SecurePay Payment Extension for Magento 2
SecurePay Payment Extension for Magento 2 – CedCommerce

SecurePay Payment Extension for Magento 2 – CedCommerce


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In any e-commerce platform, the checkout page is the most critical component as this is where all the window shoppers actually become paying customers.


So providing your customers with a hassle free checkout experience that is quick and secure is essential for increasing conversions and sales.


Since a majority of people prefer transactions through plastic money over cash while shopping online, it’s mandatory to integrate a reliable and secure online payment option in e-commerce websites.


CedCommerce’ SecurePay Payment extension will integrate SecurePay payment method to your Magento 2 store allowing store owners to create a seamless checkout experience for their customers by processing payments instantly via credit card through SecurePay payment gateway.


What is SecurePay?


SecurePay is a PCI DSS compliant business of Australia Post and has an experience of over 17 years helping with more than 40,000 Australian businesses on their e-commerce journeys.

This online payments solution combines the two essential elements you need to start selling online: an internet merchant account and a payment gateway.

It allows you to accept customer payments online directly from your website’s checkout page without any redirection, making the payment experience swift and secure for buyers.


Supports Range of Credit Cards


SecurePay supports payments from a number of credit cards and payment methods – including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club International and JCB. You can even enable only selected credit card types on checkout.



Safe and Secure


Your customer’s credit card and personal details are transmitted securely and your business doesn’t have direct access to full credit card numbers, giving customers peace of mind and reducing business risk for you.
When a customer proceeds to checkout, the details of the request are securely transmitted between your website, the banks and the card providers involved. Usually, in just a few seconds, you and the customer get confirmation of the result of the purchase.



Accept Worldwide Payments

With SecurePay you can accept payments from credit cards issued not only in Australia but from overseas as well. This allows you to sell to international customers.



Supports Multiple Transaction Types

This extension will integrate Secure XML API payment method to your Magento 2 store allowing you to authorize, capture and refund your online transactions through SecurePay payment gateway.


Authorize only: This method only validates and authorises credit card details on checkout and reserves that amount from customer’s account which can be captured later on, usually after the shipment or delivery of the product.

Authorize & Capture: The standard credit operation where the order amount is captured from the customer’s account and its invoice is generated instantly on checkout.

Online Refunds: Not only can you accept online payments but also process refunds online through SecurePay payment gateway.


Supports Test Environment


Moreover, you can test the integration of this extension with your online store by running it in Sandbox(test) mode and switch to Production(live) mode when you’re ready to go live.


Receive Regular Updates

Download latest upgrades and stay updated with latest features of SecurePay.
Note: You’ll require separate credentials for test and live accounts for enabling the specific mode which you can obtain by completing this online application.


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