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10 Compelling Reasons why your business needs a Mobile App

10 Compelling Reasons why your business needs a Mobile App


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As we know that technology is marking its presence in every field, and e-commerce is also not left untouched. It looks like yesterday that Brick and mortar stores turned into online ones, and now mobile apps are gaining popularity when it comes to easy shopping.


As per Forbes insights, out of a Global population of 7.6 billion, over four billion people are Internet users.

And amongst them, the number of mobile phone users have increased to 62.5 percent of the Global population. Consequently, Businesses are actively focusing on Mobile applications as much as on mobile websites.


The result being, apart from Big brands like Puma or Nike and food chains as Dominos and KFC, small or mid-sized business houses are also following the trend and contributing in mobile app industry growth.


These days you can even find a local cafe owner or a spa outlet nearby in your town having their own mobile app, and they are always ahead of those who ignore this trend in marketing their businesses.


“ Any Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic.”

                                                                                  – Arthur C. Clarke


Mobile Apps


Now, if you are still not convinced as to why your business needs a Mobile app too, I am going to give you 10 reasons for the same:


# More Personalised Experience To The Users:


Personalization is all about creating one to one connection with the user, which is based on their personal choice, interest, usage, behavior and more.

In a mobile app, users can be served on the basis of their preferences.

Further, they can save their preferred categories and it would be easy to filter their specific interest and have them notified.

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# Get Them Notified With Push Notifications:


Communication is the most important factor in any kind of relationship, and business associates are one of them.

Usually, vendors use Emails as a mean to communicate to their customers. It has a drawback that in this mobile age everyone prefers to communicate with ease. And in the age of instant messaging apps, they hardly consider Emails.

Mobile Apps allow you to send Push Notifications every now and then and keep the user updated with attractive offers.

People usually check their phones whenever they receive any notification.

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# Users Prefer Mobile Apps To Desktop:

Mobile Apps


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A study conducted by Flurry shows that in America an average user spends 162 minutes i.e more than 2.5 hours with mobile phones per day and that is also with Apps.
With everything getting digital, technology has become a basic need for everyone. Users want to stay updated at any time anywhere, and what else than a mobile phone would be easier to keep up with it. Its lighter, handy and easy to carry.

Hence, more preferred as compared to desktops.

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At present, a majority of shopping is done through the mobile apps – are you using your online store till now? Why don’t you consider an upgrade to it? Let’s make an app with Shopify mobile app builder today: 

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#Better Communication Opportunity with Customers:


With Mobile apps, you can establish a better two-way communication channel with the customer by providing direct contact details.

Likewise, you can enable the chat option with the In-App messaging feature to stay connected and keep the user updated.

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# Speed-Up Transactions:


Mobile App is rather swift to complete the transaction than a web store or a mobile website. Transactions are made even easier and quicker with super dynamic UI, easy navigation and simplified checkout process.

# Another Opportunity To Build Your Brand:


You want your Business to be recognized as a Brand, there is no better option than a Mobile app. Build a mobile app for your store with amazing graphics and vibrant colors that can attract users well. Your app will itself be your promoter.

Above all, you want your customers to stay in touch with your product and company name and an app is a great way to showcase what you are offering. It’s a great way to interact with the customers.


# Embrace Smartphone features:


The Mobile comes up with several high-end features such as Camera, GPS, Contact list, Compas, Calculator and many more. An ideal Native mobile app would use them efficiently to give your user a rich experience. For Example, to track the user location the inbuilt GPS feature would be of great help.

# Get Customers To Website:


An ideal mobile app would be the one which provides easy synchronization between the app and the website. This way you can get your user to visit your website more often.
Hence, one of the best ways to get traffic on your website is to connect it with a mobile app.

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# Build More Dedicated Customer Base:


There are plenty of mobile apps out there. But the user does not wish to float into the deep ocean of thousands and hundreds of apps. They want it to be one dedicated mobile app that can make them feel at home and pampered with their preferred choices or some chosen stuff what other brands are not offering.
Mobile apps give you the chance to be on the favorites list of your users and stay close to them.

# EveryBody’s Doing It:


Above all, you should be giving it a thought because everyone else is doing it even your competitors are. Remember you want to be everywhere your rivals are, no shame in that. It’s only human to compete and improve.
So, why would you be losing at it? Go build your app and be a brand.
Hope your business would rise and shine!


Concluding, I just want to give this one last piece of advice that change is the law of nature and those who resist that change usually get lost competing with it. Time has changed, technology has changed and also the conventional ways of conducting business have changed.
Therefore, in order to be somewhere, you need to begin. Take the first step towards it Now!

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