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In this guide we will help you learn about how to sell on Last year at the conclusion of 3rd quarter, shook the world with a cash-strapped acquisition of, the largest ever in the U.S. e-commerce history. Eyeballs rolled, chatterazzi blabbered, and almost everyone in e-commerce industry has a take on it and why shouldn’t it happen?

When the largest natural competitor of, acquired the company – – which recorded 248-time more growth than in their first year of operation, the link was meant to be shed, and cameras roll.

However, one year after the acquisition, things look settled down and with’s CEO – Marc Lore also at the helm of Walmart e-commerce, the steering of towards ultimate glory has begun.

The also had the various acquisition in this one-year period which enables to increase its assortment and consolidate its grip over it’s urban dominated.

Reasons to sell on

  1. Low competition and somewhat limited listings (as compared to other online marketplaces), makes it favorable to sell on
  2. Jet Rules Engine – While selling on Jet, sellers get to use Jet Rules engine a proprietary algorithm which enables them to get a hold on areas where they want their products to sell, they can boost the sales of products in a specific region and decrease the sales in other regions.
  3. Meaningful Analytics – It enables sellers to gain actionable insights and detailed reporting so as to maximize their product visibility and boost sales on
  4. Communication – It enables sellers to get the email addresses of the clients purchasing their products in the form of email opt-ins, so sellers could run better and targeted email marketing campaigns.
  5. seller fee – Another critically important point to sell on is that it doesn’t charge any other fee apart from the commission which is around 15% unlike amazon and ebay monthly fee. So if the sales haven’t started to roll in. Don’t bother to pay anything.


Pre-requisites to sell on

Now that you know, in case if you don’t, the advantages associated with selling on, it is important to know what are seller qualification so as to enable them to list the product at

1. Functional Bank account

2. Valid U.S. Business Tax ID Number (for sole proprietor – valid U.S. SSN number)

3. Sell Branded products (and leave Prohibited Products)

4. Uphold’s ‘Excellent Fulfillment & Delivery Performance’ standard

Steps to Sell on

1. To list your products on and start selling jet retail partner, you must be first approved by Jet, Get the Jet partner account via submitting information on this link. Generally, review process takes 2-3 weeks to get your request approved, and if you found any other information contact with

sell on Jet

How to apply on Jet

2. API Integration – Once you’re approved you will get Jet API keys to connect your store with and after you connect the store. Product Upload process starts.

3. Now comes the part of product upload. Remember, curates the data from different sellers to show the best available combination for any product; which means for your items, the description can come from some other retailer and Title from some other.

sell on Jet

Steps to sell on Jet

Do’s and Don’ts of selling on

There are certain aspects which should always to be kept in mind once you upload the data of items to be processed at

Product Title



Product Character should be between 5 to 500 wordsNo special characters
The product sold should be highlightedNo retailer or sales specific information
Brand name should be at beginning of the titleNo product attribute in the title

Product Description

The description must be holistic and must not exceed 500 character limit

No special character or bullets in the description

No sales information

USP of

Selling on Jet do have few perks. is unique in a way that it lets sellers control their fate. The more smart seller, higher chances of garnering more sales on The reason for this is Jet’s Pricing engine, it lets sellers choose the areas where they want to market their products with competitive prices.

Read the blog to find out more about the Jet Pricing Engine Rule:

Selling on Fulfillment lets retailers fulfill their orders on their or use 3rd party drop shipping services.

Fulfillment Expectations

Like others consumer is the core of the scheme of things at, therefore, it operates in that way. Therefore, sellers demonstrating excellent behavior are preferred over other sellers. Following are the metrics that should be met for fulfillment.

sell on Jet

How does commission work on

The applicable commission rate = a Base Commission Rate based on the item category + Commission Rate Adjustments made in the Jet Rules Engine

The most intriguing fact is that a part of the commission is passed on to customers as Jet member saving.

Payment Calculation

At a given point in time, your account with Jet will contain credits (amounts owed to you by Jet)

and debits (amounts you owe Jet). The components of this account balance are as follows:

Amounts owed to you = cumulative Retailer Price of items sold to Jet for resale to Jet


Amounts you owe Jet = commissions, monetary incentives offered by Retail Partners via

the Jet Rules Engine relating to a sale, refunds and return shipping costs if applicable.

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Using the information in this guide, aspiring merchants can up their game and maximize sales while they sell on However, the most important thing to notice is that selling on requires smart decision and great maneuverability.

Integration Of Jet With Other Platforms:

Jet-Shopify IntegrationJet Shopify Integration helps sellers in their Products, Orders and Inventory Management in just one click. It provide Real time Syncing. Shopify store sellers can manage their product’s price on with Custom Pricing and offer competitive prices. It gets you started with Multi Sales Channels.

Jet BigCommerce Integration: Jet BigCommerce Integration App is a complete solution that integrates your online store with The App comes as an opportunity to help all those willing to sell on This integration app provides online sellers a hassle free management of stores, enriches seller experience, and introduces you to multi sales channels.

Jet Magento Integration: Jet Magento Integration, enables synchronization of inventory management, price & other product details and manages orders, returns, etc. between Magento store and Jet marketplace. The smooth harmonization is established with help of REST API.

Jet Prestashop Integration: Jet-PrestaShop Integration enables the sellers to list and sell their Prestashop store products on Jet marketplace. It offers complete synchronization of inventory management, pricing, order management, shipment management etc. from your Prestashop store. Jet Integration provides the convenience of overall management with the help of API integration.

About CedCommerce

Established in 2010, CedCommerce enables Small and Medium enterprise list their products at leading online marketplaces. Leading marketplaces like Walmart (parent company of,,,, and trust CedCommerce to onboard 3rd party sellers on their platform and have made it their channel integration partner.

Also, whether you use Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce or any other framework, we at CedCommerce can help you sell on Jet. Check all the frameworks.

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