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Smartphones are driving retail growth across the world, what are you doing?

Smartphones are driving retail growth across the world, what are you doing?


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Smartphones have rapidly grown in importance over the past couple of years. More people now use their smartphones to access the web as compared to computers. In my opinion, this certainly calls for everyone who relies on the Internet to gain their clients or customers, to take a look at their strategy going forward into the future. The importance of mobile as a growth driver is only going to increase with time, and as such, it is very important that you have a strategy to streamline your approach to mobile.


Near the end of 2016, a study showed that of the total amount of time spent on the web, almost 60 percent came from smartphones while only the remaining 40 percent stemmed from visitors accessing the web through their computers.


True, people still tend to spend more money through their desktops as compared to their smartphones — but if the amount of time being spent on these two channels is any indication, it is quite likely that smartphones will overtake desktop as the preferred channel for spending money on the web.


All the data that we have available based on the past trends certainly point towards the same direction as well. Consider this excerpt from Business Insider, for instance:


In 2014, m-commerce made up 11.6% of the $303 billion U.S. e-commerce total, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau and comScore.


Fast forward one year, and sales through mobile now accounted for almost 15 percent of the total retail sale in the US. The pace of growth is also increasing, and Business Insider predicts that M-Commerce will occupy fully half of the US retail market, in a mere handful of years.


M-commerce will reach $284 billion, or 45% of the total U.S. e-commerce market, by 2020.


And consider this: As developing countries start catching on to the trend of spending more money online, which medium do you think they will prefer? The more expensive desktops and PCs, or the significantly cheaper and more easily available smartphones. From what we have seen so far, things seem to be leaning in the latter’s favour.


In India for instance, the vast majority of people access the Internet through their smartphones and there is a strong likelihood that the majority of the next billion people to access the Internet, will do so through smartphones as well.


smartphone, magenative, smartphone app, mobile app, android, iOS


Considering all this, there do seem to be more than enough compelling reasons to focus on mobile as an important channel of growth. Keeping this in mind, it is important for you to take a look at your mobile strategy and if you do not already have a solid presence on popular mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, launch and market your applications as soon as possible.


With all this said, launching a brand new mobile application is certainly no piece of cake. However, technology has taken great leaps and bounds and thanks to that, you can let others do the heavy lifting.


For instance, we at CedCommerce, have created a range of awesome solutions that will allow e-commerce store owners to hit the ground running with a fantastic mobile application. Whether your customers lean towards iOS or Android, whether you run a Magento or a Shopify store, we have tailor-made solutions to fit all your needs.


And guess what? These tailor-made solutions are ready to go online in a very short span of time. What’s more, you can totally customize the application and brand it with your personal branding and logo.


smartphone, magenative, smartphone app, mobile app, android, iOS


Launching an app with us will have the following advantages: You will be joining hands with a company, which is trusted by the likes of Walmart, Sears, and Newegg. You will also find that the gates to billions of new potential users, who rely heavily on their smartphones, open up with this app.


Launch a smartphone app and drive your growth today!


Launching a completely personalized application will create a huge brand awareness for your platform. Look at any of the big marketplace brands out there: Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, Target…….the list can go on and on. Notice anything common about these marketplaces? All of them have a dedicated mobile application for both the Android, as well as the iOS platform.


Doing this has allowed them to lend weight to their brand and introduced more sellers and customers to their platform — while also giving the existing customers a brand new way to interact with their platform.


And then, of course, there are all the more tangible advantages associated with a mobile application as well. Unlike desktops, our smartphones are small, convenient to carry, and can be used while we are in almost any position, and doing almost anything.


As such, the half-inch or so of real estate occupied by your app on your customer’s mobile phone is pretty much priceless. The app gives you a direct window into the customer’s life, a window he can open anytime and peek into your store. And if he/she likes something — home run!


And considering that we tend to use our smartphones in all sorts of highly unlikely situations (on the subway, while going to sleep, while waking up, while eating and so on) the chances of customers spotting something they would like to purchase and then jumping upon it, are really pretty high.


So you see, there are plenty of reasons for you to get a smartphone application for your e-commerce store. And the easiest way to do it? With the CedCommerce MageNative extensions.


Get a smartphone app today and start reaching out to millions of new customers! Click here now!


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