Selling With BigCommerce – Your Way To Success

Selling With BigCommerce – Your Way To Success


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With more than $4 billion deals from an excess of 55,000 computerized retailers, selling with BigCommerce Marketplace is rapidly getting to be one of the best decisions for genuine eCommerce organizations.


Not at all like other eCommerce arrangements, BigCommerce enables clients to control, advertise and dissect store execution by means of the most recent in eCommerce innovations.


You are an Online business person. You’ve started an online store with BigCommerce and got stuck at “How to get individuals to your webpage?”


Don’t skip a heartbeat! We have got you the answer.


The appropriate response is in commercial centers. They are developing quick — quicker than the business normal — and new clients are finding their approach to them consistently. New merchants are joining those commercial centers also, offering their stock to a great many new clients.


Here is an image by BigCommerce showing the 2017 Cyber Monday week sales gross merchandise value and average order value.


selling with bigcommerce marketplace
Source: BigCommerce


Why Selling With BigCommerce Is Better?

BigCommerce is doing more than $1 Million business every month. It is easy for the merchants to create an online store and sell your products to the customers. Selling with BigCommerce is better because they emerge your online business and helps you in establishing your own online brand. It helps in connecting with more shoppers across more sales channels. Selling with BigCommerce is helpful for newbie merchant because it provides tools and resources to manage their online stores:


Let’s see how?


  • Merchants can increase their online business’ traffic and conversion rate with the help of marketing tools.
  • Sell on different marketplaces and social networking websites like Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, Google Shopping etc.
  • Have any query or confusion you can call, chat or email with BigCommerce expertise.


How BigCommerce Helps Online Retailers To Sell More?


In today’s time, the value of online sales is growing day by day, so, to sell products and manage online stores becomes more and more complex for online retailers and entrepreneurs. You can create your e-commerce store easily but to manage the store with the changes that take place in the industry and making a profit is where many businesses fail.

Today, there are plenty of e-commerce marketplace solutions existing in the industry but BigCommerce helps you in growing your business by selling more.


Here are some of the BigCommerce features that will help your online business to prosper:


E-commerce friendly website design templates: Countless and premium (paid) customer facing facade subjects are offered by BigCommerce. These subjects/formats can be modified utilizing HTML or CSS editors. It is additionally conceivable to download and take a shot at them in disconnected mode. Teaming up with a qualified BigCommerce outline and arrangement improvement organization can help you set up a tweaked online store by joining configuration layouts that are most appropriate to your interesting business needs.


Convenience: BigCommerce is an easy platform to use. With its simple UI, you can improve everyday store undertakings. This demonstrates that the organization understands the fact that not every person who deals with an online store is a specialist in innovation, so it has made BigCommerce easy for anybody to utilize. It has a natural UI that makes store-setup an easy procedure.


Substantial Application Store: BigCommerce incorporates a huge number of features that are as of now coordinated in the shopping cart. In any case, it is likewise conceivable to utilize other applications to add more capacities to your online store. Through these applications, as an online retailer, you can build your showcasing exercises, track promoting, enhance client benefit, and fuse a Point Of Sale System(POS) in your physical store.


Snappy and Secure exchanges: BigCommerce platform is a facilitated shopping cart. Therefore, as an online retailer, you are not required to purchase a different facilitating account. A quicker site gives numerous advantages, for example, rehash clients, expanded deals, and a superior search engine optimization.



10 Marketplaces Where You Can Start Selling With BigCommerce:

Online Shopping is the newest tradition. You can also sell with BigCommerce on different marketplaces. Here are the 10 marketplaces where you can integrate your BigCommerce store and start earning more.

North American eCommerce Marketplaces

1.Walmart Marketplace Integration  & Walmart Canada Marketplace Integration:


About Walmart U.S. eCommerce marketplace: It is an American Multinational Retail Company. Walmart has 11,718 stores and clubs in 28 countries. It has more than 550 million active users. Walmart operates in Africa and Central America as well as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, Japan, Mexico, the UK, and China.


The buyer persona on Walmart.com is Mens (25–65+), Women (25–60+), Housewives (35–60), Technophiles (25–45), Adults (18–24).


