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Success Story: How an Entrepreneur From Middle East Got His Dream Website

Success Story: How an Entrepreneur From Middle East Got His Dream Website


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Technology and eCommerce development around the world have been nimble-footed. Observing the need for change, the Middle East has also started to catch up with the flurry.

All things said it is still not easy to set up an eCommerce business especially in the Middle Eastern countries due to a lot of prevailing factors.

But no dream or ambition is small once you have determined to fulfil it, and this saying has been exemplified by the grand success of an Iran-based multivendor site

How did it all begin?

The startup team of had the vision to bring forth a platform for all the local Iranian vendors to expand their sales perspective. Plus a one-stop shop that would give the online shoppers a smooth sailing shopping experience.

With this vision, they were searching for a wholesome solution provider, that’s when they happen to come across Cedcommerce.


Our Client


eCommerce development


The person who approached us was Mr Jamal Hoseini. He is the technical engineer of


What Did They Have in Mind?

Mr Jamal Hoseini accosted Cedcomerce with an idea of the website he wanted. We could sense his passion in his idea and how serious he was with the whole concept.   

He needed a flexible solution for a multi-faceted website that not only fulfils the purpose of being a B2C but also a hyperlocal marketplace and an online auction store. Plus he wanted it to get built from scratch, then expand the horizon.  

Though Mr Jamal knew what elements he wanted in the website, he didn’t have an exact idea about how his multivendor marketplace should look like.

He didn’t have any preset frame or format in mind while approaching us. His main concern was that since it was not a preset business that was moving online, the website should make a strong impact when it gets launched.


Elements he needed for his website


eCommerce development


  • Clean and Catchy website: A clean but catchy theme that could hold the interest of both consumers and vendors.
  • A Complete B2C Site: A complete B2C marketplace frame with all the facilities.
    He wanted to include Hyperlocal services as well for all the grocery and pantry items that would be sold on his online store.
  • An online Auction Store: A segment of online auction store as well where people sell and buy things, as the locals there are really into collectables, jewellery etc. and an online auction site will definitely do well there.
  • A Manageable Frame: A simple and manageable frame that can be modified and updated according to future needs and be easy to operate and monitor.  
  • An understandable format: A format that makes it easy for locals of his country to understand since technology and the internet is still a new thing there and people are gradually getting used to it.  
  • Hassle-free checkout procedure: He wanted the procedure of shopping and vendor registration etc. should be as hassle-free as possible. It would help him get more customers and also retain them. 
  • Site in Local Language: He wanted the whole site to be in the local language used there so that it would be easy for the locals to use. 

What Did We Offer?

After a thorough discussion with Mr Jamal, and getting all the details about his needs and demands, we came to the conclusion that our Advanced Marketplace Extension [M2]  suited his requirements the best, hence we suggested it.

Our marketplace extension consists of the following features-

Advance order and transaction management

Incentive Referral and Manageable Customer Wallet

Responsive Vendor Panel with RTL support 

Search-Engine Optimization

Multiple Shipping and Payment Integration 


Along with these facilities, we gave him a customized web store as he required. Our support team helped him at each step and he has been a very good client to us and cooperated with us and answered all our queries regarding his website. Since he already knew what he wanted, working with him was really easy.  

His review for Cedcommerce has been that he got full assistance and a very smooth service from us and we are really happy as well as inspired by his positive feedback for us. We would really like to thank Mr Hoseini that he gave us a chance to associate with him. 


About CedCommerce:

CedCommerce offers the necessary technical online store solutions specifically made for building one such platform. These extensions come with a multitude of features to aid in the development of a rich multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace. CedCommerce’s Advanced Marketplace Extension [M2] and add-ons are ready made and reasonably priced solutions for building a website like Amazon. A marketplace armed with these features is undoubtedly going to possess the best in class features.

For building your own multi-vendor marketplace platform  and to see what our satisfied customers have to say about us do visit: CedCommerce


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