woocommerce scheduler plugin
Woocommerce Scheduler Plugin : WordPress content scheduler with a range of dates

Woocommerce Scheduler Plugin : WordPress content scheduler with a range of dates


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This article is to inform you about new release of CedCommerce, named WP Content Scheduler With Range.


WP Content Scheduler With Range  plugin, is a WordPress plugin created by CedCommerce to schedule your posts or pages between a range of specific dates. Yes, now you can schedule your posts to render at front-end between two specific dates. This plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce. It means that through this plugin you can schedule your WooCommerce’s products also to be shown at front-end between specific dates. Now you can show a post, page, custom post or WooCommerce’s products only when you want to show at front-end. Schedule your post, page, custom post or WooCommerce’s products with a range of specific dates. You can also choose a setting for moving the post to trash after exceeding it’s dates. There is a setting named Move To Trash setting, if that is checked then all the scheduled post will be moved to trash after exceeding it’s date.


This plugin also provides a feature of adding some Occasional Content at front-end between a range of dates. These contents can be shown at each posts’ single page, all pages or some specific page by choosing their settings. The Occasional Content may also be shown at top or at bottom.


How to use WP Content Scheduler With Range plugin?

Download the plugin, install it into your WordPress Plugins and activate it. When the WP Content Scheduler With Range plugin is activated see in the left side bar a setting tab named WCSWR will be added.


See the settings and you’ll see three setting tabs :


  • Post Type: The Post Type setting is a setting for which post type you want to schedule the content. Choose post types and save the settings.

wp content scheduler post settings


  1. From now you’ll be able to see Content Scheduling Dates named section on the posts( if you’ve chosen post type post). Select two dates and update the post, now that post will be shown only between those dates.

content scheduler date settings


  • Trash Setting: The Trash setting is for moving the post into trash after exceeding its date. Check the checkbox and save the setting. Now all the posts will be moved to trash after exceeding its date.


contenet scheduler move to trash setting


  • Occasional Content: The Occasional Content setting is a setting for adding some occasional content at front-end, between a date-range. Enter some content and choose the setting options and save the setting and you’ll see that content at that page(the page you’ve chosen in the setting) and at the position( the position you’ve chosen).





Make sure, if the occasional content contains new line or spaces then it’ll be shown at front-end same as it is. When you’ve saved your Occasional content setting, then you can see your content at front-end where you’ve saved the setting.
The Occasional Content will be shown like:





The above image shows how your occasional content will be shown at your site. If you find the content section as an obstacle you can close it temporarily by clicking the green cross( X ) button.



If you’re looking for a content scheduling plugin then you’ve come to right place, this is the best plugin for you. If you want to show some occasional content or some extra content frequently between a range of dates at any page in your site, then this plugin may be proved a best tool for you.


Thanks for reading the article, if you found this article helpful please give your feedback in the comment box and if you didn’t like the article then also please tell me the flaws, that how can I make this more helpful. Also you can share your ideas to make this plugin better, I’ll be eagerly looking for your feedback.


You can have your own WP Content Scheduler With Range from here.


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