Best Buy Canada Shopify Integration
Boost Your Business With Best Buy Canada Shopify Integration Pre-Order Now

Boost Your Business With Best Buy Canada Shopify Integration Pre-Order Now


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Portland, Oregon [March 21, 2018]: In order to meet  the requirements of Canadian Sellers, CedCommerce is in process of developing Shopify integration for Best Buy Canada Marketplace. Online sellers can pre-order Best Buy Canada Shopify Integration App.


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Best Buy Canada is one of the biggest retailers and has a good online presence in Canada. It offers an opportunity to online sellers to sell on its platform, generate more sales and increase their revenue diversifying their selling channels.


Reasons To Choose Best Buy Canada:


  • List as many products on Best Buy Canada as there is no Setup Fee.
  • Awarded by Canada Post for ‘Best Omni-Channel Integration’ in 2014.
  • Showcase your products to more than 18 million monthly customers on Best Buy Canada.
  • Secure full protection against fraud.
  • Online sellers can choose the regions where they want to sell their products.
  • Online sellers can decide their own shipping policy as they are going to be responsible for fulfillment.


Features Of The Best Buy Canada Shopify Integration:


  1. Product Listing: Online sellers can Import the products of Shopify store to list them on Best Buy Canada.


  1. Synchronizes Inventory: Informs online sellers about the exact inventory left after the sales of products from Best Buy Canada and Shopify stores.


  1. Product edit synchronization: Online sellers can update the product information on Best Buy Canada.


  1. Bulk Upload Product: Online sellers can upload their products in bulk. Select the products and upload them in one go and get rid of all the hassle.


  1. Auto Acknowledgement: Enables the online sellers to accept orders from Best Buy Canada automatically.


  1. Manage Orders: The app auto accepts the orders imports it to your Shopify store. Online sellers can then create shipment label or inform Best Buy Canada to pick order from you for delivery.


Pricing and Availability:


Best Buy Canada Shopify Integration is available at CedCommerce and can be installed from the respective page-




About Best Buy Canada:


Best Buy Canada is one of the largest and most successful online retailers. It offers a unique and seamless shopping experience to its customers. It is mainly known for its latest technology and entertainment products offered to customers at the right price.


About CedCommerce:


Established in 2010, CedCommerce is an e-commerce web development agency which has to date enabled 3500+ sellers to sell across 40+ marketplaces and is the Official Channel Partner of Walmart, Newegg, Sears, Fruugo, and Tophatter.


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