Wish updates
The latest Wish updates to elevate your ROI on Wish

The latest Wish updates to elevate your ROI on Wish


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It’s tough to admit, but when it comes to online selling, many of us still look up to global giants like Amazon or eBay. Though it’s an undeniable fact that their grip on eCommerce is strong, there are marketplaces holding seemingly more potential and less competition.

One amongst such marketplaces is Wish, a marketplace that solidifies its image as:

  • #1 Shopping app on Google store and
  • #2 on the Apple store

With the rapid increase, the marketplace has also released several Wish updates that are in favor of sellers but before discussing them, let’s answer a crucial question.

Is Wish profitable?

Wish is expanding enormously from the time it was launched in 2011. Within a decade, it has made a firm base in 137+ countries, allowing sellers to trade among the wider audience.

As Wish is a mobile-optimized marketplace, it is considered to be the first eCommerce blockbuster since the start of the smartphone era. The forthcoming scope of Wish is high as Mobile commerce is growing rapidly.

Wish updates

(Source: Oberlo)

For the better experience of their customers, Wish.com uses advanced personalization formulas based on machine learning and AI to curate different products for different people based on their interests. This means that all the users will see different products on their feed. This will turn up to be a huge plus point for the sellers as their products will be displayed to potential buyers.

Wish has generated a revenue of $1+ billion, with 3X speed in increasing revenue year-over-year(Source: wish.com)

Flush chronicles, now let’s unzip the benefits you will get as a seller on the Wish marketplace.

1. No listing charges: Wish takes zero listing charges from their sellers. They only take commission per sale from the sellers. Their fee structure is easy to calculate with no hidden charges. The charges are mentioned below:

  1. Zero subscription fee (monthly or annually)
  2. No fees for listing products
  3. Sales commission (up to 15% which can be reduced if you go with official integration partner *T&C apply) which is calculated on combining the order and shipping rates.

2. Global/Open Marketplace: The Wish marketplace enables sellers to touch the heights of global reach and allows them to sell to the customers across 137+ countries. This results in more product impressions and sales.

3. Product boost on Wish: Product boost is a native advertising platform on Wish where you can run targetted Ad campaign to promote your products from Wish. These ads on Wish are good for increasing the impressions on the products as Wish targets the audience on the basis of their past behavior.

Now that you aware of the potential and benefits Wish has, its time for us to jump on the latest Wish updates which will help sellers to onboard on Wish smoothly with minimum expense.

Recent Wish updates

Wish updates

1. Low commission rate: Generally, the commission rate for the sellers on Wish is 15%. But, if the seller onboard through the Integration Partners then a reduced commission of 5% will be charged by Wish. It would be valid until 3 months.

2. $ 100 credit for product boost: New sellers onboarding on Wish, who upload 10 or more than 10 products will get a credit of $100 for product boost.

Unaware of the product boost and how to do it? Follow the guide mentioned below to learn and use the product boost on wish marketplace to grow sales.
Warning: You’re Losing Huge Traffic by Not Using Product Boost on Wish Marketplace

3. Easy onboarding: Now the seller on Wish will aboard quickly and smoothly as the following two processes have been removed from the onboarding process-

  1. Adding Payment options.
  2. Enabling 2-factor authentication.

4. Updated Infringement policy: Due to the infringement policy, sellers were not allowed to sell products of other vendors or brands without any proper licensing or permission.

Unlike before, now sellers just need to inform whether they are the seller, manufacturer or retailer of the products they are selling, and they will be allowed to sell their products.

Planning to sell on the Wish marketplace? Click below for the complete guide mentioned below.
How to Sell on Wish Marketplace – A Complete Seller’s Guide

How to sell on Wish from Shopify?

The process of selling on Wish from Shopify requires no sweat, all the selling process will be automated if you go with Official integration partners.

The integration partners empower sellers to upload their products from Shopify to Wish marketplace in bulk. Through them, the order and inventory management will be automatically. In addition, your products and order will be synced in real-time between your Shopify store and Wish account so that you don’t have to update the data again and again. This will also prevent you from overselling.

We are the official integration partner of the Wish.com

Wish updates

Onboarding through an official integration partner will save your extra bucks. Because you just have to pay a 5% commission per sale to Wish instead of 15% for 3 months.

Click here to onboard through the official integration partner.

Summing up

So far, the blog has outlined the benefits of selling on Wish. Now its time for you to take the action. The recent Wish updates make the onboarding on Wish a piece of cake. And the best thing is that you can start with less investment and turn up with a huge ROI.

If you are a Shopify seller then selling on Wish can be a child’s play for you. Because product and order management will be automated if you go with integration partners.

Here we came to the end, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t help you further. Comment below your query, we will be available 24*7 to help you.

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