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Shopify is increasingly growing to position itself as one of the most popular methods for small, medium and increasingly, large businesses to go online. Today, over half a million eCommerce Stores use Shopify’s innovative technology package to power their online businesses. And this has been made possible thanks to the company’s innovative and constantly shifting methods of doing things.


Along the same, Shopify has announced the roll out of Shopping on Instagram feature to thousands of merchants, in anticipation of the upcoming holiday sales season. Announcing the news through a blog post, the company said:


With this exciting feature, Instagram will join Shopify’s sales channels to help merchants grow their business on mobile, alongside Facebook, Messenger, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Houzz, and more.


The feature has actually been available since earlier. However, it was in its beta phase and had not been made public to the hundreds of thousands of Shopify merchants. The program is still limited and only merchants selected by both Shopify and Instagram will be able to participate in the program — however, the scope has certainly been widened.


The feature is expected to benefit all the participants however, the greatest benefit can be expected for photo friendly products like fashion, home decors etc. Social media has always been known as a marketing channel that induces impulse sales. And even in that category, Instagram certainly comes out on top. A picture is worth a thousand words and that holds the truest when it comes to selling on Instagram.


After all, many a merchant have made their fortune on Instagram by way of carefully snapped pictures. And Shopify and Instagram’s latest joint venture appears to be an attempt to build upon the same.


The integration isn’t particularly surprising though. Shopify has a similar arrangement with Facebook which allows the purchase of products from within posts. As such considering the fact that Instagram is in fact owned by Facebook, the expansion of the Shopify-Facebook partnership to Instagram was only to be expected. Merchants will now be able to emulate the Facebook selling experience on Instagram as well.


This lets them make any new Instagram post shoppable by easily tagging it with any of their Shopify products, right from inside the Instagram app. When users see a post with a tag, they can tap it for more product details and to buy on the merchant’s checkout without ever leaving the app.


Expanding for the Holidays:


The feature has been available to a slew of selected merchants like xKarla, Gymshark, and Diff Eyewear. It appears as if the testing has been successful, prompting a wider launch right before the festive season.


For now though, merchants who will be able to access the feature will still be curated by Shopify and Instagram. The companies will probably go for older, proven merchants with image friendly products. However, we can expect them to go for an unsupervised public roll out in the near future as well.


Meanwhile, Instagram is mainly used over mobile — which again begs the question, exactly how important is mobile shopping going to be in the up coming future? Well, if reports and researches by industry giants like Business Insider can be believed, more people access the web through mobile as compared to the web. And it won’t be long before the statistics is emulated for online shopping as well. In simpler terms, it is likely that shopping through mobile will take over shopping through computers.


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