Booking Commission Addon

This Addon allows the admin to set miscellaneous commission slabs applicable to vendors for every purchase of the booking products.

Key features :

  • Booking Product-type commission is based on the nature of booking product-types like hotel booking and appointment.

  • Commission slabs can be created as per the available categories.

  • Admin can create Min/Max rule to decide the rates, which if earn by vendors, would be applicable for commission to be charged.

  • Admin can create Vendor wise and Group wise rates to for define the commission rates for specific vendors on the basis of groups.

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x
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Based on the Product Types:

The commission rates can be decided depending on the booking product type like hotel and appointment booking. Then whenever the sale of the specific booking-type product happens, the vendor receives the amount after the deduction of commission.

Based on certain Categories:

If either vendor wants to assigned the certain booking product-type to multiple categories or, the admin wants to restrict booking product-type, category wise commission comes into play. This is done by applying commission on different categories and specifying their priority. The higher priority will be applied as commission.

Min/Max rule:

This rule is applicable when certain product type is assigned within the booking Product-type wise and Category wise. As per the min/max rule, the commission applicable on those product would be either on maximum amount of commission from Product-type wise and Category wise or minimum amount. It is the sole discretion of admin to decide.

Define Vendor wise or vendor Group wise Commission

Also, commission can be charged on the basis of Vendor Groups. If a vendor group Addon is installed, and if the admin wants specific amount of commission to be charged from some group of vendors but not all the vendors or, wants to apply variable commission on groups, then this type of Commission slab serves the purpose.

Note: To use this feature Vendor Group Addon must be pre-installed


Marketplace Booking And Reservation System

This addon will not work without the above given extension.

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