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Marketplace Basic Marketplace Basic

Marketplace Basic

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension is a multi-featured extension capable of converting your normal E-commerce Store into a marketplace like Amazon or Ebay with multiple sellers.

  • Totally Responsive Design

  • Multiple Websites Login and Product support

  • Analytical Dashboard

  • Advanced Sales Reports for vendors

  • Enhanced Configuration settings for the admin

  • Facility for admin for approving/disapproving vendor's product

  • Smooth transaction process with proper commission deduction

  • Facility of Refund also available in case of order cancellation

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Regular Price: $199.00

Special Price $0.00

Compatibility: Magento 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
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If you are looking to switch your store into a multi-vendor marketplace like Etsy or Ebay then CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension is exactly what you need. It is quite flexible and has got amazing capabilities. The highlighting feature of CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension is its unique dashboard covering the entire vendor panel analytics all at one place.


  1. The vendor panel provided with CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension is easily manageable and provides options to manage account, products, orders, transactions, advance reporting system, etc.

  2. The administrator has been provided full control of the Marketplace. The admin panel includes the required settings which help in managing the vendors and their details.

  3. With CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension, vendors can add/edit their products from their vendor panel, view the orders placed, view the transactions done by the admin with proper amount distribution.

  4. The products and orders analysis reports will help the vendors in the analysis of their shop’s performance and its growth.

For some more amazing features, try Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platinum

Everything about CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace

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Why CedCommerce Marketplace is so strong?

Responsive Vendor Panel and Shop Pages Responsive Vendor Panel and Shop Pages

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension comes with fully responsive Vendor Panel and is compatible with all types of browsers, mobiles and tablets. It supports all magneto Templates and Themes.

Vendor Specific Shop Urls and SEO Management Vendor Specific Shop Urls and SEO Management

Shop URLs are used by vendors specifically to boost their sales. CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension is provided with SEO meta description, meta tags for Vendors,Products and Marketplace.

Uniquely Designed Analytical Dashboard Uniquely Designed Analytical Dashboard

Expand Vendor experience with our enhanced dashboard. It provides brief overview of products, orders, Sales Analytic Graph and Country wise Sales Report.

 Enhanced Vendor Sales Reports Enhanced Vendor Sales Reports

With CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension, it is easy to make analysis using our Advance Product and Order Sales Reports. Even Vendor can export reports.

2-Step Mass Vendor Transaction2-Step Mass Vendor Transaction

Choose any number of vendor orders and provide transaction details to complete the transaction. Our Transaction Management provides vendor wise and order wise payments as well.

Easily Refundable Vendor Orders Easily Refundable Vendor Orders

For refunded orders, CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension provides the Admin to debit the refunded order amount from Vendor Credits.

Products, Orders and Transactions for Multiple Currency Stores Products, Orders and Transactions for Multiple Currency Stores

Our extensions support adding product prices, managing orders and transactions for Multiple Currency Websites. We have also provided print and export functionality for orders and transactions.

Vendor Login and Product Creation for Multiple Websites Vendor Login and Product Creation for Multiple Websites

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension gives enormous features to the vendors like login from multiple websites and create product for multiple websites.

 Flexible Commission Rates Flexible Commission Rates

Choose how you want commission rates. Set either a fixed amount or percentage of Order amount.

Instant Notification Mails and Customizable Mail Templates Instant Notification Mails and Customizable Mail Templates

Vendor will get notification mails for new orders, cancel orders, account approval, account disapproval, account deletion, product approval, product disapproval, product deletion.

Vendor Payment Methods Vendor Payment Methods

Vendor can decide active Payment Methods and its details for All Vendor-Admin Transactions

Single Checkout for Multiple Vendor Products Single Checkout for Multiple Vendor Products

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension is provided with the facility of having multiple vendors' products in a single order and each of the associated vendors will get their product details only.

Multi Lingual Support Multi Lingual Support

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension supports multiple language stores with built-in language packages.

Customizable and Addons Support Customizable and Addons Support

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension can be customized easily to fit any business requirement using addons like CedCommerce Groups, CedCommerce Products, CedCommerce Vendor Attribute, Payment Methods etc.

 Advance Debugging System Advance Debugging System

CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension is embedded with the advance debugging system, which will help us in resolving any issues through updates. Thus making it robust.

