Case Study: ‘black.round.twelve.’ rose on the charts with Ced’s Discogs Integration for WooCommerce

Case Study: ‘black.round.twelve.’ rose on the charts with Ced’s Discogs Integration for WooCommerce


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‘black.round.twelve’ is a Berlin-based record store & distributor since 2015. Breathing life back in the dying vinyl records distribution business- the company offers an entire spectrum of the music genre on records. In addition to selling offline, Joe Reidl, the owner of the business, gave his business much-needed online exposure via & publishing products on Discogs. His WooCommerce store needed integration with Discogs for a streamlined selling experience. And hence, this is where Joe invested in Ced’s designed & developed Discogs Integration for WooCommerce.

Challenges while Integration store with Discogs:

While selling his record (both offline & online), Joe faced issues with syncing the inventory data on his online store. The products sold offline reduced the inventory but that same information was not reflected on the Discog’s store. A tool was required for seamless & easy listing of the products on the online store. Along with the listing & stock management challenges, the solution should be capable enough with facilitating grading the product data from Discogs. The marketplaces use the Goldmine Standard for grading the condition of the products which are being listed on the marketplace.


After thorough online research, Joe found Ced’s Discogs Integration for WooCommerce. embedded with all features that he was looking for. Let’s focus on the cutting-edge features of the plugin:

  • Simplified & automated listing:

Addressing the most common issue that sellers face while selling from any marketplace is the product listing process. For bulk upload of the products from WooCommerce to Discogs- the tool is perfect. Follow a few simple steps & set your product listing on Discogs from WooCommerce.

  • Automated Synchronization:

Synchronization of product listings, prices, orders, inventory along with returns & refunds in regular timeframes. From the schedulers, the seller gets to decide the timeframes for the synchronization.

  • Auto-acknowledgement of the orders:

Pushing the order management of the store to a higher level, auto-acknowledgment order promptly notifies seller about the order placement.

  • Product data validation:

The product data needs to follow the guidelines set by the marketplace. Ced’s solution validates the product information adhering strictly to the Discogs Goldmine Standard for grading the products.

  • Error Notification:

Notifications are duly recorded in case errors are generated during the product upload procedure. Additionally, the seller can simply get access to the details of the error & rectify it accordingly.


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Discogs integration for WooCommerce

The outcome of Discogs Integration for WooCommerce:

  • Firstly, following the expert advice from Ced’s marketplace specialists, Joe could make his selling workflow easier.
  • Secondly. with no orders under the ‘sold-out’ tag, the inventory management keeps his store’s data updated.
  • Thirdly, the automated listing feature lets the addition of the new products to the Discogs store a frictionless process.

Sell on Discogs

Role of CedCommerce:

CedCommerce is facilitating sellers of all sizes & niches to sell on multiple online platforms via multichannel marketplace integration. Moving forward with the same moto Discogs Integration for WooCommerce helps sellers who are looking to ease their selling.

Thereafter, along with the high-performing solution – CedCommerce provides excellent support to the sellers to get on board with the selling process and even after the completion of the setup.


Ced’s Discogs Integration for WooCommerce delivers power-packed and cutting-edge features for multichannel selling. To help online sellers like Joe, list & sell products in a hassle-free manner, multichannel selling integrations offer the best shot.

In conclusion, we can say that ‘black.round.twelve’ had an amazing experience with CedCommerce. Read his review on Trustpilot & Facebook.

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