Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sell on Wish with CedCommerce!
How to Sell on Wish Marketplace – A Complete Seller’s Guide

How to Sell on Wish Marketplace – A Complete Seller’s Guide


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Some people sell. Amongst them, you can excel! In the network of various online marketplaces, if you wish to sell for transformational results, you may want to sell on an online marketplace that can make your wishes come true; you may want to know how to sell on Wish. Now before multiple questions flood your mind about how to sell on Wish, know in brief about this mobile and web e-commerce platform and explore the step by step process on how to sell on Wish marketplace.

How to Sell On Wish Marketplace?

To start selling on wish marketplace:

  1. Go to the Wish Merchant Account Registration page
  2. Enter your store Name (Try to make it unique).
  3. Enter your email address and choose the country your shop is based in.
  4. Click on Create Button and your store will be created.
  5. Confirm your account by verifying it with email.
  6. Enter additional information necessary for store setup.
  7. Start Uploading your Products by assigning the relevant categories.
  8. Enter the payment info & select the desired payment gateway(s)
  9. Accept terms & conditions.
  10. Your products will be live once approved.
  11. Enjoy selling on Wish Marketplace.

A Brief on Wish Marketplace

  • Wish has more than 1 million registered merchants selling happily.
  • The shopping app has around 300 Million Users around the world.
  • More than 2.4 million orders are sold daily.
  • Wish allows sellers to sell in 78 countries worldwide.
  • The Wish marketplace spends nearly US$ 500 Million a year on Facebook ads alone which makes it the largest advertiser on Facebook.
  • Wish currently has over 200 million items listed on it.
  • Not only this but Wish emerged as the most downloaded shopping app in the USA in 2017.
  • Wish had 32.5 Million downloads in the USA alone, which was much more than other e-commerce giants.
  • Wish is the #1 shopping app in about 42 nations.
  • The Wish marketplace has managed to raise the funding of over US$ 1 Billion from numerous Venture Capital firms.
wish marketplace

Source: Wish

How Much Does It Cost To Sell on Wish:

Wish is one of the seller-friendly eCommerce marketplaces that charges sellers with Pay only when you sell:

  • Zero registration fees.
  • No monthly or annual subscription fee
  • Zero product listing fee
  • Sales commission (up to 15%) which is calculated on combining the order and shipping rates.

To understand the sales commission let’s take an example as mentioned on wish merchant center:

You have declared that the selling price for an item is $8.00 and the shipping cost amounts to $2.00. Consider that Wish has a revenue share of 85/15. In this case, Wish will pay you $8.50 in total for the sale of this item which is 85% of the total price ie, $10.

Things to consider before knowing how to sell on Wish

Before you kick-start the selling on Wish marketplace, there are some vital points you would like to know, using which it will be clear to you as to how to sell on Wish. The points are listed below:

  • You need to have Brand New Products: As per Wish marketplace’s policy, the product you are selling on Wish must be new and not used or refurbished. Only new products can be listed on Wish Marketplace.
  • Apt Pricing: If you are dealing with high-end, costly products, Wish might not be too suitable for you as Wish marketplace is known to offer premium quality products at an affordable price, something that end-users are happy with.
  • You need to be an Authorized Seller of a Brand: When branded items are listed on Wish, the marketplace makes sure that you’re an authorized seller of that brand. To protect both seller and brand owner, Wish needs authorization in the form of trademark, license, etc.

Benefits of Selling on Wish Marketplace

  • The major point why you should sell on Wish is a lucrative one. Before knowing how to sell on Wish, remember that Wish marketplace doesn’t charge any fee on sellers if a product doesn’t sell. It means that Wish marketplace earns only when the sellers’ products get sold.
  • A seller selling on wish may reach out to a huge base of mobile shoppers.
  • A seller selling on Wish may use the mobile app without creating the one for itself.
  • Product Targeting Functionality of Wish can be used by the sellers selling on Wish.

Wish Marketplace announced several Updates like Reduced Comission rate, Credit for product Boost, etc that can elevate your ROI even more.  

What can you Sell on Wish Marketplace?

Before knowing how to sell on Wish with CedCommerce, have a glance over extensive categories that sellers can sell under:

  • Fashion
  • Baby & Kids
  • Tops
  • Gadgets
  • Watches
  • Home Decor
  • Accessories
  • Makeup &Beauty
  • Wallets & Bags
  • Phone Upgrades
  • Bottoms and many others.
wish marketplace categories

Source: Wish

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Sell on Wish with CedCommerce

CedCommerce helps the sellers who want to sell on Wish marketplace by rendering extensions that are cost-effective and powered with cutting-edge futuristic features. With the Wish Extensions by CedCommerce, sellers can automate the selling on Wish and experience the most convenient trading. To sell on Wish using our extensions or even otherwise, the seller needs to have a Wish Seller Account. For that, a seller needs to REGISTER at Wish marketplace.

wish seller account

Source: Wish

Read on and know how CedCommerce helps the sellers sell on Wish.

