Popular eCommerce trends of 2018 that will carry on in 2019
Popular eCommerce trends of 2019

Popular eCommerce trends of 2019


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With the year coming to an end we are already looking forward to how the coming year will turn out for the eCommerce world. Amidst all the assumptions and presumptions, here is our list of all the popular eCommerce trends of 2019 in a full-fledged motion. Observing how these trends have made their places and prevailed we have put up our own list of the trends that will still be a hit in 2019.


Smarter addition in Digital Payment Options


augmented reality and virtual

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Many potential customers abandon the cart just because they don’t find the payment method that suits them the best. Improvising the Digital payment method and adding newer modes that have minimal hassles for the customers, have been a hot topic since then. In the coming year, it still has a major chance to get modified so that people can checkout smoothly.

Mobile POS is one of those payment trends that will carry on even in 2019, along with it, usage of digital currency, e-wallet and in-store mobile payment apps will also be trending. We can already see a surge in the population of mobile users. 


Content Marketing


Popular eCommerce trends of 2019

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The one marketing strategy that is not going out of style for a very long time is content marketing. And why not? Buyers are getting more and more observant with each passing day. They don’t want to invest even a penny on something randomly. Buyers want to know about a product as much as possible. And what better option can there be to project your product other than content marketing? Feeding the consumers with all the knowledge is a foolproof method of attracting them towards your market and products. And what can be better than blogs, they are elaborated, informative and aim to give ample knowledge regarding particular agendas they are written for.

You can look up to the success of content marketing for lead generation. In the coming years, the quality of the content will only improvise. People will try to present their content as effectively as they can. Improvising the content by any means possible will be the agenda of content marketing in the upcoming year.

People may not be satisfied by just a couple of blogs in the future. If the blogs include a 3D demonstration of the product being described, it will be a stepping stone for content marketing. 


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality 


Popular eCommerce trends of 2018 that will carry on in 2019

source: www.weforum.org


The next most popular eCommerce trends of 2019 are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. When we are talking about marketing, how can we overlook the upcoming craze in marketing strategy i.e augmented reality and virtual reality? This advanced form of artificial intelligence has a major probability to prove as a break-point.

Augmented reality is when the reality residing around humans is augmented by computers after perceiving knowledge and facts that have the potential to affect different sensory systems of humans.

The widely used feature of augmented reality by eCommerce industries is the 4D projection of product images just like holograms.

It will help the customers decide more easily whether they are choosing furniture or clothing item or anything else.

According to Goldman Sachs, the market of Ar and VR is estimated to reach $25 billion (source: www.weforum.org).

AR and VR actually have the potential to put you miles ahead of your competitors. To give the customers a near reality experience the big names of eCommerce like IKEA and DIGIday Houzz etc. have already started the use of VR and AR to provide their customers with the life-like experience of shopping.

If you want your business to stand out, start thinking about incorporating augmented reality or virtual reality.  


Voice Searches 

Popular eCommerce trends of 2018 that will carry on in 2019



This is one more element that will be highly incorporated in the eCommerce websites. Now voice search is not limited to just Google Assistant, Cortana or Siri. Many eCommerce websites are thinking to incorporate it into their websites so that people won’t face the tumult to type and search each and every time. They would just give the input through voice and search result will be put forth. People with an extremely busy schedule who manage their tasks via multitasking will find it acutely helpful.

Paired with AR and VR, voice search will put the eCommerce industries on a very next level in terms of technology.

Just imagine you are busy with your work and you also have to make a purchase, you just visit the site, use voice search and a virtual 4D image of the product pops up on the screen, you will not have to specifically leave your work to go through the process of manually inputting your search query.   


Drop shipping

One more popular eCommerce trend of 2019 is drop shipping. More and more B2C startups are liking the idea of dropshipping as it is comparatively less capital consuming than general B2C.

Entrepreneurs are more into the idea of ditching the warehouse concept. If they have minimal capital, then investing in warehouses is surely not a wise choice for them. The entrepreneurs are more inclined towards having a site where vendors list their product and then they receive the order and payment, pass it to the vendors after deducting their commission; now it’s the responsibility of the vendor to deliver the goods in time and the admins to monitor the whole activity. They don’t have to invest in shipping services either. All the tasks related to packaging and delivering products is of the vendor.

Dropshipping is a minimal investment business, hence solopreneurs and entrepreneurs are looking towards it.


Multi-channel Selling 


Popular eCommerce trends of 2018 that will carry on in 2019

Source: www.shopify.com


The vendors definitely want to increase their sales and what can be a better idea than to expand their channels. Sticking to just one channel won’t earn them much. With all the new startups popping up even in the coming year the vendors are getting more and more platforms to list their products and expand their branches. They are not limiting their sales to just regular B2C platforms but also amplifying themselves by listing their products in drop shipping companies like Aliexpress, Doba, Wholesale2B, Megagoods, National Dropshippers etc. it is a two-way benefit for the vendors and the drop shipping companies as well. The drop shippers get ample vendors who list their product and the drop shippers don’t have to worry about shipping or maintaining warehouses, on the other hand, the vendors get a fulfilling sales channel and they don’t need to spend anything extra on advertising, plus they have a fat chance to earn comparatively more than advertising their products. That’s why multi-channel selling will keep on being a hype in 2019 as well.


Focusing on Niche  

Last but not the least amongst all the popular eCommerce trends of 2019 is niche marketing. Every solo and entrepreneur in the eCommerce world is aware by now that if they have to stand out they have to focus on something that only they can do best, hence finding their niche and working on it shall be the motto for the upcoming year. This policy is especially on the surge in The Middle East as it really has a potential but tough market.

So far the trend of starting an eCommerce business totally dedicated to a niche is doing well because then the entrepreneurs can totally get a clear view about their target and they work on improvising it. As for the customers, it’s a well-known fact that they turn towards those who can provide them with the best customer experience, they can turn the tide into any company’s favour if they feel that it’s best in the field. It is a common understanding for all the eCommerce entrepreneurs to stick to what they can do the best, hence we can say that focusing on the niche will be a craze even in 2019.  



All these business trends are going to take the world of eCommerce by storm. Each trend has their own point of uniqueness and all these trends have the potential to uplift the performance of eCommerce industries and using them all wisely will only bring growth in abundance. With this, we are ending our list on the note that in the world of eCommerce if you want to grow you will have to be unique and be willing to take risks. Uniqueness is always the prime element of a successful business.



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