User Guide

These Documents will Explain Everything.....!!


Stable Release

  • Speed Optimization:We have reduced queries to increase the speed of vendor panel
  • Some Minor Bug Fixes

Stable Release with Advanced Functionalities


We have added some advanced functionalities in this upgrade:

  • Added the feature of Member Id(an unique member id will be generated every time when a vendor is created so that vendor can be identified uniquely).
  • Provided the feature of Multilingual websites(Now you can convert your site to multi language as per your requirement.).
  • Admin can enable/disable the feature of Public Name.
  • Admin can enable/disable the feature of Shop Url.
  • Speed Optimization(We have reduced the amount of query execution to enhance the speed of our Marketplace).
  • Improved Transaction System (Added the feature of invoice from Vendor to admin including all the added charges.)

Stable Release with some new features


What's New

  • Resolve the duplicate product issue for vendor products.
  • Solved Duplicate member id issue.
  • Minor change in the vendor panel responsiveness.
  • Added the functionality for sending the invoice email to vendor for "admin to vendor" payment transaction.
  • Added the functionality to apply the service tax on all marketplace fee (commission fee, cancellation fee, shipping charges and payment charges and others).

Stable Release with some new functionalities


What's New

  • Added the functionality of generating Merchant ID.
  • Provide the functionality of Disabling the Shop-URL and Public Name.

Stable Release with some bug fixes


What's New

  • Resolved "send " blank page issue.
  • Resolved redirection issue when Vendor Panel is disabled from admin.

Stable Release

  • Fixed Vendor Save Error.

Stable Release


What's New

  1. Some Minor Css Fixes
  2. Minor Bug Fixes

Stable Release with some New Features


What's New

  1. Added new feature, Vendor payment request functionality.
  2. Added new feature, product Multi-Website Functionality.
  3. Minor bug fixes

Stable Realease

Some Minor Bug Fixes

Stable Release with Minor Fixes

  • Minor Fixes

Minner bug fixes

  • Minner bug fixes and design improvement

Stable Release with Vendor Search,Category Search and Minor Fixes


What's New

  • Add new feature Vendor search(by name,country,state and zip) on vendor's list page.
  • Add new feature Category & Attribute filter on vendor's shop page.
  • Improve Vendor Panel Design
  • Minor bug fixes

Stable Release with patch fixes SUPEE-6788


We had made some minor changes as per given below:

  • Updated according to Latest patch SUPEE-6788
  • Fixed some minor issues

Stable Release with Minor Fixes


What's New

  • Added approved success message on automatic approval of vendors
  • Added column headings for "Installed Extensions By CedCommerce" group in admin area
  • Corrected "PayNow" button issue on chrome browser,
  • Corre

Stable Release with Minor Fixes


What's New

  • Compatible with Secure URL Fixes.
  • Shop URL fixes.

Stable Release with Minor Fixes


What's New

  • URL fixes in Notification area
  • Merge CSS issue resolved for category tree
  • Date function issue resolved to make compatible with PHP version < 5.2.0
  • Vendor's products search issue resolved
  • Vendor dash

Stable Release with new Functionality & Minor changes


What’s New

  • Added Vendor registration enable/disable functionality,
  • Added Setting to enable/disable “I am a Vendor” Link and “Marketplace” Link.
  • Added compatibility with one-step checkout extensions.
  • Some minor changes

Stable Release with new Functionality & Minor changes


What's New

  • Added Vendor registration enable/disable functionality.
  • Added Setting to enable/disable "I am a Vendor" Link and "Marketplace" Link.
  • Added compatibility with one-step checkout extensions.
  • Minor changes in c

Stable Release with new Functionality


What's New

  • Added Vendor registration enable/disable functionality,
  • Added Setting to enable/disable "I am a Vendor" Link and "Marketplace" Link.
  • Added compatibility with one-step checkout extensions.

Stable Release with new features


What's New

  • Added Setting to enable/disable "I am a Vendor" Link and "Marketplace" Link.
  • Added compatibility with one-step checkout extensions.

Stable Release with new features


What's New

  • Added Setting to change "I am a Vendor" Link Title.
  • Added setting to customize placeholders for Vendor images and Vendor shop page banner.
  • Other Minor Updates and fixes.

