Orange Money Payment Method [M2]

Orange Money Payment Method [M2]

The Orange Money Payment Method for Magento 2 integrates Orange Money gateway with your website and help your customers to make secure online payments.

Key features :

  • Easy to integrate.

  • Works for France and South African countries.

  • Demo mode is also available to allow developers to check their shop on development mode.

Compatibility: Magento
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Orange Money Payment Method for Magento 2 extension helps to integrate the Orange Money payment gateway for accepting online payments from the customers. Its mandatory for the customers to be registered on Orange Money.The customers get redirected to the payment gateway site for making their payments.

The website admin needs to enter the Merchant Key and Authorization Key for Orange Money in order to activate this payment module. An option to provide payment instruction is also provided. These details are displayed to the customers along with this payment method at the time of checkout.


All the transactions are redirected to the Orange Money payment gateway.

This payment method works only for France and South African Countries.

Enables the admin to enter notes that will be displayed along with the payment method.

Provides the option to upload a payment logo that will be displayed along with the payment method.

Two transaction modes namely Demo mode and Production mode are available.

API can be easily integrated and access to the Orange Money Web Payment API must be requested by applying at:


CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension

This addon will not work without the above given extension.

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