Fastway Shipping
Shipping Product gets easier with Fastway Shipping Magento Extension

Shipping Product gets easier with Fastway Shipping Magento Extension


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For e-commerce business owners fulfillment remains among the top most priority areas. Fulfillment determines their credibility and great services make them establish them as a force to reckon with.

There are various companies providing shipping services throughout the globe. Each commands their authority in certain geography and only few dominate the whole world. Fastway is one such company, mainly operating in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and Northern Ireland. The company has sprawling network across these countries. It is among the most preferred shipping companies in these part of world.

To seamlessly connect online store of entrepreneurs doing business in these part of the world, Cedcommerce offers Fastway shipping extension for magento stores. It retrieves live shipping rates from Fastway to online seller’s Magento 2 store eliminating the need to manually maintain the rates.


  • Admin/sellers can enable/disable the extension
  • The Fastway Shipping method will be shown to the customers.
  • Admin can choose countries allowed for this method.


To ensure smooth installation of the extension, certain steps must be followed:

Step 1: Disable Compilation

To check compilation status, to do this

Go to: System > Tools > Compilation

if Enabled, Disable if first.

Note: After installing extension you may enable compilation again.

Step 2: Disable Cache

To disable the cache system,

Go to: System > Cache Management menu from admin site.

Note: After installing you may enable cache again.

Step 3: Backup Database (Optional)

It is always advisable to create a backup of your database as a caution.

After purchasing the extension there are three ways to install the extension

  • Magento Connect Method
  • Direct package upload method
  • FTP upload method

1. Magento Connect Method

Step 1: Copy Extension Key

Purchase the extension from CedCommerce at Magentoconnect. Thereafter choose the platform and copy extension key.

Step 2: Go to Admin Site:

Now open your website or Magento online.

Here Go to: System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.

Login into Downloader platform.

Paste the key to in the highlighted area (below image) and click on install and the extension will be installed within minutes.






2) Package Upload Method:

Step 1:

Upon purchasing the extension from the official site you get the full extension package.

Here, Go to: Package Downloader Wizard (Magento Connect Manager).

Step 2:

Go to: Direct Package File Upload

Browse to find package

Click Upload button. (And the extension will be installed)

(See Image Below)




3) Installation Using FTP

Step 1:

If you face any issue while installing the app from two processes

You can use native installation method by FTP.

Step 2:

To do this:

Connect your FTP and,

Go to the Root Directory of the Magento installation.

Here, Unzip the extension package.


After successful installation of the extension, comes the configuration part.

To enable the shipping method,

Go to System → Configuration → Shipping Method

Here ENABLE the distance based shipping group by Choosing YES










Doing this the extension will be ready for use. Your users now will be able to see the Shipping Charges based on Fastway Shipping.

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