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Every Marketplace has their set of rules when it comes to 3rd party vendors listing the products at their marketplace website. Here is no different. It has clearly laid down certain guideline as for Jet Merchant partner to follow, in order to sell on jet and get maximum out of their listing. You must not take SEO for Jet lightly.


However, these points are covered in the larger catalog guidelines. Nonetheless they require special mention since overlooking of these factors may harm your (Jet Merchant Partner) prospects badly.


So, here are the SEO for Jet guidelines to follow for your items –


These points specifically include guidelines relating with:


  • Images
  • Title formatting
  • Product Description and Bullet Guidelines


1. Images


Ensure that images of your items follow SEO for Jet guidelines in order to sell on Jet :


  • First and foremost is image source URL must be valid


  • Although the accepted image size is 500*500 pixel, but Jet prefers images with 1500*1500, so try adhering to their recommendation and not the minimum criterion.


  • Image must be free from any of the seller specific information – name, logo, watermark and any marketing content – Free Shipping, Authentic, most popular etc.


  • It is highly advisable to remove the ‘no images’ image from


  • The accepted image formats are:












2. Title Formatting


Like images, SEO for Jet has certain guidelines for writing product title to adhere before you sell on Jet. recommends that Title of items should be as close to as original brand/manufacturer title as possible and other such guidelines are as follows:


  • The title length should be between 1 – 500 characters and it should be alphanumeric.


  • Jet advises to remove ellipses (…) at the end of the title.


  • Always check for truncated titles


  • Although some marketplaces advice to include the most striking feature in the title, whereas, recommends to remove attributes from the Title


  • Similarly, it wants sellers to remove shipping information.


  • Also, remove pricing information.


  • As well as remove any of the special characters that are not the part of the manufacturer title



3. Product Description and Bullet Guidelines:


Now comes the part of item’s description and the associated bullets in SEO for Jet. To sell on Jet, it recommends that description and bullets are comprehensive but at the same time discourages to include any sort of information not relevant to the product. It expects a laser focus content and that it should be similar to the manufacturer’s description. The guidelines relating to it are:


  • clearly states the removal of any shipping or fulfillment related information from product descriptions or bullets (e.g. ‘ships in 25 days’ or ‘item on backorder’)


  • Also, it want its Merchant partners to refrain from writing product descriptions and bullets in a manner that it is identified with a specific retailer.


  • Similarly, advices against including any material in the product content that resembles with the retailer specific marketing language such as Popular, customer favorite and trending etc.


  • Also, remove pricing information or ‘special deal’ information from product descriptions and bullets.


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