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Unleash your eCommerce potential with CedCommerce Shopping Feed Solutions

Unleash your eCommerce potential with CedCommerce Shopping Feed Solutions


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Get the most of your least effort with Cedcommerce’s effective solutions and improve your sales!


Portland, Oregon[May 21st, 2018]– CedCommerce the official channel integration partner of behemoths like Walmart, Sears, BestBuy etc. unveiled the much finest solution i.e. CedCommerce Shopping Feed. Hence, assisting millennials automate, optimize and customize their product feeds.


A sneak peak at CedCommerce Shopping Feed-


Featured with centralized data management, smart automation, and instant product feed management. CedCommerce Shopping Feed brings you the ultimate feature of products-data Auto-Assignment and Easy management.



Grab the 7 days FREE trial- here.


The solution features you with automating feed submissions, optimizing product data, instant syncing of product updates and bulk uploading on Google Shopping, Bing and other renowned channels.

This, in turn, drives larger traffic and improves your conversion rates. Thus, rapidly increase your sales.

CedCommerce Shopping Feed leaves no stone unturned in raising your ROIs (Rate Of Investment).


Intended to- List, Sync, and Manage your product feeds and orders with world’s leading shopping engines. CedCommerce Shopping Feed endeavors at helping you retain your customers for long.


Avail the extra perk-


Are you a seller on Walmart?

Get featured with our exclusive feature of “auto-mapping”.

Categorise all your products on shopping feed in a similar way as on Walmart marketplace. Hence, saving a lot of time. Here.



Breaking the news to people the elated cofounders Himanshu Rauthan, and Abhishek Jaiswal quoted, “We are happy to announce the launch of our much-awaited solution. “We are sure it will help our prospects by larger means of improving their sales- the wide variety of features offered by CedCommerce Shopping is something that makes it stand different from the crowd.”


The co-founders also congratulated the project managers, team leads and their working staff for their immense hard work and dedication.


A glance at CedCommerce-

Founded in the year 2010, CedCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce facilitators providing integration to more than 3500 clients across the globe.


CedCommerce’s patrons have been selling approximately 50 million + gmv. CedCommerce believes in assisting and delivering their clients with the best services possible.


CedCommerce believes in driving higher traffic to its clients. Thus, has outreach in various domains- from providing multi-vendor marketplaces, theme development, to the making of smartphones applications. CedCommerce is also known for its 24*7 continuous support services.

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