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Reasons why Google Shopping is not working out for you

Reasons why Google Shopping is not working out for you


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You are doing everything right (from your best knowledge) but still, Google Shopping is not working out for you?

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Hey, no need to lose hope, let me tell you one thing, there is a lot of sellers who feel this way. Instead of worrying you should focus on the root cause.

“Aye, fight! But not your neighbor. Fight rather all the things that cause you and your neighbor to fight.” ~ Mikhail Naimy

The reason why you are failing instead of nailing it, these common problems that sellers face could be it.

So let’s look at some of these issues and the solutions for them. Issues such as:

  • Inventory management
  • Product listings
  • Billing
  • Order management
  • Shipping
  • Google Shopping ads not converting.
  • Budgeting

Let’s look at each issue one by one:

Inventory Management

Stock is very important under any circumstances for a seller irrespective of niche. It is important to have the right idea about the stock quantity. This will avoid unfavorable conditions like overselling or underselling.

The solution is to exercise better control over inventory with real-time inventory management.

  • It automates the process and management become easy and quick.
  • The time required to update inventory manually will be reduced significantly. The errors that might have popped up due to the manual intervention will not be anymore.
  • This will reduce the time and errors caused due to the manual entry of product inventory.

Google Merchant Center also provides a tool known as automatic improvements, preventing problems like overselling.

Inventory management will ensure customers won’t abandon the product. This will reduce negative feedback/ratings.

Get your Store Automated and leverage the Benefits of Inventory Management, just a few clicks away!

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    Product Listing

    The seller who desire to upload thousands of product often finds it a time-consuming task. The Bulk Upload feature will help him make the task look effortless and efficient. It is good you can upload the entire product in a few minutes but that is half done. It is equally important to provide full information about products.

    List the product with complete information. The more information your product contains means more useful it will appear to the customer.

    google shopping is not working

    Image Credit: BigCommerce

    To maximize your benefits your Google Shopping feed should be SEO friendly. don’t miss the opportunity to put your product ahead of your competitors in the search results.

    This may be the shortfall in your efforts to succeed at Google Shopping.

    Google Shopping Ads not converting

    One of the major issues sellers face is this. The reason might be because of your poor landing page. Not providing proper details about your product on your landing page is the main reason why potential buyers who land on your landing page don’t convert.

    If you want to up your landing page game but don’t know how? Then let CedCommerce help you. CedCommerce will help you build a flawless landing page that will surely convert a visitor into a buyer.

    “But how do I optimize it according to SEO?”

    The main cause of Google Shopping ads not converting are:

    • Ads not optimized SEO wise
    • Include relevant keywords in the title and description of the product. This will help the product to appear at the top for a particular search query by customers.

    It doesn’t hurt to provide extra information about products, especially color, size, gender, and material of the product.

    The more information the product will contain means more attractive and useful it will be for customers. Additional information gives you an extra edge.

    I promise customers will appreciate this.

    Perfect product listing will improve product ranking and boost product visibility

    Product Disapproval

    A common reason that give rise to thought Google Shopping is not working is product disapproval. Sellers on Google Shopping often find their product being disapproved. Shopping ads disapproved or invalid due to one of the following reasons.

    If the seller has listed any of these products that are restricted under Google Shopping guidelines:

    • Counterfeit Goods: These products contain a logo that is similar to another logo.
    • Harmful Products: Google wants its users to be safe. It has restricted the sale of:
    • Ammunitions
    • Weapons
    • Explosive materials (including instructions to make explosive)
    • Fireworks
    • Recreational Drugs (either chemical or herbal)
    • Equipment facilitating drug use
    • Tobacco
    • Any products that can be harmful to the user

    Then they will face the most generic problem sellers face, Google Ads not showing. Ensure that your shopping feed is not disapproved.

    Learn more here.

