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Wearizon Apparel: Automating and Expanding to eBay and Amazon

Wearizon Apparel: Automating and Expanding to eBay and Amazon


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How about leveraging a seamless multi-channel selling experience? Gone are the days when owning an eCommerce store was all required. Today, when e-stores are increasing efficaciously, it is imperative to outline some great multi-channel sales strategies and expand enormously.   


Having faced several similar issues. One of our eminent clients Wearizonapparel’s hunt finally halted when he reached us. Here’s is how he shares his elated venture with CedCommerce’s multi-channel plugins in his words.


sell online on ebay and amazon


A sneak peek at Wearizon Apparel


Understanding the need to stay elegant, Wearizon Apparel covers all the trending apparels in your budget. We opened this store with a simple idea, to make it easier for our customers to find what they want to wear at the most reasonable cost,” remarks Wearizon Apparel.


However, acknowledging the need for multichannel sales they have now automated their sales on eBay and Amazon (here) way efficaciously.


    Automate your multichannel selling in Southeast Asia



    How about leveraging Wearizon Apparel’s success and expanding your eCommerce empire? No doubt, our multi-channel selling solutions caters you with automated syncing and listing of products, centralized order management, bulk upload of products in a go and more. 

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