Stable Release


Fixes and Updates

  • Fixed Category Product Count Issue in vendor Shop page.
  • Added support for DOB widget during vendor registration.
  • Other Minor Updates and fixes.

Stable Release


What's new and Fixes

  • Added support for Vendor Select and sell Addon
  • Minor Fixes and Updates

Stable Release



  • Fixed Secure URL Issues in Vendor Panel
  • Fixed Vendor Shop Page Image resize Issues

Stable Release


What's new

  • Admin can enable/disable any vendor Shop


  • Account pages theme fixes
  • Other Minor updates and fixes

Stable Release



  • Login and Registration theme compatibility issues
  • Other Minor updates and fixes

Stable Release



  • Vendor Panel Theme Fixes
  • Compatibility issues with OneStep checkout modules
  • Issues in Login and Registration Pages
  • Seller Name on Product Page Issue
  • Blank page on Product Creation
  • Other Minor u

Stable Release


What's New?

  • New Vendor Panel Theme with separate Login and Registration Pages

Bug Fixes

  • Product Page Seller Name Issue
  • including all other previous fixes

Stable Release

  • Supports more PHP versions.
  • Compatible with Magento Developer mode
  • Minor Bug fixes on Configuration

Stable Release

  • Stable Release for Magento Community Versions


  • Can I use Ced Theme for our website?
  • Will vendor have access to admin account ?
  • What versions of magento are supported by Marketplace Extension?
  • Can Admin control the vendor approval after creation of any vendor?
  • Can Admin control vendor product's approval?
  • Is this extension is open source,can we update code by our self?
  • Is Marketplace Basic extension is compatible with Enterprise version?
  • How many product types are supported in marketplace extension?
  • Is admin allowed to add vendor ?
  • How we can add custom fields in vendor registration form ?
  • Can vendor create attributes and attribute sets?
  • Not able to install the extension from the downloader panel of magento?
  • Can admin create more attributes for vendor registration and vendor edit profile form?
  • Can vendor register by himself ?
  • Can vendor sell digital (downloadable) product with this extension?
  • Is vendor approval is required each time when vendor is created?
  • Can vendor set shipping methods and shipping cost for his products?
  • Can Vendors process their "order" and can create "shipment" ?
  • Can we restrict resources on vendor panel?
  • Can you please explain me the "refund" process?
  • How Commission Rates are managed?
  • Does vendor will be able to manage the taxes?
  • How Admin make payment to the vendors?
  • How the shipping is managed in this Marketplace Extension?
  • Is Multi website supported by Multivendor Marketplace extension?
  • Vendor can see the report of sales order and products?
  • How to change CSMarketplace Vshop banners?
  • Why Choose CedCommerce?

    Technical Support


    Constant Technical Support and Services

    We provide a pack of profound advisory services, resolving technical queries, and providing constant sales and after-sales expertise solutions over multiple mediums.

    Industrial Expert


    Industrial Expertise

    Our extensions stand up with the Magento standards and are developed by our Magento Certified Experts, who even belong to the contribution team at Magento.

    One Stop Solution


    One Stop Solution

    We provide Complete eCommerce Marketplace Solutions, Extensions, Integrations, Mobile app development, Importers, Marketing automation, Digital marketing services, Drop shipping and Much more.

    Review and Rating


    Hey, I am currently using their Platinum Edition but had started with the Standard Version so thought of sharing what I actually found good about the extension. This is an excellent extension for all startups like me . I had some great ideas to run a marketplace but to implement them I was looking for low cost solution. I found this extension good not only in terms of cost but features as well . I am quite happy with the support I have got from them and would like to recommend to all who are having similar requirement like me.

    by JEFF ADAMS on 6/14/2016

    Thanks for helping me so much and for all your support. Coming to the extension it works great and has all the features to begin a marketplace. The best part is that it is Free and allows you to add features as per your requirement and you can avoid things that you don't want. Recommended for all Magento users.

    by KIM on 5/31/2016
    Keep up the good work guys !

