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Scaling eCommerce: CedCommerce Launches Amazon Integration for Shopify Merchants

Scaling eCommerce: CedCommerce Launches Amazon Integration for Shopify Merchants


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CedCommerce proudly announces the launch of the “Amazon by CedCommerce” App as a progressive step towards enabling the ultimate seamless selling experience. Moreover, with the App, merchants can directly sell Shopify inventories on Amazon, without engaging through a third platform or channel. 

As of February 25, 2023, New and Improved version of Amazon by CedCommerce is now known as “CedCommerce Amazon Channel”.

As a result of the recent discontinuation of the official Shopify Sales Channel App for Amazon, CedCommerce has come up with this new solution to help merchants continue selling on Amazon right from their Shopify store. Our Shopify to Amazon Integration app allows you to prepare for your journey of reaching out to 300 Million customers worldwide. 

Amazon By CedCommerce

The App endeavors to serve merchants in the best possible manner by ensuring optimum performance while selling online. While being highly efficient in automation, the app also saves tons of time and ensures optimal performance for Shopify sellers. 

Sellers have the opportunity to use the Priceless Services from CedCommerce at zero cost. While only paying the usual seller fees they pay to Amazon, sellers can enjoy the benefits of the Amazon by CedCommerce app, free of any subscription cost till April 30, 2022.

“Given that the official Shopify Sales Channel App for Amazon has been discontinued, we have come up with a platform to simplify the integration of Shopify and Amazon for merchants, helping them continue with their business hassle-free. Apart from a long list of amazing benefits, sellers have the opportunity to use Amazon by CedCommerce App at zero cost till April 30, 2022, and establish their business operations stress-free”

Abhishek Jaiswal, CEO, and CFO, CedCommerce.

About Amazon by CedCommerce

Selling multi-channel on Amazon from any part of the country including the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, etc., is possible through Amazon by CedCommerce. However, the countries currently excluded from the list are: 

Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt.

This app simplifies the selling process by connecting multiple Amazon Accounts to a single Shopify Account. This happens to the extent where merchants can sell Shopify Products from one single account on multiple accounts, given that the accounts are from the same country.

New update:

The Amazon by CedCommerce app offers a wide-variety of pricing plans, tailored to meet the unique demands of merchants of all sizes selling on Amazon via their Shopify stores. With a FREE Plan also on offer, merchants can try out various features of the app and step up their selling game on Amazon.

Our Industry-leading pricing plan allows you to select the plans as per the services required by your business. For more details on the various features and prices of the plans in the Amazon by CedCommerce app, click here.

Why Amazon by CedCommerce?

Reaching 300 million active customers across the globe right from your Shopify store has never been this effortless. The Amazon by CedCommerce is a one-stop solution for sellers looking for an easy, fast, no-fuss selling from a single space without an intermediate platform to deal with. With the app enjoy the optimal multi-channel selling which focuses more on profits while saving a ton of time. Automated Inventory Management and Order Management are designed such that they allow operations to take place at one spot with minimal manual efforts. Leverage unique high in-demand features that will help you stand above your competition:

  1. List new ones or Link Existing Amazon Inventory with Shopify: For all your existing Inventories on Amazon, it is possible to connect them to the corresponding Shopify Inventories in just a few clicks.
  2. Simplified Order flow from Amazon to Shopify: Without switching platforms manage your Amazon Orders from the Shopify store and perform all essential operations required from here itself.
  3. Real-time Product Data Synching: Synchronize your Shopify Product Description, Price, Stock, and other relevant information in near real-time for effortless listing.
  4. Intelligent Bulk Editing with predefined Templates: List your Shopify products on Amazon through predefined Product Templates and save yourself from performing repetitive category mapping and other redundant steps every time.
  5. Steady Multi-Account Connectivity: If you have multiple Amazon Accounts within the same country, then effortlessly sell through all of them from your Shopify Store itself. Individually tackle all Inventories and Orders from different accounts at one spot, i.e., your Shopify store.

Features offered by the “Amazon by CedCommerce” App

The App encompasses some of the most in-demand features. These enable seamless experience in dealing with the two platforms and maintaining consistency or critical data. Some of the crucial benefits offered are:

Create Listings and Offers

It is, even simpler now for you to Integrate the two platforms to directly upload Product feeds from Shopify to Amazon Seller Account. Additionally, you can also place offers on the already existing feeds on Amazon.

Sync and Track Inventory in near Real-Time

The Amazon by CedCommerce App offers complete near-real-time synchronization for Shopify Inventories and Amazon orders. It is all available on Shopify Dashboard to monitor and track, perform actions like editing price, description, etc. Also, it allows you to set a minimum threshold to save your performance metrics from overselling penalties. 

Furthermore, Tracking product status is possible along with Auto-delete settings for out-of-stock inventories.

Manage Orders and Shipment

Manage all Amazon Orders and their shipments for Shopify products that are listed on your Amazon account directly from the Shopify store panel. Leverage smooth synchronization to get timely notifications in case of a new order or failed order. You can also provide tracking information or update statuses for Amazon orders through the Shopify panel with this App.

Best in the Industry 24×7 Support

CedCommerce offers absolutely free support to merchants, which is considered to be the best in the Industry. With CedCommerce you get assistance from Industry experts. These experts are the ones who have been helping merchants in shaping eCommerce for more than 10 years. The focused and responsive Technical Support team ensures that you get a dedicated Account Manager for your customized business needs. All services are available 24×7 at zero fees or hidden charges.

The integration has gone through the beta phase successfully and eligible merchants are using it to streamline their Amazon and Shopify business. Shoxtec Suspension has started using the app recently, and was able to successfully integrate their Shopify store with Amazon, here is how they feel about working with CedCommerce:

“There is no way I can express my emotions. It is just perfect, regardless of this apps is new and just coming out. Yes, you may find there are some little bugs and errors, or you may be not know how to use it. Don’t worry, onboarding is always difficult. Their customer support and their developer team is very helpful, they will catch all your demand and your issue very seriously and fix it. Now my integration works very smooth! My inventory is now is 100% synced with my amazon, saved my ass time! I’ve tried other amazon integration, the price is really reasonable. By the way, their ebay integration, walmart integration also works perfect for me. My inventory across the platforms are perfectly perfect! Give it a try, why not??

– by Max, Shoxtec Suspension

About Shopify:

Shopify is the trusted eCommerce platform with 1,700,000 businesses successfully selling products online, across the globe. The platform offers merchants the most efficient user-friendly and growth-oriented environment for selling their products online. From one platform, sellers can leverage all eCommerce and point of sale operations. Trace the trajectory of successful online business at the most affordable prices.

About Amazon:

Amazon, undeniably, one of the leading marketplaces across the globe, allows merchants to connect with 300+ million customers. Additionally, with a third-party sales growth of 52% YoY, Amazon wants merchants to help out with its main goal. That is, of remaining the most customer-centric company in the world. Also, their prime objective is to deliver the highest quality of products. People from any country except a few can buy products at the most reasonable prices. Moreover, the products are delivered within the shortest amount of time. Which is the reason why they regard merchants as the most important part of the business model. And always endeavor to add value for their business.

About CedCommerce:

CedCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce Solution Providers in the market. Furthermore, team CedCommerce has been serving merchants across the globe for over a decade now. Also, the success rate of services has been over 30,000+ clients in 25+ countries and has formed 50+ partnerships. These include the major global eCommerce Marketplaces and Platforms. CedCommerce offers exclusive after-sales service and 24×7 technical support. Join CedCommerce for an experience that is unparalleled in the industry and is available at zero cost.

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