The fringe festival is back 2021!
The Fringe festival is back! Celebrate and Sell on Google 2021

The Fringe festival is back! Celebrate and Sell on Google 2021


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Sell on Google 2021 during this artistic celebration of life! After taking a year off due to the pandemic, this month-long Edinburgh festival is back, with some restrictions of course. Fringe has always been a great retailer attraction. This year, eCommerce retailers can vest their interest in Brand enhancement strategies during the Fringe Festival.

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Why should you consider the Fringe as a good opportunity for eCommerce Business?

This festival is a major target market for products like marquees, festive props and apparels, electronics (like drones), local souvenirs and many other related ones.

Established in 1947, the Fringe still holds the title of ‘World’s largest Arts’ festival, after all these years! As per CEBR, The Fringe festival is worth £1bn, alone in Scotland.

Apart from retailer revenue generation, this festival also completes its ‘social responsibility’ by providing employment to locals and job seekers.

It is also a great platform for small sellers and entrepreneurs to start from and get recognized.

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Fringe festival 2021: A golden chance for sellers

  • Multi-items selling opportunity

The Fringe festival is a huge celebration of arts and related fields. Anyone can come and participate to showcase their talents. Which calls for a combination of Locally selling items alongside having an online presence.

This will open up opportunities appealing to the buyers situated locally as well as globally.

  • Brand awareness

Get recognized with this festival! Put your products out to get multiple reviews and know your target audience. If your products have got what it takes to stand out among competitors, then, this festival is one of your best chances to gain that popularity.

Utilize Google Ads to create a buzz in the market, getting your name out there. You can also perform some quick updates in your online store to match the spirit of the Fringe with your brand.

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  • Global audience virtual interaction

Product feed on Google shopping will lead global buyers to your website. This interaction will be more fruitful if induced with marketing and promotion.An international reach might increase demand for products and be more profitable than a local one.

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  • Sponsorship programs

There are many shows (circus, theater, musicals, exhibitions) in The Fringe festival that need a sponsor. A company or brand’s name would look good with a decent performance of those shows.

You can invest in such small and big performers to increase traffic and conversion rates. A seller might receive exposure and introduction to a new or untapped sect of buyers.

Another good publicity would be selling tickets to exclusive programs taking place during the Fringe Festival. Go out and get in touch with the famous performers and artists that ‘rock’ the Fringe festival!

Strategic techniques to sell during The Fringe festival

The Fringe festival holds a plethora of options to choose from. This is for both buyers and sellers. All forms of arts are celebrated here.

After a previous year break, this year can be overwhelming for most sellers. This festival gives local sellers a chance to stand under the limelight and showcase their talents. But a festival, as big as The Fringe, also brings in a lot of competition.

Let’s look at some of the strategies sellers can use to withhold their competitors and rank in the market:

New sellers

There’s always a first time for everything! Retailers new to The Fringe might find it confusing. An abundance of products and their sellers can be scary for the newbies. Here are some selling techniques that the new sellers can use in this cultural market:

  • Do some on-spot field promotion

Hand out fliers, set up pop-up stores, offer food, hire creative orators that explain your items or business and many more. This kind of field promotion might help with recognition.

  • Get an online presence

New sellers can sell on Google 2021 too! A website, related digital marketing and online promotion, you can interact with an audience group, other than the ones available locally.

  • Collaborate with participants

This is another great selling strategy; You can collaborate with the participants in the festival. Either support them or perform with them, keeping your business’ goals intact!

Old sellers

Market competition, in and after, the 2019 pandemic has surely increased! Sellers are trying to make up for their losses, trying to convert them into profits. Let’s look at few selling techniques that old sellers can use in The Fringe festival:

  • Provide discounts and offers

A great way to attract more and more buyers is through discounts and offers. Discounts might attract bulk purchases. Run effective sales, that are rich in showcasing creativity, relevancy and a great experience.

  • Use different selling techniques from before

A change in selling methods is important. Sellers can try creative ways like participating in this festival for brand promotion, book special venues for product screening and many more.

  • Focus on social-media promotions

In the era of ‘Netflix, ‘Google and Facebook’, social media has done nothing but wonders for society. A study shows that in 2020, there were more than 3.5 billion people using social media! A broad range of various niches increase market competition.

  • Expand to festival’s best selling items

Experienced sellers can sell on Google 2021 and expand their selling horizon. They can include various substitutes or complementary products, for buyers to choose from plenty of options available.

Check out the changing consumer behaviour during COVID.

Global sellers

Cross border ecommerce selling has become very common these days. A festival such as the Fringe gives such global retailers to get more buyer attention. To sell on Google 2021, here are few festive strategies for such sellers are:

  • Emphasis on online buyers

Sellers should focus on online buyers. A festival like The Fringe needs proactive preparation. Most online orders give long-term guarantees of reaching the customer.

  • Local selling goals

International sellers should sell such products which fulfill needs of a local buyer. Such selling goals should be region-centric.

  • Transparent tax and related policies

An easy and understandable view of tax, shipping and other related policies will attract more traffic to your website.

  • Mixed cultural pitch for sale items

A seller’s domestic (country) specialties can be mixed with Edinburgh’s culture. This will make their selling pitch, for products, creatively exotic with a local touch!

Overview on Google shopping

A study suggests that more than 75% of buyers look for products online rather than going to a store.

So, if you’re an e-tailer or planning to become one, selling on Google shopping will not disappoint you. The ‘artistic’ nature of this festival will keep you busy! Sellers would prefer to get their technical work done quickly with least effort.

Before you start to sell on Google 2021, let’s discuss some crucial benefits sellers might get from Google shopping.

  • Easy to use and manage

An account on Google Merchant Center is a must! Any product feed-related updates or changes can be easily done on the Merchant center. With easy management, services like shipping and optional payment mediums, make Google shopping simpler.

  • Global buyer interaction

Google’ search engine estimates more than 3.4 billion searches every day. Google shopping holds a global potential to reach and interact. Such a huge radius of buyers leads to more conversions.

  • Automation with buyer’s search intent

A search query on Google leads to an automated trigger across all its surfaces. Google Ads will show product results related to the buyer’s search query.

Those results can match with the buyer’s original intent or can be its substitutes.

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