Time to take Shopify store on Mobile. Are you prepared?
The time to take e-commerce to the mobile is now, are you prepared?

The time to take e-commerce to the mobile is now, are you prepared?


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When the computer was first invented, it was meant to be able to perform very, very complex calculations. It was thought that the device would revolutionize the world. Sure, it did. But not exactly as the people of that time thought it would. Sure, it was used for technological advances and for backing calculations that have brought technology to its current form. However, we now use the computer for a variety of other purposes — such as shopping. Platforms like Amazon, Shopify, eBay,


Today, almost every one of us has one or other shopping app on our devices. We use these applications to compare prices, check out the goods on other stores, and even make purchases — getting whatever we have ordered conveniently delivered to our doorsteps.  M-commerce is growing at a rapid pace and has started pulling fans from e-commerce. As per reports coming from various sources, we may on the verge of yet another tech revolution that will see e-commerce totally — or almost totally — supplanted by M-commerce.


And once that does happen, the only ones who will still remain standing will be sellers who have quickly adapted to and even joined, the mobile revolution.


According to a January 2017 survey of adult US internet users by Fluent LLC, over half of respondents said that they were making online purchases via their smartphones more often than on computers or tablets.


The Era Of Smartphone applications:


And of this number, over half again were using mobile apps to generate sales, as opposed to mobile websites. Most large retailers have already caught on to the fad. Remember when Amazon and eBay and Flipkart started offering discounts to users who would download and use their apps? Well, that wasn’t exactly altruism on their part, was it? Instead, it was an attempt to get people using mobile applications.


We don’t carry our desktops around everywhere, and we can’t use the laptop everywhere either. But we can, and do use our smartphones almost everywhere. This is a fact which many e-commerce companies have leveraged, and have deployed to their advantage, leading to a huge increase in sales and revenue.


A mobile application gives your store a dedicated presence on the customer’s smartphone, the ability to push notifications will allow you to engage them with tailored offers and, you can use the data obtained from the app to create custom offers that will literally force customers to buy and convert leads.


Is it really possible to give your Shopify store a native app without coding?


So how do you manage that? Say you are a seller who wants to — and has been — focusing on his/her e-commerce business via a platform like Shopify. It is not your intention to start learning to code at this particular stage. Do you hire a coder to work for your organization? Do you hire a freelancer to create a mobile app for you? Well, regardless of what you do, you are going to incur some significant expenses — not to mention the fact that the result could/or could not be according to your wishes.


Well, it could be your lucky day today. Ced Commerce, one of India’s most global development company and the official channel integration partner to behemoths like Walmart and Sears, is developing a brand new service wherein customers using the Shopify platform to sell, will be able to create native Android and iOS applications. The service could be unveiled soon and you can avail it for free by registering for it right now! Only the early birds will be able to avail this totally fantastic offer so check it out right now!


Check the offer out right now, by clicking hereAnd do keep an eye on the page for further announcements, offers and discounts.


And while we are talking about mobile stores, do take a look at our Magento 2 Mobile application which allows sellers and vendors to convert their e-commerce store into a fully featured mobile app which consists of all website functionalities too. Some of the prominent features of the Magento 2 Mobile application are as follows:


  • Supports Android, IOS and Window mobile platforms.
  • Attractive and User-Friendly Layout, Multi-Lingual and RTL Support.
  • Synchronized Native App.
  • Sort, Filter, and Search.
  • Free trial version for the 30 days.


Know more about Shopify: click here


Well, what are you waiting for? The time to ride the wave of mobile is right here. Do it now and watch your business take off in leaps and bounds.


Thank you for your interest!

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