what is shopify
What is Shopify & How does it help in the online selling process?

What is Shopify & How does it help in the online selling process?


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What is Shopify

Shopify is a SaaS(software as a service) based platform that offers online shopping solutions to businesses. It enables businesses to set up an online store, and sell items online effortlessly. Different pricing plans and several features makes it suitable for every kind and size of business.

Startups to big businesses can benefit by utilizing Shopify as their eCommerce platform, and there are a lot of plugins and integrations to enhance this software scale as per business requirements.

How does Shopify work?

Regardless of whether you’re selling fashionable apparels online and need to set up an online store. Or an artist and need to sell your most recent works among the people. Or Whether you are planning to set up a dropshipping store and want to grow with it, Shopify can help you. Millions of entrepreneurs from different corners of the world trust Shopify to help sell their items.

There are different assortment of items available that you can sell via shopify platform.

Digital items

Digital items could be things like ebooks , audio, email templates , online courses etc.

Physical items

You can sell different types of physical items via shopify platforms including garments or apparels, gifts items, jewellery items, furniture and lots more.

Consultations and services

Whether you’re a dentist, interior decorator or a holistic mentor, visitors can book on the web and sell on the web or in-person counsels.

Ticketed experiences

Experience-based organizations may incorporate from wine tastings to hands-on workshops. If you’re an artist or running any event, you can utilize Shopify to sell those tickets.

Online Classes or tutorials

Enable visitors to read, download or rent tutorials, pdfs, books or guides through online stores.

So there are various other things or materials available on the shopify platform that you can sell or purchase through it. It simply simplifies the process of online selling and purchasing both for sellers and consumers.

What are the Benefits of using Shopify?

Shopify is a cloud based software service(Saas) . Also all-in-one solutions that allow users to create an Ecommerce store and also turn it into a beautiful mobile app. Use shopify’s online selling platform to sell, ship and manage products.

Turn Your Shopify store into an App

  • Easy to navigate- Web design is user friendly and does not require any coding
  • Fully customizable
  • Almost all popular payment gateways are supported
  • Sell on different sales channels including Amazon and pinterest
  • Low start-up costs $29/month, low overhead
  • Location independent – Operation from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Allows you to automate the fulfillment process with 3rd party shipping apps
  • 24×7 quality customer and seller support
  • High level of security and reliability
  • It’s simple to test the market before scaling

It takes a Moment to launch a shopify store

Unlike Other Ecommerce Platforms, Shopify takes less time and training to understand. Infact, Shopify enables the user to become accustomed to the interface in a few tutorials. And the Shopify dashboard is probably easy to understand and simple to use. The backend experience works with assistance from step by step checklists and tutorials. An Expert or a user with zero coding knowledge both can utilise it easily without any hassle. Also it enables the users to make use of different powerful tools available for site customisation.

Shopify enables the user to launch it in a very less time. That may also include the app design , payment process and other processes required to launch an app. So There’s no doubt that Shopify gives a more enhanced and simplified user experience as compared to other platforms. Also the shopify dashboard keeps on improving, everyday they are making improvements in its functions to give users a better experience.

Pricing Plans 

Good thing is that shopify offers 14 days free trial to its users, also other plan options are as follows:

  • Basic Plan – $29/month
  • Shopify- $79/month
  • Advanced Shopify – $299/month

Subscribing to the shopify plan gives users an excess to the admin panel. Where users can easily store data, manage products and process orders.

Shopify Options

So shopify offers subscriptions types including lite, Plus and EPOS as per your pricing plan.

Shopify Lite

Shopify lite is a cost efficient plan that enables a user to set up a mini store on social media i.e. a store that helps a user sell items on facebook marketplace. It makes use of similar functionality of a full shopify store, but only for facebook.


Then comes the shopify plus, it is an enterprise level version for large business and organizations. So it has more features and functionality

POS(Point of Scale)

It is a blend of software and hardware for brick and mortar stores, physical retails or popup stores. Solution incorporates an application for accepting payments through smartphones, dedicated hardware or card readers for retail stores. It is more beneficial to those physical stores that want to integrate everything with shopify.

Get your Mobile app built as per your business size and requirements.

Also it allows you to work with a variety of free templates to customize and design your own store. You can pick the template that best suits your brand. And customise your site with a simple drag and drop editing tool. So even if you don’t have any coding experience that’s totally fine. You can simply use pre-built templates with a drag and drop editing tool. It doesn’t take a long time to create your store.


So shopify could be the most feasible and cost efficient option for online businesses. It offers incredible support with numerous tools to customize the app. Also the tools that help in the process of selling online. Enable the user to sell physical or digital products to the entire point of the scale system or run a store with multiple merchants. Shopify is a one solution for all Ecommerce problems, it is helpful in every size and type of business and provides a cost efficient solution. Get started with 30 days free app trial

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