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Jet CubeCart Integration

Jet CubeCart Integration

Jet-CubeCart Integration, by CedCommerce, provides easy integration of inventory, price, and other product details between your CubeCart store and by making use of REST API.

The features of this integration are:

  • Product Data Validation: In accordance to the standards and values specified by Jet.
  • Automatic Synchronized requests: are sent for orders, products, inventory, return, etc. regularly.
  • Bulk Management: Now possible for product upload, product enable and product disable features.
  • Order Import & Shipment: Can be easily done from your CubeCart store panel by providing the required information.
  • Return & Refund: Jet products can be returned or refund easily from your CubeCart store panel.

  • Read the Complete Guide to sell on Jet



CubeCart is a powerful free ecommerce solution enabling thousands of merchants globally to sell digital or physical products online. It user-friendly, open source shopping cart software. It is also fully customizable and is stable and highly usable. It is designed to handle any kind of load and supports small sized & large size businesses . To facilitate CubeCart store owners to sell their products on Jet which is one of the fastest growing marketplace, CedCommerce has launched Jet-CubeCart Integration. Loaded with powerful features, this plugin connects with Jet marketplace to achieve the synchronization of product data, orders, returns and stock units. Jet CubeCart Integration provides the management of following features with help of Jet API:

  • Products

  • Orders

  • Shipments

  • Return

  • Refunds

  • Merchant information setup to sell on


  • Synchronized Product Listing - For any product uploaded on Jet, this plugin makes sure that the entire product information may it be qty, price or other details remains updated both on your CubeCart store and Jet whenever the product is edited. If any modification is noticed in the product inventory due to the addition of stock units or due to the purchase of any product, it is updated accordingly at every required place by using the available features.

  • Mass Product Upload - The bulk product upload feature provides the flexibility of uploading any number of products on Jet. The bulk feature is also available for archiving or unarchiving the products on Jet. Products can also be uploaded by category in bulk. Current version allows uploading Simple and Variable products on Jet.

  • Rejected Products Error - If the products uploaded on Jet contain invalid data then, they are rejected by Jet and the error which caused it to be rejected gets listed in the upload product grid. These errors can be rectified by the merchant and the product can be uploaded again on Jet.

  • Order Management - As soon as the order is placed on Jet it gets imported to your CubeCart store with the help of automatic requests. The orders get acknowledged automatically after being imported.

  • Shipment - The shipment can be managed by the merchant from his CubeCart store. Multiple shipment of an order can also be done. If Shipstation is installed, then shipment is done automatically.

  • Return & Refund - The returns created on Jet can be easily imported to your CubeCart store and the merchant can accordingly choose to accept or reject the return. If any customer directly approaches the merchant for returning the product, then the merchant can easily create its refund from his CubeCart store and it will get updated on Jet.

  • Settlement Reports - The Jet settlement reports can also be viewed from the CubeCart store panel for any number of days as needed. These report contain information of total orders, sales, return and refund of your shop.

Your Reasons To Choose Jet CubeCart Integration

If the features mentioned above are not enough for you to purchase this plugin then, have a look at the ones mentioned herein: -

Personal Account Manager
  • Soon after purchase, one of our skilled account managers will be personally aligned to you instantly.
  • Will make you familiar with jet operations and processes.
  • Will guide you through Jet API activation process and help you out to enable Jet Live API.
  • Will provide assistance with configuration setting, product critical data, product upload process till you successfully complete a live order.
  • In simple words, we will extend our support until you start flying with Jet.

Our Dedicated Support
  • Quick upgrade release, every time a new update/feature is dispatched by
  • Got queries? support team just a mail away Click Here.
  • Start instant chat by adding our skype id live : cedcommerce or live:support_35785.


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