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The Ultimate Crossover is Here: Snapchat Integrates with eBay!

The Ultimate Crossover is Here: Snapchat Integrates with eBay!


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Snapchatters now have the ability to share eBay listings right into Snaps with their friends easily. One can accomplish the feat by using the Snapchat camera on iOS and Android.

142 million eBay buyers browse eBay globally to find everything. The search ranges from the newest sneaker releases and vintage cards to their preferred refurbished products. And now, Snapchat has also enabled its users to seamlessly share what they’ve been eyeing or selling through snaps. It can be done right where they’re already conversing with real friends.

The Rise of Social Commerce

With the coronavirus on the loose in the past couple of years, the number of social media platforms offering marketplaces has increased significantly, with Facebook Shops, Marketplace, and Instagram Shopping. Further, TikTok’s partnerships with Shopify and Square allow users to shop directly from the app. Similarly, starting in March 2022, Twitter also embraced social commerce. Twitter made it possible for the merchants to curate a collection of up to 50 products they can showcase on their profiles.

Following the recent trend, by integrating their platforms, Snapchat and eBay have created one of the most anticipated crossovers in recent years. Thanks to the creative kit on Snapchat, powering the newly available Snapchat eBay integration that allows eBay merchants to share their listings through their Snaps is a welcome addition that has been widely embraced by sellers worldwide. The creative kit allows apps and websites to send content to Snapchat for sharing on Stories while including a URL attachment that helps to grow usage and awareness.

Listing eBay Products on Snapchat!

eBay currently sits strong with over 18 million active buyers reported as of the first quarter of 2021, and the move to share eBay listing on Snapchat aims to garner more impressions and views on the products with the ultimate goal of increasing the sales volume through the free snap sharing platform.

Created in collaboration with Snapchat, you can create ready to share listing snaps through stickers, text, and effects from the app itself. Earlier, one had to deploy using extensions like Firebase to create the Custom Snapchat stickers.

Sharing an eBay listing as a Snap

Here’s how you can share the eBay listings on Snapchat through the integration.

  • You’ll have to select the listing you want to share from the eBay website.
  • Then click on the share option (options appear the person sharing a listing can use that to share the listing, Snapchat is one of them).
  • The Snapchat option opens up the app’s camera.
  • Now you’ll get an automated eBay sticker that includes a picture of the item and its description.

Once you complete the above steps, you can create an original Snap using the eBay sticker. Moreover, you can also apply layers to it using Snapchat’s creative tools.

Future of eCommerce with Snapchat

Accenture’s report projects that social commerce will earn $1.2 trillion globally by 2025, up from $492 billion in 2021. Currently, social commerce holds a 10% share of the eCommerce market. The report says that by 2025 social commerce will hold a 17% share. However, one should not forget that Snapchat differs from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As a social commerce platform, Snapchat has expanded its functionality. A new AR feature went live on the company’s platform in April 2022. A collection of AR tools aimed at online commerce, including some that build on Lens, are being rolled out by the company. Moreover, “Dress Up” is a dedicated Snapchat destination that allows users to try clothes on (virtually).

Make the Most of eBay and Snapchat Integration

The demographic skews younger for Snapchat. Also, it’s not as easy to round up followers for beginners. You must build a connection and keep things personal and authentic. Also, something that needs to be kept in mind is that the Best Offer promotions on Snapchat will go to first movers as the platform erases messages at a brisk pace.

With the most loved eBay refurbished and the success of eBay’s New York Auto Part’s Show, we can expect that eBay has made its platform more open to the wast userbase who love variety and quality products at a much more affordable and suitable price.

Start selling on eBay: A gateway to better engagement

eBay plans to combine its own unrivalled search data with product recommendations from Snapchat. It is to leverage the influence of social media. Snap expects to drive extra engagement for eBay sellers. With eBay Social Shopping, users can exchange recommendations among peers through the gen-Z driven platform that aims at providing better sale results.

Through refurbished products, eBay’s genuine guarantee for sneakers, eBay motors, or even integrating Snapchat with eBay, eBay does everything it can to help its sellers increase views and sales. And those who invest their time in cultivating their connections will beat all their competitors in the long run. It’s best to start investing in social commerce through eBay if you are looking to expand the engagement.


eBay has already witnessed a growth and gained popularity amidst the gen-Z. eBay reported that every 1 in 3 gen-Z began selling secondhand goods on eBay in 2021. However, the inclusion of Snapchat can be leveraged to expand impressions. A Snapchat-ready listing can be created with just one tap. Furthermore, it accompanies an image and a link back to your eBay listing using the Snapchat sticker.

Get ready to witness an evolution in the making for eBay sellers!

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