top selling products on Shopee
Top selling products and categories on Shopee in 2019!

Top selling products and categories on Shopee in 2019!


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What are the top-selling products on Shopee?

Which product categories did sell more on Shopee?

Shopee is among one of the leading marketplaces in the Southeast Asian region and has been a preferred shopping destination for the Southeast Asian population.

Giving more power to WooCommerce Sellers, CedCommerce enables retailers to outreach their products’ in the SEA market.

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Shopee, founded by Garena, started operating in 2014. With 4 years of its being, it has become an eminent platform. Buyers find whatever they’re looking to buy, And sellers get an amazing audience looking for their products online. 2019, has been a year of immense sales for Shopee and there were a few, with the grand volume of sales a.k.a. the top sellers on Shopee.

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It was the year 2017 when the Southeast Asian region started strengthening its grip over the eCommerce sector resulting in an outstanding 10 Billion GMV on first-hand products with a stunning 41% CAGR. With the share of mobile traffic increasing at a satisfying average of 19% in the past 12 months, Shopee emerged up as the mobile-first marketplace.

This made Shopee the best app on both the Apple iOS and Google Play Store.

A report by iPrice stated that around 74% of the total traffic in the Southeast Asian region came from mobile devices (tablets & smartphones).follow on facevook

With the years counting Shopee has made a lot of progress in its business and 2018. It was much more fruitful for the eCommerce giant! Starting up with your own business on Shopee can bring in more and more potential customers to you and in addition, you will have great benefits too!


With more than 180+ million active products on Shopee, it can be tough to decide what product to focus upon, and what products to choose to sell on Shopee.

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top selling products on shopee

Online selling has made many rich in the past decades and eCommerce grabbing strength with digital advancements. The top sellers online make a great deal for the customers.

More is always better! whether you want to begin or even if you are already selling in Southeast Asia, you can go multichannel and sell your products on different affluent marketplaces of Southeast Asia in a more centralized way.

Knowing ‘What sells the best on Shopee’ can be very beneficial! As with this now you have an idea of where to start and with what products! Shopee’s vast reach to its audience is already there for you to showcase your products!

There is a lot to hear from Shopee in the coming months of 2019! But for now, you are all geared up. With the right information of what are the top-selling products on Shopee. Also, insights into where to invest your hard-earned money!

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