Multichannel selling with WooCommerce
Streamline your multichannel selling strategy with CedCommerce.

Streamline your multichannel selling strategy with CedCommerce.


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As an online seller, it’s crucial for you to understand the why, how, when & where to publish your products for more visibility. It’s obvious that with time you want potential customers to become your loyal customers. However, if you are not coming up in their search results on platforms like Google, Amazon, and others, you are way behind your competition! This is where multichannel selling comes in the picture.

The dire need of the eCommerce industry is going and embracing the multichannel selling strategy. The bottom line is listing your products on multiple eCommerce platforms that can turn out to be a jackpot for soaring revenue in 2022.

So where do you need to sell to put your business in the direct path of online shoppers with wallets in their hands? The answer is-

Sell more with eComm typhoons for multichannel strategy-

The eComm giant- ‘Amazon’:

Who hasn’t heard of Amazon?
With over 197 million people visiting the platform each month, the traffic received by Amazon is simply out of the charts. Being an 800 pound eCommerce gorilla, it is the best place for you to gain new customers and resell your product line with easy checkout and fulfillment process.

The major disadvantage includes the marketplace fees (which vary from category to category), the inability to capture the customer’s information, and hence the restriction on building your own brand on Amazon.

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No longer an auction site. It’s Amazon lite; ‘eBay’:

With monthly hits of over 1.7 billion, eBay is another platform for you to showcase your products globally. Alongside, an easy-to-use interface makes selling, listing & managing inventory an absolute breeze. You get to promote your listing on eBay, choosing the rate at which you would like to apply on the product listing. Adding to your customer satisfaction factor, you get to leverage the free shipping feature provided by eBay.

Learn more about selling on eBay.

The Japanese Amazon – ‘Rakuten’:

Described as the Amazon of Japan, Rakuten has over 1.3 billion global users. Similar to Amazon when it comes to selling products within the national borders, it’s different enough to bring extended exposure to your brand in the SEA region.
Presenting a customizable storefront to sellers, the platform also sends weekly payouts to sellers keeping the cash flow streamlined. To help sellers retain customers- Rakuten provides a loyalty program called ‘Super Points Reward Programme’.

Sell on Rakuten with Rakuten Integration for WooCommerce.

Reach more shoppers with ‘Walmart’:

It’s no wonder that is the go-to shopping destination for many people, given Walmart’s global reach & seemingly infinite product categories.
According to ComScore, the audience has grown to over 120 million monthly unique visits. For a seller to get approved, you must offer high-quality products at a reasonable price and give excellent customer service. What does this mean for you in the long run? You’ll gain better visibility for your listings with less competition, and you’ll be in good company selling among other professional sellers and Walmart’s first-party products.

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And others like:

Shopee: Sell on Shopee with Shopee Integration for WooCommerce.

Lazada: Read the step-by-step guide & sell on Lazada with WooCommerce.

Houzz: Sell on Houzz with CedCommerce.

Explore more about our marketplace extension here to grow your business.

Market share of big eCommerce platfroms

Multichannel selling with CedCommerce

Reducing the RISK with multichannel sale.

As the saying goes- don’t put your eggs in one basket; you also shouldn’t be relying on a single platform for your revenue generation. Or in other words, multichannel selling is similar to spreading out your investment portfolio on a diverse array of assets.
Just like you won’t put your entire capital on one single stock, don’t put your business on a single channel!

Measure the scale of eComm economies.

Let’s say you have set a goal of selling 100 pens in 10 days via your website. Now how about selling 100 pens each day in that span of 10 days?
Here you will have to think & move like an entrepreneur!
When you scale the economies of platforms like Walmart or Amazon, you buy more as you sell more. Taking the leverage of purchased supplies, in other words- you get to drive down the cost price of the products you sell, hence increasing your profit margins.

Summing it up:

It is the best time for you to explore & expand new opportunities of eCommerce with marketplace integrations. Furthermore, you get to publish your WooCommerce products to various marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and many more – quickly & easily.

In addition, features like product optimization, streamlined catalog listing with marketplace guidelines, inventory & order synchronization are only a few to start with.
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