What are the SKU DATA requirements of Jet.com
What are the SKU DATA requirements of Jet.com? Cedcommerce

What are the SKU DATA requirements of Jet.com? Cedcommerce


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There are some SKU DATA requirements of Jet.com which are mandatory to publish products on Jet.com. These requirements also constitutes the part of product information necessary to keep a track record of the products to be listed on JET.

Jet.com is not functional anymore. If you want to continue selling your Jet.com inventories, we can assist you in shifting them to Walmart till July 16, 2020. This is not an automatic process, sellers will have to place a request through the Walmart Seller Center or Contact us. If you are a new seller wishing to sell on Jet.com, don’t be disheartened, we can help you sell on Walmart.com instead.

Many vendors sell same products on the JET marketplace, so to differentiate of these products JET implements these factors before products are published finally:


a) Merchant SKU:


This unique identifier is required from the vendors for their products so that the JET Retail Partners can use for identifying the products. It is useful to verify the differentiation in the case when the same products are being sold by multiple vendors on JET.com.

b) Unique IDs-

It is required when the need of doing the unique listing for each products arises. JET is supposed to do the unique listing for each product. These Unique Ids are helpful to manage variant products. Since there is one only one listing per product in this case, it is pertinent that vendors provide the correct unique ids for each of their products as Jet uses these identifiers to match products on the site. At least one unique identifier is required. Other that can be used are:


*UPC  –    (Unique Product Code, valid value: 12 digits)
*EAN   –     (International Article Number, valid value: 13 digits)
*GTIN   –    (Global Trade Item Number, valid value 14 digits)
*ASIN   –    (Amazon Standard Identification Number)
*ISBN10  –  (International Standard Book Number, 10 digits)
*ISBN13  –  (International Standard Book Number, 13 digits)


c) Product Title:


The product titles appear with the product and to search for the products. Titles should describe the product in a few words. The title presents the product’s features in the specific word.
The Jet prefers the title less than 500 characters. The Proper capitalization, punctuations, and unique keywords can be easy to create the valuable titles of the products.


The title has the specific keywords that can be attracted to customers to visit their products. If the title does not have the proper formation, in that case, the product can not attract  customers, and a important point of the SKU DATA requirements of Jet.com would be missed as there are other sellers following the guidelines.



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d) Multi-Pack Quantity:


To keep the track record of the same the products on the basis of unique identifier then Multi-Pack Quantity keeps it as the single item. Such as UPC represents a 4-pack of and individual item, then the multi-pack quantity is 1. If the UPC represents a single item, but your merchant SKU is a pack of 4, the multi-pack quantity is 4 making it the core component of SKU DATA requirements of Jet.com

e)Item Price:


The vendors must price their products smartly. The tip is to focus on creation of a basket or product kit and has more items. Then, vendors can leverage their pricing to the fullest. Since, Retailer Price = the Item Price + Shipping Price, it becomes all more important to price your products with even more care.


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f) Inventory :

The inventory shows the stock of the products if the vendors have not the sufficient stock in their store, it can not be LIVE on JET. so the inventory should be managed properly to keep LIVE the products on JET.com. In a warehouse, the maintenance of the product is keeping the tracking of the quantity or stock of the goods as an inventory management.
The inventory shows the total available quantity for the product in the stock. The jet removes the products when the inventory is not sufficiently given.




Jet Browse Node ID:  The unique ID that defines where the product will be found in the
Jet.com om browse structure

Product Description: The long description of the product (≤ 2000 characters).

Product Image:  In addition to a main image, an alternative image and/or swatch image
may be provided.

Package Dimensions: The length, width and height, in inches, of the product when in its
shippable (i.e. packaged or boxed) configuration.

Shipping Weight: Weight, in pounds, of the product when in its shippable (i.e. packaged
or boxed) configuration.


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