Covers All the aspects of a Product : Vendor Product Addon

Covers All the aspects of a Product : Vendor Product Addon


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Complete Information or lack of it are the make or break factors for sale of a particular product. Complete information that covers all the aspects – images, description, additional information, quantity, seller name etc. – aids the visitors in making the all important decision. On the other hand , if a product information is incomplete, more often, visitors move to other websites and chances are they will never come back.

How it makes the difference?

Therefore, it is quintessential for sellers operating the marketplace to put up all the mandatory information out on their websites and especially those that influences the decision making most for a particular product type. For example for buying electronics items or gadgets, people invariably look for reviews and ratings. So, it becomes important to display the reviews and ratings on the product page. And for apparels , it is important to display the images and size (different standards).

It is there Product addon comes into play. Developed to enhance the functionalities of Cedcommerce Magento Multi-Vendor marketplace, the add-on supports all the product types of Magento. In the basic version, admin or vendors can add product lying in the Simple, Virtual and Downloadable category whereas upon installing the Product addon, admin/vendors can also sell products lying in Configurable, Bundle, and grouped product categories. Not only that admin/vendors can customize the product information and their display. This makes for the ADDITIONAL features that comes with the addon to be introduced.

Features that let Product addon make ‘the’ difference:

Advanced Product List with Mass Action: This feature enables admin/vendors to put the EXTRA information that can be more appealing to the consumers. And with this features vendors/admin can perform the mass action for deleting the product or disabling/enabling the products that admin/vendor don’t want to sell, and for the opposite reasons that made admin/vendors to disable particular product(s) admin/vendors can enable the product to be sold.

1. Advanced Product Creation Form:

This feature covers all the details and aspects of the product’s information. From images to description, themes to SEO information everything is encompassed feature. The feature considered below are the subsets of this Advanced Product creation form.

2. All Product Types supported:


The product add-on supports all the product types of Magento – Configurable, Bundle, Grouped, Downloadable, Virtual and Simple Product. This not only makes the  marketplace more diverse but offers sellers an opportunity to offer the  product of all types to their customers.


3. Product Custom Option features also available

With this feature, sellers can add the variation of the product. Variations can be in the form of Size, color or any other parameter that can be used to distinguish between the different types of the same product.


4. Easily Customizable Theme and Product Design Layout

customizationAnother important aspect for putting information about a product is the way they are put. Some product requires specific themes or design layout while the others require different, or it can only be the matter of choice of sellers of displaying their products in a certain manner.


5. Default Inventory Features are also supported

With this feature, sellers can set a threshold for notification. Once the quantity of a particular product is lower than the threshold quantity, the sellers are notified. This feature is very handy when it comes to the product that are bought in groups. For example soaps. Suppose soaps are bought ONLY in the multiple of three, then sellers can set a threshold, in multiple of 3, for the product.

Apart from this, consumers can set the maximum and minimum number of products that can be added to a cart. Also, notification can be set to send for when the product is out of stock and when it reaches the threshold.


6. Enhanced Pricing Feature


Not only putting up the pricing is important, their manner of putting up is also important. One can’t show the power of discount unless the prices of products before and after discounts are put together. Another aspect is for tier pricing which tells about the product prices, these are mostly used for subscription type products, and then, there is group pricing. The group pricing is the price, after discount, of the products when they are grouped together. Sellers can offer more discounts on the group that has more number of products.


7. Supports Multiple Websites and Currencies

The extreme flexibility of this addon comes to play when there are several stores being operated by the admin. Here admin can use one set of product information for one website and second set of other websites.

8. Supports Related Products, Up-sell Products, and Cross-sell Products


Another important aspect of e-commerce is displaying the related products. Related products can be the same product (which the visitors is currently seeing) of different quality and price or products that are frequently bought together or a different product altogether; a product that is most trending or has been bought most.


9. Multiple Images Upload is also possible

As discusses, it remains of uber importance to provide the image of the product being sold. Mostly people prefer multiple images of a product from different angles covering all the important details of the product. Consider shoe for example, consumers require images of its front, rear, top and side way views. Also, they want to see how the sole looks like. Here this features complies with the requirement.

10. SEO Information for product


Not only full information is important, providing the SEO information is also necessary. Including the words and a short description which users use to find the product increases the probability of customers finding your products to a manifold.

Given the functionalities of the product add-on, it becomes very convenient for sellers to put up all the information out there and in a manner best suited for a particular product as well. As they say,Knowledge is the power, product add-on lets you acquire that power.,

For Installing the Product addon, Read Manual: Module Installation Guide (Version 2.0)

And, to understand the settings of the product addon, Read Manual: USER MANUAL (Version 2.0)

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