A Complete Seller’s Guide On How To Sell On Fnac Darty Marketplace – The first choice for 36 million customers in France

A Complete Seller’s Guide On How To Sell On Fnac Darty Marketplace – The first choice for 36 million customers in France


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Commencing a new business in the European eCommerce marketplace seems pretty intricate – so much so that the majority of people don’t get past the decision-making stage and give up. They don’t realize that if you choose a perfect marketplace, to begin with, everything will be a downhill ride. This blog will try to tell you how to sell on Fnac Darty – The favorite online shopping destination for 36 million french customers since 1954.

French E-commerce Market Potential

As per the modern-intelligent report, “The French e-commerce market was valued at USD 114.4 billion in 2020 and expected to reach USD 203.57 billion by 2026, recording a CAGR of 10.04% over the forecast period from 2021 to 2026.” The European eCommerce market presents a robust growth rate over the last few years, offering exciting opportunities for online merchants across various verticals.

Internet Penetration

Internet users are growing rapidly across the globe. According to government data, in 2019, the number of online selling websites in France grew rapidly. As per records, there are 16% more online shops and 1,91,700 online selling eCommerce websites in France today.
Moreover, in 2019, French eCommerce achieved a huge turnover of EUR 74 billion during the first nine months. Government agencies also claimed that online consumers spent more than EUR 15-25 billion in the last quarter during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Is it complicated to sell on Fnac Darty?

No. It’s just a rumor running around that selling on a giant marketplace like Fnac and Darty is complicated. But the truth is that getting started isn’t that challenging. The basic knowledge of eCommerce and the will to serve your favorite customers will do the trick.

easy to sell on fnac darty

Here is a step-by-step guide that’ll walk you through the entire selling process of Fnac Darty – from how to successfully set up your seller account to listing your first products and selling.

So here we go!

How to sell on Fnac Darty?

Confused from where to begin?

No worries, if you are an existing seller or just starting from scratch, the seller registration process on Fnac Darty isn’t as hard as many people think.

confused to sell on fnac marketplace

Just follow these necessary steps experience remarkable selling. But first, you must know the answers to the following questions:

How much does it cost to sell on Fnac Darty? (Seller Commission & Selling Fee)

The cost of selling on Fnac Darty is quite nominal. The selling charges consist of two major categories:

  1. The monthly seller subscription – (This is fixed)
  2. The product sellers commission – (This varies depending upon the product category you are selling)

Fnac Darty does NOT charge any seller registration fee, and you need to pay No subscription before the first sale.

Q. How much is the seller subscription to sell on Fnac Darty Marketplace?
A. The monthly seller subscription fee on Fnac Darty is €39.99. This fee is excluding VAT.

Q. How much is the selling commission on Fnac Darty?
A.The selling commission on Fnac Darty ranges between 6% to 16%, which varies according to the product category you are selling in.

Here’s the selling commission table:


Wait, there is a surprise for you

Additional Benefits:

Once you cover these two costs, you are entitled to 3 other benefits exclusively. These additional benefits include the below-listed tools:

  1. Pricing export to ensure that you can win the Buybox
  2. Efficient Account managers and support to guide you with all you need
  3. Brand Promotion and Marketing opportunities like being mentioned in the newsletters/banners/articles published on FnacDarty website

benefits of selling on fnac darty

So now, let’s check whether you are capable of selling on Fnac Darty.

Criteria to become a seller on Fnac Darty:

If you wish to become eligible for the seller registration process, there are three criteria that you need to satisfy:

  • You must be a designated seller, and your company must be registered. If not, then you must have the status of a sole professional trader.
  • You must be capable of providing the desired shipment & delivery to the customers all by yourself.
  • You must be able to issue a copy of the bill (or an invoice) to your buyers.

Simple – Right?

Now let’s ascend to the seller registration process.

Fnac Darty Seller Registration Process:

To register yourself as a Fnac Darty seller:

Registration – Done?

Now comes the next step, which is uploading your products on the marketplace.

How to upload products on Fnac Darty Marketplace?

To upload your products, you need to link up your store using FnacDarty marketplace integration.

This API integration establishes a connection between your stores and the FnacDarty marketplace. Thus, importing all the products along with the necessary details from your store to the Fnac Darty seller panel. Moreover, it also establishes a real-time synchronization of orders, inventory, pricing, and much more.