    First time I have bought a extension which is available for Free and glad that I am not disappointed. Must appreciate the support as they understood my situation pretty well and handled my queries with care and responded quickly. I am really happy with the extension and its features and would definitely purchase some addons as the my marketplace grows.

    by Simons on 5/24/2016

    I wasn't sure in the starting that I would be commencing my multivendor marketplace with this extension as I usually don't buy extension which are free. After thorough analysis and comparison with other available options I not only found this extension good but in some areas better than others. Their support is one of the best which i have found in recent time and was one of the key reasons for me to begin my marketplace with this extension. Overall my experience has been good and seriously I never expected so many features in a extension which is Free to download.

    by Jones on 5/20/2016

    Really like to appreciate the hard work put in by these developers. I was looking for a strong base from where I could launch my marketplace and with this Multi Vendor Extension I got exactly the same. I would also like to add something by talking about their support staff which is highly dedicated team of developers and their hard work shows in the way they handled my queries. Definitely an extension worth recommending.

    by Mark Johnson on 5/10/2016
    Great Extension to commence the Marketplace

    It works impeccably. I customarily don't indite feedback quickly but the quality of the extension and the support have made me indite this feedback. It is working impeccably and I am now planning to move their Platinum Version.

    by Tim Houston on 4/8/2016
    I would recommend CedCommerce if you are looking for a Magento based marketplace.

    I am using the basic marketplace from CedCommerce, along with a few paid and custom plugins for my website . I would like to say that the basic plugin itself is really nice and I was happy with it in the initial days. As we grew, our customers and team asked for new featured with they already had built as plugins. We just had to purchase a few paid plugins which were quickly installed as well. We also had requirement of custom made plugin, which I think were decently priced and quickly delivered.
    Overall, I have very happy to be using their product and also with their support. I would recommend CedCommerce if you are looking for a Magento based marketplace.

    by Ankit Agarwal on 2/26/2016

    I started using this marketplace and was amazed by the features offered. The basic version covers many features which are not available in many other marketplace. I have started using some of there marketplace addons as well and I am really satisfied with them. Highly recommended for who are looking to open a marketplace on magento and are low on budget.

    by Shawn Williams on 1/23/2016
    One of the best support system I have encountered

    One of the best support system I have encountered. They are really nice and kind, they have a really good service attitude. I was evaluating their products and they helped me all along to get my decision. Also, reading about the extension, has many features out of the box. If you arre are afraid on buying because of the support. You're wrong. They're the best

    by Nadir on 1/11/2016

    Since I started working with Cedcommerce., I realized that this the right decision I made. Here's how it should be an extension and support.I was able to setup the marketplace easily which I earlier thought would be an uphill task.I even suggested an improvement for future updates and this was implemented without me even asking!
    I would highly recommend this plugin and the support is simply fantastic.

    by Matthews on 1/8/2016
    Best Marketplace Extension Available in the Market!

    Awesome Experience!
    Really amazed to see the functionalities in the marketplace. I had looked out for several marketplaces before finally selecting this one and now can say that it was my right decision.
    It had all the functionalites which i was looking forward to and the best part was that it was free. I I havn't yet purchased any addon yet but would definetly purchase few of them.
    Keep Up the good work guys!

    by Thomas on 1/7/2016

    Its amazing.
    Very good application

    by wagfervidt on 9/23/2015
    Easy customization, saves lot of time and integrates very well with magento

    Easy customization, saves lot of time and integrates very well with magento

    by Vivek on 8/26/2015
    Absolutely Amazing !!!

    The best , easiest , cheapest , marketplace extension for Magento ever !
    thank you very much Guys for you efforts your plugins are amazing and i'm looking up forward to purchase more things from you ..

    by Qasim on 7/23/2015
    Out of the box

    The best extension out there for a marketplace!!!
    Before installing this extension we were debating if we should develop our own marketplace from scratch and spend a few hundred thousand dollars doing this, or using an existing platform or extension.
    after a few weeks of checking all the options (yes there are over 30 different extensions out there on Magento and different platforms) we decided to use this extension for the following reasons:
    1) This extension has an endless amount of features, you can do everything you imagined with it.
    2) Easy customisation.
    3) Free, this extension is free.
    4) the code is written well and integrates very well with the magento.
    This extension has saved us lots of time and money and enabled us to build a very high levelled marketplace.
    CedCommerce gives amazing support for this extension. they fixed every single bug we found and they responded quickly to every question we had.

    by Arnav on 6/24/2015

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