Upload Inventory on our extension’s admin panel-

Once the extension by CedCommerce is installed by sellers, the product inventory needs to be listed on the extension’s admin pane. From here the inventory can be uploaded to Wish marketplace. While using our extension, product requirements can be identified and managed accordingly in terms of following pointers.

  1. Inventory Data: Using the CedCommerce extension, you can identify the data that needs to be on the Wish marketplace. Adding such crucial data adds to the visibility of your product(s) in the search engine ranking as well as on the marketplace itself.
  2. Create Variation: You may create the product variation using the CedCommerce extension for Wish. It gives the users detailed information about your product(s) on the Wish marketplace. Try and optimize the product listings with enhanced plus contents.
  3. Add Images:Adding apt images helps the sellers getting noticed by the buyers. You can do so easily using the extension provided by us.

Map Store Inventory with Wish Marketplace:

Like multiple other marketplaces, Wish also has a particular format for the inventory data. Using our extensions, it becomes a very simple process to map your inventory information to Wish product fields.

Send Listing on Wish

After mapping the inventory information, you may start sending your products on the Wish marketplace. It becomes a process of effortlessness with our extensions as only with few clicks, the products can be sent to Wish.

Product Purchase on Wish:

Once the products have been sent to Wish marketplace, they are available for buyers to purchase from the Wish marketplace. They may purchase the products and make payments in accordance with the payment method which has been chosen.

Order Management:

The orders that customers place on Wish marketplace for your products can be imported to the admin panel of the CedCommerce extension. The orders get retrieved from Wish and also get acknowledged as per the settings. From here, the orders can be seen along with the details. Shipment of the order can also be done using the easy to use features of the extension.

Order Shipment

When the order is fulfilled by you, the Wish marketplace will be notified by our extension on your behalf.

Why selling on Wish with CedCommerce is beneficial?

In answering the sellers the vital question – how to sell on Wish, it’s important to tell the transforming role that CedCommerce can play for them.

CedCommerce has multiple extensions to sell on Wish marketplace for sellers using multiple frameworks such as Magento, Magento 2, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart.

With the cutting-edge extensions and dedicated support, following are the features that CedCommerce extensions have-


  • Auto-Syncing of Price and InventoryThe price and inventory of the product(s) you will sell on Wish will be synchronized between your store(if you have any) and Wish marketplace easily.
  • Bulk Actions for Product(s)– The products can be managed using the Bulk Feature which means that the products can be uploaded in bulk on Wish marketplace and can also be archived or unarchived in bulk on Wish marketplace.
  • Order Management– The orders for the products you sell on Wish can be managed from the admin panel of the extension itself. The orders can be retrieved and acknowledged on your admin panel.
  • Shipping- The extensions by CedCommerce enable the sellers who sell on Wish to ship the ordered products on Wish from the extension’s admin panel.
  • Error Notifications- While uploading the product(s), if there’s any error, it gets listed in the admin panel with the reason of the error so that you may remove the error and list the product easily, to sell on Wish.
  • Return & Refund- If you want to initiate the Return or Refund for the product(s) you sell on Wish, you may initiate the same from the admin panel of your CedCommerce extension itself.
  • Cron Settings- Cron settings will update the price, inventory, orders etc between your store and Wish marketplace after a definite interval of time(as set by you), periodically.
  • Profile Based Product Upload- Using CedCommerce extensions, you may create a profile for the similar type of products and then upload them on Wish marketplace. The advantage you get with it is that the next time you want to upload the similar type of product to Wish, you just need to add it to the profile in which you have the similar type of products.
  • Easy Debug- Identification, and correction of the errors can easily be done as the errors get listed and can be rectified by the sellers.

About CedCommerce

CedCommerce is a global web development agency which is an Official Channel Integration Partner of marketplaces such as Walmart, Newegg, Sears, Fruugo, and others. In our determination to help sellers all across the globe, we have assisted more than 500 retailers in integrating their stores to various marketplaces and we move forward every day, increasing our clientele.

So now when you know how to sell on Wish, kick-start the process today!

Get in touch in case you have any queries, or visit Wish Magento Integration (for M1 users) and Wish Magento 2 Integration (for M2 users).

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    Hello. When i sell a product who do i get my funds and how long does it take to receive them?
    Bryan Raub

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      Hey Bryan,
      The payments of your orders are disbursed after 7 to 14 days of order shipment in your wish account

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