Shopify Pursuit 2018
Shopify Pursuit 2018 Agenda: Here is what to expect!

Shopify Pursuit 2018 Agenda: Here is what to expect!


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The last leg of the Shopify’s moving event series – Pursuit – is scheduled to begin from November 22 at Hotel ITC Gardenia in Bangalore. Prior to this, event traveled through 4 continents and some of the largest cities across the World – New York, London, Berlin, and Melbourne.


The event series organized in the second half of each year aims at bringing down Shopify experts, partners and other members of the community together to network, share experience and offer insights which can bring them success.


Therefore, the agenda of the meeting is also devised keeping in mind the most common problems faced by new entrepreneurs belonging to Shopify ecosystem. Shopify succeeds only if the partner associated with it tastes success. The success of both the platform and community is intertwined.


Pursuit Meetup by Shopify

It is quintessential that the attendees get to interact with Shopify and get their concerns addressed. It is critical to establish a robust ecosystem. Thus, the evening of November 22nd is dedicated to the Pursuit Meetup hosted by Shopify where tthe eam from Shopify will address the concerns of their partners and provide practical and hands-on advice.


Shopify Pursuit: The Agenda


MasterClass | Building an agency on Shopify – Lesson Learned

On the First Day, there is one talk, which happens to be a MasterClass, is scheduled which revolves around providing the insights and efforts it takes to build a successful Shopify agency. It makes total sense too.


Since Shopify Pursuit is organized in geographies which brings the maximum business for Shopify, the maximum e-commerce agencies concentrate in these areas as well. To build a successful e-commerce web development company is easier said than done.


Gavin Ballard, CEO of Discolabs, a Shopify ecommerce store set up agency will share his experiences to budding entrepreneurs of how he was able to build and scale his own venture. What it takes to get a new client, and retain them and how to run day-to-day operations to bring maximum efficiency to the organization.


Growing Your app into a product company

The day 2 is the real deal. It has the maximum number of Keynotes and training sessions for Shopify Partners. Moreover, since a large number of audiences at Shopify Pursuit consists of Shopify partners who have developed an app for the Shopify ecosystem. It is equally important to train and provide them with insights into how to scale the app – which solves a specific problem – into a vibrant organization.


As we also have developed apps for Shopify app store and have 10+ apps listed on the platform, it’s a special session for us to reflect upon the steps we need to take in order to streamline and ameliorate our existing methods to bring greater efficiency into our system.


Here is my take, the organization that exists solely for business will become irrelevant in the times to come. However, the companies/apps that adds great value to the user’s business will stand the test of time. And this value system is multi-dimensional. First and foremost, your app must offer a real value for its pricing, only then your app will be purchased/installed by the majority of the online sellers. Similarly, you must create value for your team; the reason for the motivation.


Finding your niche based on customer insights

As they say, it’s impossible to make everyone happy at the same time, it is true for the business as well. The e-commerce market is huge. One person/company can’t cater to the needs of the entire industry. Therefore, it is advisable to focus your energy on one particular category/vertical.


In our case its the API data transfer and control. We have a goal of connecting leading e-commerce platforms, Shopify is one of the e-commerce frameworks, with leading tools online seller may use. They can be related to Sales and Conversion, Marketing Automation, Product Import, CRM, and multichannel apps.


We establish the communication channel through the interaction of the APIs between the two platforms which facilitate the real-time data transfer, update and, control for online sellers.


Multiplying the merchant Growth:

The merchants who have opened their Shopify stores will also be attending the event. This session belongs to them. Here Shashwat Swaroop, founder Marmeto, will explain to them how to multiply their sales.


As we also work in Multichannel vertical, our advice for the sellers is not to put all of their eggs in the single basket.


Merchants need to diversify their sales channels which means they need to find newer avenues to reach out to their potential customers. One way could be to install multichannel apps in your Shopify store. They can connect their online store with leading e-commerce marketplaces, comparison shopping engine, mobile app, Google product feeds and more.


Networking Dinner:

Networking always remains the indispensable part of any trade related event. It is important that like-minded people know each other. It works as a trigger to a chain reaction of events which can benefit the overall ecosystem and the stakeholders themselves. The networking events to be held –  in the evening of November 23, the last day – are aimed at increasing the degree of collaboration. Therefore these are usually complemented with dinners and drinks so stakeholders can relax and enjoy their conversation.


A brief about Pursuit:

The international series event which is organized in the last quarter has already moved to 2 continents and 3 countries – North America (New York City), & Europe (London and Berlin) respectively – from the planned 4 continents and 5 countries. Among those Melbourne (Oceania) and Bangalore (Asia) remains.


About CedCommerce & MageNative:

Featured among the winners of Technology Fast 50 India and Technology Fast 500 APAC for three years in a row, CedCommerce is the official Channel Integration of behemoths such as Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, and Newegg, etc. Facilitating onboarding of e-commerce sellers on these e-commerce platforms.


MageNative provides Mobile solution for E-commerce vendors and helps them get a fully customizable native app. We’ve been providing Mobile apps for past one year on several platforms such as Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify and now for Opencart. Our Happy customers are spread over 20 countries around the Globe.

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