People mainly purchase and take services from Walmart in the categories of Electronics, Movies, Music & Books, Home Furniture & Appliances, Home Improvement & Patio Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, Baby & Toddler, Toys & Video Games, Food, Household & Pets, Pharmacy, Health & Beauty, Sports, Fitness & Outdoors, Auto & Tires, Photo & Personalized Shop.


Note: Now, non-US sellers can list their products on the US ecommerce marketplace. For those outside the US, you need a DUNS number – a worldwide standard that assigns a unique numeric identifier to a single business entity. Read here the details of DUNS. Also, for international sellers, it it required for them to provide their international headquarters address.


About Walmart Canada eCommerce Marketplace: The part of Walmart Inc, Walmart.ca is an e-commerce marketplace specifically catering to audiences based out of Canada. Among the top 10 influential companies in Canada, the website oversees the influx of 600,000 customers daily. Walmart.ca, an invitation-only marketplace, accepts 3P sellers who can offer quality products and great after sales service.


Buyer Persona: As per Walmart reports, 56% of all the customers are new parents or those purchasing products when they expand their houses. However, Graduates and to-be-hitched is the growing customer segment at Walmart Canada.


2. Wish Marketplace Integration:

It mainly operates in the United States and Europe. Wish marketplace receives about 625,000 unique visitors daily and shows your products to 300 million customers across the U.S and Europe. People mainly purchase Shoes, Automotive, Wallets & Bags, Accessories, gadgets, Home decor, Phone upgrades from Wish.

The people who mainly purchase from Wish are Mens (25–65+), Women (25–35), Technophiles (18–25).


3. Jet Marketplace Integration:

It is an e-commerce marketplace of the united states, headquartered in New Jersey. In 2016, it is acquired by Walmart. Jet has more than 4 Million active users.

The product categories which people mainly sold on Jet are Electronics, Household, and Home Appliances, Tools, Sewing Machine, Grocery & Gourmet Food.

The age group of people who mainly converts Mens (30–64+), Women (28–55), Housewives (25–50), Adults (16–22).


4. Sears Marketplace Integration:

It is an American chain of departmental stores. Sears marketplace is  23rd largest retailer in the U.S. It had divisions of the branch in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. It has 5.4 million monthly unique visitors. It operates in other than U.S, Canada, Mexico and, Puerto Rico in the United Kingdom, Japan, India, Germany, China.

The product categories which are mainly sold on Sears are Appliances, Auto, Baby Clothing, Electronics, Fitness, Home, Jewelry, Mattresses, Outdoor, Parts & Services, Shoes, Tools, Toys.

The age group of people which converts on Sears 25–30 (35% shoppers), 41–65 (30%), Under 25 (20%), Over 65 (15%).


5. Tophatter Marketplace Integration:

It is an eCommerce marketplace which is revolutionizing the eCommerce industry by discovering a shopping app which has opened up avenues for sellers globally. It connects sellers to more than 10 million shoppers across the globe.

It sells products in categories of Accessories, Apparel, Art, Beauty, Bazaar, Collectibles, Edibles, Electronics, Fashion Brands, Jewelry, Kids, Kitchen, Men’s, Pets, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Tech Accessories, Watches.

The most common people who buy products from Tophatter marketplaces are women (18 to 65), Men (21–65), Technophiles (16–35).

Tophatter mainly operates in these countries:

US, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Spain, Austria, Germany, and France.


Worldwide E-commerce Marketplaces


6. Newegg Marketplace Integration:

It is an online retailer of electronic and computer hardware products based in California, U.S. Newegg has mainly 25 million registered users. It mainly operates in Asia Pacific, Western Europe, North America, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle & East Africa.


Newegg is the best mode for sellers to targtet audiences for all-things-tech in the U.S. and Canada for B2C and B2B businesses. Whether you sell gadgets, health and sports tech and apparels appealing to individual tech lovers, or sell office solutions, software & services and, Automotive & Industrial for B2B business not only sells computer-related hardware and software, gadgets and video games but also, general products categories like Apparels, books, car care, riding gear, and body armor. However, I-love-Android type t-shirts are likely to perform better here. The reason is quite conspicuous – Newegg caters to gadget-lovers and geeks.