The API integration is a real-time saver and enables you to commence your selling venture in no time.

Now, A ubiquitous question arises.

Does a seller need to translate products in French & provide customer support in the French language?

Indeed the primary requirement of creating a product catalog is that the seller needs to translate their products in French.
By product catalog content, it means that all the product details like title, marketing information, description, images, etc.

Note: On both the platforms (Fnac & Darty), various article pages for the same products are not accepted. So the sellers can also only work on EAN matching.

And as far as customer support is concerned, Yes, you have to use French while conversing with the customers.

How are sellers get paid on Fnac Darty marketplace?

The payment process is quite feasible here.

If you are a registered Fnac seller, you will receive payments every ten days. Multiple payment gateways like Payoneer, World First, Lian Lian Pay are accepted. The Pricing report and market trends are provided in every 15 days.

For the case of Darty sellers, Payments are disbursed on the 11th and the 21st of the month. It is comparatively a faster process as No KYC or Mirakl validation is required.

Ok since now, we have covered “How.” Now, let’s move on to the other exciting topics like What are Fnac and Darty, How do these work together, and much more.

What is Fnac Darty Marketplace?

Originated back in 1954, both Fnac and Darty begin their expedition as a retail group in France. Soon they rose up as conglomerates, which led them to become France’s best-known high-street retailers.

As of now, Fnac Darty is the French 2nd most visited eCommerce with 24 million unique visitors per month.

Here is a complete video that explains what is Fnac Darty marketplace:

Do you wonder how they reached there? Let’s learn about them individually to get a clear idea.

What is Fnac?

Popularly known as French 1st choice retailers of all time, Fnac specializes in media sales such as books, CDs, DVDs, and also games, photography, and ticket sales.

  • Fnac was founded in 1954.
  • In the early 2000s, Fnac marketplace started diversifying their products range.
  • Soon Fnac included High-tech products, toys, small and large house appliances in their product catalog.
  • Looking at the success rate and popularity among the natives, they introduced sports material, furniture, bedding, DIY…etc further transforming it into a full-fledged marketplace.
  • Marked its first online presence in 2009 by launching Fnac.com website
  • You can find Fnac stores across almost every large city in France and Europe. They welcomed 266 million in-stores visits all around the world.
  • FNAC is the first store to open its doors at Luxembourg’s Royal Hamilius shopping center development.


What is Darty?

  • Darty began its retail journey back in 1957 by selling house Appliances (large and small).
  • It was built on the “Contrat de Confiance” (which literally means trust contract).
  • Soon, Darty also started expanding and attained its niche in home appliances, decors, and electronic items like smartphones are TVs.
  • Darty physical stores could be easily spotted in suburban areas or small cities.
  • Looking at the inclination of customers towards online shopping, Darty launched its marketplace in 2016.
  • Darty generally attracts customers who are a bit older, looking for excellent services, and has a high purchasing power.


Fnac Darty Marketplace Collaboration:

  • The two major retail giants in France joined forces in 2016 – FnacDarty.com
  • The merger came into action when Fnac bought over Darty.

Enrique Martinez, the director of Fnac group heartily welcomed Darty for this merger and expressed-
“The confidence of all who believe in our model – partners, collaborators, customers, adherents, is our finest reward. Thank you for inventing the future with us.”

  • Together, we are the second eCommerce destination in France. They have 36 million customers alone in France.
  • This means one French out of two is one of our customers. They have more than 20 million unique visitors per month on their websites.


Facts and Statistics about Fnac Darty:

Here are a few of the most highlighting statistics and figures of FnacDarty:

  • Fnac Darty is the 2nd most visited eCommerce destination in France.
  • Fnac Darty sales increased 1.9 percent during the Covid year to 7.5 billion Euros or 0.6 cents on a comparable basis.
  • By 2025, Fnac darty wants to repair 2.5 million products a year, 50 percent more than in 2019.
  • 36 Million Active Customers.
  • One out of 2 customers in France buys from Fnac Darty.
  • More than 24 million unique visitors per month.
  • The total turnover of the Fnac Darty is 7.4 billion euros.
  • Recognized as the European Top 3 Omni-canal distributor.
  • 571 stores in France and 219 stores outside France
  • More than 2500 happy sellers
  • 40 million+ live products
  • Number 1 bookselling marketplace

Is Fnac Darty Beneficial for online sellers?

