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Selling Internationally with Amazon Global Selling Program this Holiday Rush

Selling Internationally with Amazon Global Selling Program this Holiday Rush


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Amazon provides merchants with various tools and services to make international selling a breeze. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. are all significant celebrations across the US and UK, and Europe that offers great sales opportunities for native and international sellers on Amazon. To sell internationally with Amazon Global Selling is the fastest, surest, and most profitable way to tap into the huge Customer-base, extensive shipping/delivery services, and wide product category available on Amazon.

As of February 25, 2023, the New and Improved version of Amazon by CedCommerce is now known as “CedCommerce Amazon Channel”.

The blog will educate you on region-wise selling tips on Amazon along with what are some of the tools for international sellers that must be used to make profits while selling on Amazon this festive season 2022. Besides, get to know some best solutions that can help you manage listings, orders, returns, currencies, and switch between countries all from one centralized platform between your store and Amazon.

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Sell Internationally with Amazon Global Selling this Holiday Season

Indeed, selling internationally isn’t a cakewalk especially when it comes to making profits. Thus, Amazon has a super-set of tools, programs, and services that help you understand things systematically about each region where Amazon is prominently present like North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

To put it in other words, selling in each of these regions requires complete knowledge about customers and their preferences, tax laws, language considerations, crafting a marketplace strategy as in what to sell, settings and adjusting prices, optimizing distribution channels, and last but not least making listings more attractive through promotions and CPC ads, etc.

Primarily, here are some amazing tools that simplify several aspects of international selling on Amazon, by Amazon:

Language Switcher

The tool enables sellers to manage selling operations while selling in Japan, European counties, etc. all in English, and the Amazon tool will translate everything into the native language automatically.

Amazon European Marketplace Account

The account helps sellers to manage all of their stores across European countries like Germany, the UK, France, etc from a single account interface. This means once you register yourself in one European country, you are automatically eligible to sell in others as well within Europe.

Customer Support in Native Language

A seller can avail of this service after joining Amazon FBA.

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

The service helps sellers fulfill orders from other sales channels, third-party platforms, etc.

Product Ads

With Amazon product ads, sellers can easily run promotional campaigns, and sponsored ads, set their CPC budgets, etc.

Distribution Channels

For simplified distribution channels, sellers can use FBA, or Multi-fulfillment channels to help pack, ship, and deliver by Amazon on time to the customer anywhere in the registered countries on Amazon.
Other tools and services like Build International listings tools etc. help you create and manage listings across multiple regions from a unified account.

Selling by Region on Amazon: Top trends, Top selling products, Customer expectations, and much more!


Asia-Pacific constitutes many countries across Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Australian continent. With Amazon International, merchants can tap into a huge potential base of India, Japan, and Singapore.

India: The Indian eCommerce is expected to reach US$188 billion by 2025. The credit goes to the ever-increasing digital penetration which increased to 830 million in 2021 due to digital transformations. Indian festivals start between October and November. Some of the best products that Indians prefer are Artifacts, clothes, apparels, and jewelry.

Singapore: As of 2021, Digital Singapore report, 79.7% of people in Singapore aged 16 to 64 shops online. Most importantly, apparel, shoes, mobile cases, personal care, and baby products are some of the highest-selling categories in Singapore.

Japan: Amazon is the biggest eCommerce player in Japan with a revenue of US$13 billion in 2021. Food and personal care are the largest sold product categories and account for 27% of revenue followed by Fashion, Toys& Hobbies, Appliances, and Furnitures.


As per research, 297 million European consumers shopped in 2020, and up to 216 million consumers bought from cross-borders. Through Amazon international, you can sell to 6 European countries without any hassles. Undoubtedly, each of these countries serves a huge sales potential. Besides, the highest selling products range from Fashion, Electronics, and personal care.

Moreover, as per a report, Europeans are eCommerce ready and look forward to good shipping and delivery services. 70% of consumers purchase more products to reach free shipping and many European consumers leave a cart if there is no Free Shipping.

North America

To begin with, The United States is the second largest eCommerce market, leading ahead of Japan and behind China. Amazon leads the online stores with a revenue of US$599 billion in 2021. The country sells Fashion the most, followed by electronics & media, Appliances, and Furniture.

Second is Canada. The Canadian eCommerce market contributed to a worldwide growth rate of 15% in 2021 which was a 21% increase from last year. Amazon being the leading platform, Electronics and Media comprise 28% of the revenue of Amazon Canada. It is followed by Fashion, Furniture, and Personal care.

Furthermore, 36% of Mexican customers have bright at least 1 product in a year. Electronics is the leading product category, followed by Fashion. People in Mexico are brand loyal, and Price is a major factor in their sales decision.

Additionally, some big festivals celebrated there with leading product categories around electronics, clothes, and sports are Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday.

Middle east

Amazon is the leading marketplace in both the countries UAE and Turkey. The leading product categories are Toys/hobbies in UAE followed by Fashion, Electronics, and Media. Also, to excel in Turkey, selling Fashion items can bring in more sales as it constitutes 40% of total eCommerce revenue in the country.

How to experience a seamless integrated international selling on Amazon?

Here is the good news for brands and merchants looking to expand business on multiple countries on Amazon. Now with Amazon by CedCommerce, a seamless integration app by CedCommerce, sellers can easily connect and manage their different Amazon accounts at one platform. To put it another way, Amazon by CedCommerce serves as a One App for all your Amazon account with explicit features like Bulk Inventory and Order Sync, Real-time Feed Updates, Alert Notifications, Automated Operations with flexible control and much more!

The app additionally, allows profile-based attribute mapping with detailed keyword and product descriptions that ensures higher visibility on search algorithms or in other words a perfect scope for Product Listing optimization. Thus, the app simplifies complex international selling operations bring it on one platform and giving you a power to control in just few clicks!

That’s a Wrap

Last but not the least, selling on Amazon during the festive is no doubt a profitable strategy. The strategy works even better with detailed research about Amazon international and an integration solution to help you automate and streamline your selling on Amazon. Let us know which tools and solution you find best for your international selling journey on Amazon in the comment section below.

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