Buyer Persona: The people who purchase products from Newegg are tech-savvy (18–35), Mens (25–60+), Women (25–55), Housewives (24–40).


7. Fruugo Marketplace Integration: (Pre-dominantly European)

It is a U.K. based e-commerce company. It has more than 25 million active users who can sell products in categories of Sports and Fitness, Beauty and Health, Clothing, Home Improvements, and Furniture, Toys and Video Games.

Fruugo operates in EU: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Europe (non-EU): Norway, Switzerland, and Russia.

Rest of the World: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa & USA.

The Buyer Personas found on Fruugo.com are Women (21–40), Mens(18–55), House Wifes(25–40), Kids(under 15), Gamers(Under 25).



8. Bonanza Marketplace Integration:

Voted as the “Most Recommended Marketplace” in 2016 over eBay, Amazon, Etsy and all other competitors by over 50,000 sellers in the largest seller survey online. It connects buyers and sellers from all over the world to transact directly.


9. AliExpress Dropshipping:

A subsidiary of Alibaba, Aliexpress.com, is an eCommerce website small and medium online sellers use to sell products of their interest to buyers residing mainly in the US, Russia, Spain, Brazil and elsewhere. Almost all types of products, manufactured by Chinese businesses, are listed on the AliExpress, which are hugely popular among the drop shipping and affiliate marketers.

Among the best product aggregators, AliExpress is most popular product sourcing platform for drop shippers, thousands of sellers offer products of all kinds and categories. Products can be sourced from AliExpress and listed to your BigCommerce store for offering to the customers.


Upcoming Bigcommerce Apps:


Google Express Bigcommerce Integration (US Only):

Google express is a marketplace and an aggregator which is an answer to the Amazon’s grocery service. With this service, you can purchase from the leading retailers using Google express app and the items arrive at your doorstep. The Google express has inherent benefits to other marketplaces, as a result, some of the largest retailers who have their e-commerce presence as well have joined Shopping Actions plan and have listed their products on Google Express.

Note: Retailers have reported a 30-35% increase in the Average Basket Value from the platform.


Google express offers customers a universal cart so sellers can add items to the same cart from mobile, desktop and voice assistant. Another USP is sellers get an entirely new audience by virtue of popular Google searches such as “Where can I buy this?” “Where can I find it?” “How can I buy it?” “How do I transact?


Catch Bigcommerce Integration (Australia Only)

Established in the last decade, Catch soon emerged as a leading Australian e-commerce website with a huge spectrum of products. It has over 13,000 branded products across a sweeping range of consumer categories including health & lifestyle, home decor, fashion, accessories, sportswear, groceries and many others. Catch witnesses about 450,000 visits and 8,000 orders everyday. Adding another  achievement, Catch reported a revenue of about US$ 306 Million in FY17. An item is sold every 2.8 seconds on Catch.

The leading categories of Catch are Apparels, Home, Beauty, Home and Outdoors, Groceries, Tech, Kids, Pet, Furniture and Entertainment.


Etsy Bigcommerce Integration (Worldwide):

Among several other e-commerce marketplaces that focus on Vintage or Handmade items, Etsy is the most popular e-commerce marketplace, it emphasizes to sell primarily handmade, vintage items and craft-oriented products such as clothing, photography, jewelry, health & beauty, food, and many others. As it majority of the merchants that sell on Etsy are a small one (or micro-produces), it is also termed as C2C platform.

Etsy has more than 54 million registered active users and it is connected with 1.9 million active sellerswith 31.7 million active buyers. It has more than 29 million products listed on its website.

Buyer Persona: 33%Men, 67% Women, 69% Have no children, 50% have ages between 18-34.





BigCommerce is an emerging platform for e-commerce businesses. In a report, it was stated that it has $8 billion in total sales. As mentioned above more than 50 thousand online retailers are selling with BigCommerce platform. In the Cyber week, the sales of brands on BigCommerce is increased to 21%. It’s proven that selling with BigCommerce can be profitable for online sellers.



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