Affiliate Programs by CedCommerce are now Live on Magento Marketplace

Affiliate Programs by CedCommerce are now Live on Magento Marketplace


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In a recent occurrence, Magento Marketplace has added a series of extensions to its catalog of CedCommerce extensions. With a wide gamut of CedCommerce’s Affiliate Extensions, now the sellers may also have a grasp on Affiliate Program Extensions for their Magento 1 and Magento 2 stores on Magento Marketplace. The extensions will help them bring products from some formidable marketplaces to their Magento store and feature them on their own marketplace.

Now sellers can automate this process and feature multiple products on their Magento 1 and Magento 2 store in some simple steps, reducing their effort and time.

The CedCommerce extensions that Magento Marketplace has added and made live on the platform are listed below and the sellers may purchase them from the Magento Marketplace itself.


Glance over the Affiliate Program Extensions by CedCommerce


eBay affiliate M1 


Amazon Affiliate M1 


eBay Affiliate M2 


Amazon Affiliate M2 

To see other CedCommerce Extensions on Magento Marketplace, click HERE!


Features Of CedCommerce’s Affiliate Extensions:


Fetch Product Information – Sellers can fetch all the information about the products they are featuring on their stores, such as product name, description, images, reviews and many other.

Fetch Products in Bulk – This extension facilitates the sellers to fetch the multiple products in a single time from the Marketplace to your Magento admin panel.

Fetch Product Using Keywords – Seller can fetch products by using keywords. Amazon Affiliate facilitates to import products with node and ASIN too.

Auto-Synchronization of Products – This extension facilitates auto-synchronization of product price, inventory, and availability.


About CedCommerce

Renowned across the globe as one of the world’s leading E-Commerce web development agencies, CedCommerce makes the selling experience easy with its integration, affiliate, and other extensions. It is an Official Channel Integration Partner of Walmart, Best Buy Canada, Bonanza, Sears, Fruugo, Newegg, and many other leading marketplaces. With its sweeping solutions, it enables merchants to list their products easily on leading E-Commerce websites with frameworks such as – Magento, Magento 2, Woocommerce, Shopify.

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