Yes Indeed!!

There’s no doubt about the fact that Fnac Darty is the up-and-coming eCommerce platform for not only French but European sellers. In the past years, it has shown some remarkable progress in terms of gaining the trust of European customers.

Expand Business: The merger has opened up infinite opportunities for sellers to evolve and expand their business, not only in France but to the whole world.

Sell in New Countries: Fnac Darty marketplace allows you to cater to customers in countries including France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, and many more.

Multiple Categories: Fnac Darty allows a wide range of product categories and subcategories for sellers to sell. This is beneficial for both large and small-scale content.

Global Marketing: Fnac Darty brings an exclusive opportunity to get your name mentioned in their newsletters and banners.

Yes, you heard it right!!

This marketplace not only let you sell but also promote sellers by publishing dedicated articles on their website.
It also promotes your product and companies to frequent customers and visitors to their website.

Pricing Export Feature: Fnac Darty offers an innovative feature to claim the Buybox every time. Through Pricing export available, you can relax as they make sure the sellers never miss the Buybox.

Eliminating drawbacks: Both Fnac and Darty have been covering up all the shortcomings of each other.
For example, Fnac is quite popular among the young audience, and Darty’s target audience was grown-ups and stable individuals. So a seller selling on Fnac Darty has the freedom to cover more individuals by showcasing their product to a higher age group.

Moreover, Darty has a solid hold of the French brick and mortar market with an impressive number of shops all around France. But if we look outside France, Fnac has a much strong presence when these two combined sellers can expect that best of both scenarios hence making it perfect for retailers and sellers.

COVID-19 Impact on Fnac Darty eCommerce

  • Lockdown brought one million new web customers with strong growth of +160% in online sales.
  • Experienced huge traffic during COVID-19, reflected an increased conversion rate with 100 million unique visitors.
  • France, Switzerland, Iberian Peninsula, Belgium, and Luxembourg witnessed an increase in online sales growth respectively +4.3% and +6.3%.


How is Fnac Darty Contributing to eCommerce in France?

Fnac Darty is accepting sellers from all around the globe to become a part of French eCommerce.

By making the selling process more comfortable and effortless, they have just created an ecosystem where new businesses can thrive.

Revenue of Fnac Darty group from 2014 to 2019:

fnac darty revenue

What are the best-selling products on Fnac Darty?

The best selling products on Fnac Darty includes:

  • Books and Records
  • Smartphone and Smartphone accessories
  • House Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Home Decors

KPI How to become the best seller on Fnac Darty?

To stay among the top seller on Fnac Darty, here are a few criteria to follow:

  • Order rate of Acceptance must be above 95%
  • Seller ratings must NOT fall below 4.5
  • You must ship the orders within 10 days
  • The average rate of complaints by customers must NOT exceed 5%
  • Refund rate should be below 5%
  • You must provide fulfillment throughout Europe
  • The customer service you provide must be in French

Once you start following the steps as mentioned above, nothing can stop you from becoming a successful seller.

The biggest Competitors of Fnac Darty:

Although Fnac Darty is the conglomerates of eCommerce in France, still there are a few close competitors like:

Fnac Darty Seller Review:

See what french sellers have to say regarding Fnac Darty:

“Fnac Darty’ team commitment into our business relation allows us to create a Win/Win environment and have personalized discussions. Available and responsive, the team gives great visibility to our catalogue through commercial animations and always in a good mood ! “
– Best of Robots, professional active seller since 2009

“Thanks to a long experience in the Marketplace environment, we can ensure that Fnac Darty is the most accessible platform on the French market. The solutions given by their team satisfy sellers while the commercial highlights drive a strong growth.”
– Turbado, active professional seller since 2009

“We are happy of this collaboration which has been given us significant sales growth. The House Appliances team is always available, aware of the news, and highlights products through newsletters, the home page, and banners. Each commercial issue is settled quickly: we never feel alone with Fnac Darty!“
– Shopty, active professional seller since 2011


Well, looking at all the facts as mentioned above and stats, it’s safe to conclude that Fnac Darty is a tailor-made marketplace for French and European sellers. The potential upside to becoming a seller on the Fnac Darty marketplace can serve with a lifetime of benefits. This massive opportunity is now only limited by your own goals.

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