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Info-graphic: Step up your game this Amazon Prime Day 2019!

Info-graphic: Step up your game this Amazon Prime Day 2019!


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The Annual holiday shopping festival, Amazon Prime day was launched in 2015 as the 20 year anniversary of Amazon Prime. Since then, it has been breaking records and has been setting milestones in its ways.


The summers are here and once again, the countdown for the Amazon Shopping sale has begun! The dates are announced and this 2019, the Amazing Amazon Prime Day sale falls on 15th -16th July.

What we have for you?

What to expect from Amazon Prime Day 2019

How to become ‘Best Seller’ in Amazon Prime Day 2019

          -Update your Amazon Prime Products’ Listings

          -Step up your Marketing game!

          -Optimize For Mobile

          -Manage your Product Inventory

          -Make good use of Amazon ads

Best Sellers: Amazon Prime Day 2018

The two-day epic sale parade of Amazon Prime day will flood in with amazing deals and offers that will allure more and more buyers on Amazon. Setting up your store now can cater you with enormous benefits.

For the first time, Amazon Prime Day sale will run for 48 Hours, starting from15th midnight.

To get an idea about what to expect this Amazon Prime day sale, knowing about last year’s sale can be a plus point!


We are bringing to you, the list of the best sellers and few amazing tips to become this year’s bestseller that can easily help you set your game for an effective Amazon Prime Day sale!

If you don’t have an Amazon Sellers Account yet? Learn how to get one step-by-step!

What to expect out of Amazon Prime Day 2019


The 48 hours mega sale would be bringing along hundreds of ‘never to miss’ deals with alluring promotions and offers. Amazon Prime Day is one of the major shopping festivals of which the buyers wait year long.


Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to earn huge profits for all kinds of sellers- Small, Medium and Large scale businesses. This year, making some innovations, Amazon Prime Day would be introducing a dedicated page for the Prime Day deals from the US-based innovators, artisans, vendors, and entrepreneurs.

“Check our Infographic for the Best Sellers of Amazon Prime Day 2018”


How to become the best seller in Amazon Prime day 2019?

With millions of buyers looking for various products to buy and thousands of similar products on sale along with yours! How to stand out of the crowd and grab customer’s eyes on your product? Let’s know how to be Amazon Prime Day’s bestseller this year!

Update your Amazon Prime’s Product Listing

Check all the listing ones before the Sale starts and keep your store up to date.
Make sure you have the following all set at the right places with apt quality-


  • Product Description
  • Reframe your product descriptions on the basis of your offer and allure customers.
  • Write comprehensive and to the point product descriptions
  • Use bullet points to explain the specifications and features!

Did you know?

87% percent of buyers rated the product description and important aspect before making a purchase!

You can learn more about how to write an effective product description, this Amazon Prime Day.


  • Product Images

Make sure you have several aesthetic photographs along with your products. What to take care of while aligning photographs?

  • At least 3 photographs from 3 different angles
  • High-resolution images
  • White background
  • Focus on the product!

You can know more about how to easily get stunning product photographs easily!


  • Product Listing Categories
  • Update your product categories and sort them out on the basis of your offers.
  • Create special categories for the hot deals and allure more customers to your store this Amazon Prime Day!

Set up your marketing game

amazon prime day

However, looking at the past year’s sale, it is expected that this year also, the Amazon Prime day sale will start somewhere around July 16. So, NOW is the right time to set up your marketing game!

Gather good reviews and ratings by sending them in the amazing marketing emails. Let your recipients know about your next steps during the Amazon Prime day sale! Showcase your offers and hot deals!

When Amazon Prime Day is on, it is the most effective time for sellers to gather good ratings and reviews as there are many orders and customers to focus upon!

To enroll yourself in the list of bestsellers, set up a strong marketing strategy that will surface up your products to your customer’s eyes.


Optimize for website/store for Mobile
It is more likely that your customers will be using a cellphone for searching for a product or even for making checkouts, so the mobile-first approach can be a good stand!

amazon prime day

However, Amazon listings are optimized for mobile already, but it is also possible that your customer would like to visit your website before making a purchase! If your website is not optimized for cellphone, chances are that the customer will rush to the next hot deal on Amazon Prime Day!

So, in order to sell more during the Amazon Prime Day, you need to optimize your website and your store for mobile.

Plus, you can even get your own store’s app and this would definitely be giving you more ROI!

Manage your Product Inventory!

Going out of stock can become a very critical situation during the Amazon Prime Day sale!

There will be eyes lurking on your products to buy and as soon as they see ‘OUT OF STOCK’ they will surely leave your product and will move ahead for some other seller to buy the product! Managing inventory is one crucial aspect that needs to be taken care of very carefully. Especially for the bestseller aspirants like you!

Moreover, the selection of Fulfillment By Amazon can help you achieve bonus points be offering your customers one day, two days or the same day free shipping!


Remember, the more good work you give this year, the more loyal customers you will be catering in the next year’s sale!

Make good use of Amazon ads/promotions

Gain Maximum Attention from Audience with Amazon Advertisements and promotions during the prime Day to surface your products on various places where customers’ eyes are seeking for products to buy!

Using the promotions and Ads in an effective way can draw a huge audience to your store! And if you’ve already optimized your store through all the above-mentioned steps! No more obstacles in becoming the next Amazon Prime Day bestseller!


Get ready, as we pull back the curtain to reveal exclusive products, special performances and two full days of phenomenal deals this Prime Day. Our vision is that Prime Day should be the absolute best time to be a member – when you can enjoy shopping, savings, entertainment and some of the best deals Prime members have ever seen. Stay tuned as we reveal thousands of new product launches, as well as world-class entertainment and more, leading up to Prime Day on July 15 and 16.
Jeff Wilke, CEO Worldwide Consumer, Amazon


amazon prime day

What were the best sellers during Amazon Prime Day sale 2018?

Let’s have a look!

Bestsellers: Amazon Prime Day 2018

However, this 36-hour sale comes up with amazing deals for each and every Prime product, A few of them are sold more dues to various reasons that we will be discussing later! But for now, here is the list of the best sellers on Amazon Prime Day 2018 sale!

amazon prime day

  • Instant Pot
  • Kindle Unlimited
  • Audible
  • Amazon Music Unlimited memberships
  • noise-canceling headphones from Sony, Bose, and Sennheiser
  • and a variety of Amazon devices


Bonus Tip!

Amazon Prime Day sale usually lasts for 36 hours and by Subscribing to the Amazon Prime membership as a seller, you’ll be notified about each next happening at the sale!

Moreover, to save your valuable time so that you can utilize it for other productive works, you can try our integration solution that will help you by automating all the time-consuming processes.

We will be keeping you up to date with Amazon Prime Day sale 2019!

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