pre-launch strategies for your woocommerce store.
Powerful pre-launch tactics to set your WooCommerce store for the festive season.

Powerful pre-launch tactics to set your WooCommerce store for the festive season.


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Thinking of launching a brand new WooCommerce store this festive season? Before you move ahead with the actual launch it’s important to follow pre-launch tactics for your WooCommerce store for a smooth festive eCommerce workflow. The core purpose is to create hype and win customers before the actual launch. Here is a rundown of the essential processes to help you ensure a smooth build-up for a pre-launch.

Let’s jump right into it and leverage the festive season with these pre-launch strategies.

Product placement and brand visibility are the keys:

The first and foremost step is to make your brand and business sync with each other. Work towards making a memorable experience for your customers and visitors. Select an appropriate color scheme for your store complementing your brand or company. Create a unique experience through your product pages through various tools available to you. Tools like Elementor makes it even easier to visually drag and drop different elements of your single product pages, allowing you to customize the look in any way you want.

Pre-launch strategies for woocommerce store.

Check your store’s functionality.

Make it big with the opening announcement:

Talk loud and talk often about your brand. Let all know about your products and brand motto via all the possible platforms. Pour your efforts and resources with ‘COMING SOON’ pages on social media along with countdown timers. Take advantage of the blogging platform and provide a sneak peek around your brand’s product line to create a buzz. Plan out your promotion on social media prior to the launch and talk about your niche and how your business will add value to your customers’ lives.

pre-launch strategies for your woocommerce store.

Security checklist.

Produce lead generating landing page:

Landing pages add value to your brand’s name. Basically, you need to construct a unique landing page with a perfect balance of – customer-friendly and SEO-friendly content. Above all don’t overlook your competitors. Examine the strategies they employ and accordingly use them to achieve success. Get ideas from them and put them to good use.

Create captivating product descriptions:

Consider using product add-ons to add more fields on your product pages. Set up options with text boxes, checkboxes, and dropdowns, and add variations with sample images – and as a matter of fact, you can do this for individual products or your entire catalog.

pre-launch strategies for your woocommerce store.

SEO checklist for your store.

Optimize your site’s speed and responsiveness

Consult WooCommerce experts to evaluate your online store’s speed, responsiveness, display, and checkout page and cart button enhancements. From creating web pages to developing custom APIs, our WordPress developers will help you upgrade and enhance WooCommerce stores with:

  • Increasing your WordPress memory limit.
  • Optimizing your WooCommerce Website Images.
  • Working with Cache WooCommerce to speed it up.
  • Improving your Web Design.
  • Adding WordPress CDN to your website. And much more.

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Quality Assemble Testing:

This is the stage where you may check to see if the features, functionalities, and design layout of your website are all running properly, both individually and collectively. Hence, a capable QA engineer is required to go through and study every area of your complete website in order to look for any bugs, faults, or other technical catastrophes beforehand.

Beta version testing:

The final stage of the testing process is to launch a Beta version of your e-commerce website. The main goals of a Beta version are to see if your preliminary testing was successful and to monitor how well users reacted to it. Consequently, try the soft-release of your website to a select number of early adopters who will utilize it in an uncontrolled, real-world situation.

Run through your eCommerce.

Run through your eCommerce.

Content Marketing:

Consider providing the relevant content related to your product line or services prior to your launch. The idea is to present the (i) Firstly – problem and (ii) Secondly – the solution you will be provided via your brand with a variety of forms, including

  • Blog posts.
  • Tutorials.
  • Webinars.
  • eBooks, guides, and checklists.
  • White papers.
  • Special reports.
  • Infographics.
  • Videos.

Assemble Analytical tools:

Make sure your WooCommerce store is equipped with tools like Lighthouse, Search Console, SEMRush, Google Analytics, and others. Tools are the best way to ensure the success of your store with a boost in the conversion rate

Consult with our WooCommerce specialists to get a hold of your store’s analysis. TODAY!

Summing up with CedCommerce services for WooCommerce store set-up.

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