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Vendor Ebay Integration Addon[M2]

Vendor Ebay Integration Addon[M2]

Vendor ebay Integration facilitates the vendors to synchronize their product inventory, price, and other relevant details . It also fetches orders and performs management related activities between vendor’s store and the eBay Marketplace.

Key features :

  • Profile Based Product Upload: Allows profile based product upload on the eBay Marketplace.

  • Automated Product Inventory Synchronization: Automated product inventory and price synchronization on ebay.

  • Manage eBay Orders: Allows vendor to import orders from the eBay Marketplace to convert it into regular Magento Orders and Shipments.

  • Product Operation: Allows vendors to perform product critical activities such as product upload and product view using bulk management system.

  • Crons: Cron job automates the process to fetch eBay Orders from eBay to Vendor’s store.

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x
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Vendor ebay Integration facilitates the vendor's selling on your website to synchronize product listing between their vendor store and the eBay marketplace. This also finds its utility in managing the eBay orders on to their Magento2 vendor panel without making any significant changes in the operational functionalities.

Synchronization of products, orders, pricing, and inventory is achieved by establishing interaction between eBay APIs and the vendor ebay integration module.

Besides this, the module also enables vendors to create eBay Categories and its dependent attributes on their Magento 2 vendor panel. Thus, it enables vendors to configure the desired product category to the Magento2 vendor panel for automatic submission of the selected product to the same category on eBay.


Product Category Mapping: This follows many-to-one category mapping phenomenon. Vendors is provided with the facility to map multiple categories of the vendor store to the single category of eBay.

Profile based product upload: Vendors are required to create various profiles and map the eBay category and attribute to the ones that are assigned to them by the website admin. Once the products are assigned to the profile,they can be easily uploaded to ebay.

Simple Products Upload: Vendor can upload Simple Product type to eBay.com.

Low Stock Notifications: Vendor will received a notification on its dashboard in case the stock bypasses the defined threshold quantity.

Rejected Products Notification: Every vendor product goes through a validation process before being uploaded to eBay. Rejected products along with the reason of rejection is displayed on the grid.

Order Automation: Experience the Automated Order Importing mechanism and manage the orders easily.


Marketplace Platinum Package [M2]

This addon will not work without the above given extension.

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