onbuy integration for woocommerce
Unleash your strength with amazing features of OnBuy Integration for WooCommerce

Unleash your strength with amazing features of OnBuy Integration for WooCommerce


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Wouldn’t it be endearing if your selling efforts found an equally caring abode as your own? Aiming for the same, CedCommerce- the leading eCommerce solution provider expands its wings with Onbuy WooCommerce integration solution in the market for sellers who want to stay ahead of time. This integration is set to provide a seamless and robust solution. Enabling sellers on the OnBuy marketplace and retailers to level up global sales. Observing the seller’s needs and demands, the OnBuy Integration for WooCommerce lessens the burden by the effortless reduction in manual management of data between the OnBuy marketplace and store. The OnBuy WooCommerce integration app is intended to make selling on OnBuy easy. As a result, providing a better experience to the sellers.

How this OnBuy integration solution is going to help you!

OnBuy WooCommerce integration is furnished with sustainable initiatives in the automation industry. Adding to it, it is a platform that would ease out the flow of data between the online store and marketplace in a centralized manner in one place.

It reduces the inaccuracy in order management, inventory count, customer, and item data that can downgrade the performance. Manages the regular synchronization of inventories and data between the OnBuy seller account and WooCommerce store, in real-time.

OnBuy integration for WooCommerce sellers effectively manages the regular updates of the product on both the platforms simultaneously. Therefore provides improved seller experience.

The highlights from OnBuy integration solution for WooCommerce are:

Farseeing the progress, OnBuy WooCommerce Integration comes with a range of features like inventory sync for real-time updates. You have an automated console and category search. Where the former one will let you manage data with a single dashboard. Similarly, later one with category mapping. Global setting on onbuy further breaks the limitations with the help of product data settings. In addition to order setting, and setting schedule options.

The list of feature doesn’t end here, Check into more of it with description, provided by OnBuy WooCommerce integration:

Inventory sync between OnBuy marketplace and WooCommerce store

Seamless and fast inventory synchronization between WooCommerce store and OnBuy with real-time updates for inventories. This will reduce the time-lapse, ensuring quick updates.

Automated console saving time in the selling process on OnBuy

Saves time by managing data for your stores with a single dashboard. In conclusion, reducing the data management individually at both the places.

Category Search, for easy categorization of product

Admin can select suitable categories from different category options available for product-specific keywords through category mapping.

Global setting on OnBuy

Gives access to add or update the meta keys and other attributes of the product. Three underlying features of the global setting on OnBuy marketplace are:

  • Product data setting – Enables the admin to input or map details like SKU, price, and many more.
  • Order setting – You can choose the order status you want to import from OnBuy to the WooCommerce store. In addition, you can also enable or disable the WooCommerce mail restriction for OnBuy orders as per your choice.
  • Setting schedule – Aided by a cron job, admin can enable or disable the automation of the inventory/price/order at specific time intervals.

Product management making classification easy on OnBuy

Admin can view and place the products based on category, status, and type, supporting in navigation and easy control.

Queue management lets you find the error while uploading product on OnBuy marketplace

Under queue management, admin can find errors with the products under approval to be listed on OnBuy. Correct them, and upload the product again. This will save the precious time of sellers.

Order management, sync your OnBuy order status with WooCommerce store

Orders created on the WooCommerce store can be accessed here in this section. You can filter the orders based on order status from the global setting tab. After the order has been fetched. you can update the order status as fully or partially dispatched or cancel from the WooCommerce store.

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      We understand that you have a heavy catalog and can definitely help with that. Although our plug-in isn’t multisite compatible, however, being OnBuy partners, we can provide custom for your catalog. Additionally, our OnBuy integration for WooCommerce with multisite features is under process and will be released in near future. For further information, please reach out to us at support@cedcommerce.com

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