendor panel by the method with which he/she wants to ship the products. In case a product is returned by the customer then the vendor can refund the product by creating credit memo for that order. This addon also helps the admin to dispatch the commission to the vendors and enables him to easily calculate the price of commission per item. Admin can make offline payment of the shipped and invoiced items to the vendor. Thus, Vendor Order Addon allows each vendor to have full access to orders, shipments, invoices, credit memos and order comments.

Features :-

  • Full control of orders to the vendors.
  • Admin can manage split order or merge order feature from the admin panel.
  • Entirely different order view layout.
  • Full information of the order at order view.
  • Quick view on shipment/invoice/credit memo in the vendor order panel.
  • Instant invoice creation in case of online payment for an order.
  • Extend usability by installing Vendor Multi Shipping Addon.
  • On the basis of vendor origin shipping quote will be generated for the shipping method created by the vendor.
  • If merge order settings are enabled, multiple vendor orders will be created with the same parent order.
  • The shipping amount will go to the admin every time if Multi Shipping extension is not installed. He/she then needs to create an invoice for the shipment, and products can be invoiced by the admin only.
  • The vendor will be able to ship the products if and only if Vendor Multi Shipping addon is installed.
  • In the case of Split Order if shipping amount is received by the vendor using admin source origin then the source origin can be changed by installing the Multi Shipping extension. Note: If Split Order feature is enabled then redirect payment methods will not work.
  • Product wise commission can also be transmitted by the Admin.
  • This extension also supports Multi Language feature.
  • Any developer can customize the code as it is fully open source.
  • Compatible with Multi Shipping & PayPal adaptive addon.
  • Compatible with other CedCommerce Marketplace addons as well.
  • Vendor can comment on the Orders and Notify the customers.
  • In the case of Shipment, vendor can create shipments, view shipping Information, add comments, add tracking numbers and print shipment slips.
  • Item wise Debit and Credit can also be done to the vendors by the admin.
  • Shipping label can be created by the vendor and can be downloaded from the vendor panel.

* Shipments can only be generated by the vendor if Vendor Multi-Shipping Addon is installed.

Requirements CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

This addon doesn't works without the above extension.

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User Guide

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Stable Release with Advanced Functionalities


We have added some advanced functionalities in this upgrade:

  • Features Upgrade related with the advanced transaction system.
  • Few bug resolve.


  • Vendor Order Addon have the functionality of "Split Order" or "Split Cart"?
  • How the order will be generated, if any order consist of products of more then one vendor ?
  • Can this addon support shipping label generation?
  • Can Vendor create "invoice " of his orders?
  • Can Vendor create "shipment" of his products?
  • Does vendor get notify after placing the order by customer?
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    Review and Rating

    Fabulous Product

    I have many vendors on my site and it was not possible for me to manage so many orders of so many vendor. When I came across this product I was like "Wow". Is it really possible that my vendors can manage their orders themselves? and the answer was Yes!!

    This addon really helped me a lot and reduced my work to a great extent. My vendors can now manage their orders by themselves, generate invoice, shipment, etc. If online payment is done then automatic invoice is generated. The best part is if an order consists of multiple vendor's procuts then each vendor gets to see and manage only his own orders. Seriously this is a total value for money product.

    by Catherine Rockwell on 11/3/2015

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