shutting down shopify kit
Shopify is shutting down Shopify KIT in April. Here’s What You Need to Know

Shopify is shutting down Shopify KIT in April. Here’s What You Need to Know


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Greetings, Shopify sellers! Through this article, we want to draw your attention to something worth highlighting. Shopify is shutting down Shopify Kit Skills, and it will nowhere be seen effective from 31st August 2021.

No, it’s not an April fool’s tantrum – it’s official now.

This is probably because Shopify is up to something much more lucrative than Kit Skills. And you don’t have to worry about it because it is a planned move. Shutting down Shopify Kit and Ping will tentatively be flushed from the internet wef 1st September 2021 and merchants in supported countries can use text/SMS to chat with Kit until 31st August.

It is our humble suggestion that you should look into it and if you have any mention of the Shopify Kit in your app or app-related materials then kindly amend it by the earliest. As Shopify experts, we were offering Kit services for Walmart and Etsy marketplaces, which will no longer be available after 1st April 2021. We apologize for this sudden inconvenience.

Before Shopify Kit gets Dissolved, Here’s What it was Best Known For –

Shopify Kit was a free-of-charge virtual employee to help Shopify sellers grow their eCommerce business and Kit Skill is an app extension for the Shopify app, delivered to the merchants through Kit as an actionable conversation. Through Shopify Ping or SMS, merchants used to interact with the Kit. 

Shutting down Shopify Kit along with Shopify Ping might be a sudden eye-opener. But the SaaS giant Shopify is sure up to something more collaborative and resourceful than Kit and Ping. It’s a humble request to stay in touch with Shopify’s update about the same to avoid any last-minute chaos.

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