    Did you hear about the fantastic news from Google? Google has now allowed sellers to showcase their products on Google Shopping through Google Merchant Center. Thus, a major part of the Google Shopping page is going to be occupied by these free listings. All they need to do is create an optimized Shopping Feed via the Merchant Center and make sure Surfaces Across Google is Active. Enjoy this unpaid experience and create your Google Shopping Feed now:

    “And how do I ensure my shopping feed runs effectively?”

    The characteristics of an ideal feed are as below

    Unless the seller is operating more than one feed in a campaign, it is necessary to use ID as a unique identifier. This way it will not lead to any conflict.

    Include the link that redirects the customer to the product page.

    In order to avoid discrepancies in product price, the price should be inclusive of VAT. This means the final price of the product is the same as the price mentioned in the feed.

    Condition and Availability
    The product must fall under one of the below conditions

    • New
    • Used
    • Refurbished

    The product availability must be one of the following

    • Pre-order
    • In stock
    • Out of stock

    These tips are something that takes minimal effort and gives maximum results.

    If your products are already disapproved, these tips might help:

    Tip #1: Request Re-approval of Products

    Seller is required to submit specific product disapproval for manual approval. This can be done from the interface itself.

    Tip #2: Try Shopping Help Page

    This page will help you figure out the exact reason behind the product’s disapproval.

    google shopping is not working

    Image credit: KlientBoost

    It has a phone and chat option

    google shopping is not working

    Image credit: KlientBoost

    In either of the option, you will get the solution.

    Tip #3: Handling Technical Issues

    The products that are disapproved due to technical issues can’t be approved with the manual process. In such a scenario one option is to wait for Google to fix it. The better option is to change the product ID and description and re-upload your product as new.

    These are some practical (tried and tested) tips that ensure there ain’t anything like google shopping is not working.

    Round Logo

    Another issue faced by Google Shopping seller is the account rejection due to the inability to upload the round logo in the right format. This can be avoided provided the logo complies with the below specifications.

    • Format: PNG, SVG Max size: 5 MB
    • Dimensions: 768 × 768 pixels
    • Transparent background outside of the circle

    The round logo is an important prerequisite.

    Shipment Details

    Having multiple shipment details won’t put you in an advantageous position. If the seller has set multiple shipment process then it will get overwrite creating discrepancy and confusion. This might result in the product getting disapproved by Google Shopping.

    Ease of canceling the order (before 30 minutes)

    Every customer has the right to cancel the product within the next 30 minutes of purchase. Google Shopping expects the seller to ship the order after 30 minutes of the order being created at the store.

    As a seller, if you ship the product before 30 minutes and it is canceled by the customer then the seller won’t receive the payment (as the customer gets the refund).

    In order to avoid this issue, you need to ensure the order is shipped after 30 minutes of order creation in your store.

    “Timing is key”- Improper Ads Scheduling

    There are different times of the day when certain products are sold in greater frequency than any other time of the day.

    B2B and B2C products are sold in more amount at different points of time in a day

    As I mentioned, timing is very crucial. Find out the best time of day and schedule your ads accordingly. The best time means the time slot in which your products are sold in maximum quantity.

    “It is so easy to find out the best timing with the CedCommerce app, a child can do it.”

    Simply navigate to the order section (in your app integrating our store to Google Shopping) and you will find the time at which your products are purchased.

    Bad Performing Ads

    Badly performing ads is another prominent reason why your Google Shopping Ads are not converting. Seller often faces the issue of spending too much on ads but not getting the expected amount of sales

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    The solution is to find out ads performing badly and lower the budget for those ads. This will allow more budget to be allocated to ads that are fetching you maximum sales. This way your best product will be visible more often to customers.

    Conclusion – Sell on Google Shopping and Sell without Issues!

    These issues can be experienced by both novice or established sellers. Now it will not be the cause of getting your account disapproved on Google Shopping.

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    So, what are you waiting for? Give Google Shopping one more chance, given you will follow all the tips given here.
    You love to talk and we love to listen, so let’s talk! Drop your thoughts and questions down below.

    Happy selling~!

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