Pinterest diversifies its Shopping Capabilities – opens door for retailers of all sizes

Pinterest diversifies its Shopping Capabilities – opens door for retailers of all sizes


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Pinterest has always been a shopping inspiration for buyers. Considering the data trends on its platform, Pinterest stated: “97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded. Meaning people come to Pinterest to shop for generic terms and not specific brands, leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes to be discovered”. Pinterest Shopping Features

Now, Pinterest has launched several news ways for pinners to shop right from pinssearch, on boards, and from the new browsable recommendations for home decor. 

Shop from Boards 

Credits: Pinterest

Pinterest is adding a ‘Shop’ tab on fashion and home decor boards created by pinners. 

Bringing in a personalized shopping experience, Pinterest will limit your interests into the categories you have opted for in your collections. 

Unlike the old times, it is a great way to display relevant products to shoppers whenever they perform a search without having to scroll through a variety of non-interested items. 

Shop from Search

Pinterest has rolled out a new ‘Shop’ tab on its search results. Making it simpler to shop for in-stock products such as “spring outfits”, “office decor”, and more. 

Shoppers can also leverage the added benefit of filtering products by price. 

As Pinterest puts up, 97% of top searches happen to be unbranded, indicating that people shop for generic terms and not brands. Thus, giving equal opportunities to businesses of all sizes to be discovered evenly.

Shop from Pins

 Making it easier to shop products from the pin, Pinterest adds a new ‘Shop Similar’ button in its visual search results. 

Users can look for products by uploading a picture or clicking it right away. Pinterest will make sure to return pins with similar in-stock products. 

Style Guides

When searching for home-related terms as “living room,” Pinterest will recommend several browsable style guides in popular styles like rustic, contemporary, and mid-century. 

These wide sets of narrowed options will wipe off shoppers’ trouble of exploring trending and thematic styles on their own and recommend products meeting their interests. 

Pinterest has recently launched the Verified Merchant Program to enhance the customer experience on the platform. Pinners can notice the blue checkmark on the profiles of verified merchants who have met their qualifications for high-quality customer service experiences through manual review.

Pinterest shopping stats

The social distancing guidelines brought in to combat Covid-19 has recorded a significant increase in online shopping. Pinterest stated, 70% increase in searches for “home office setup,” were recorded as people look up for ideas to renovate their new work-from-home spaces. While searches for “employee gifts” have increased by 4x times and searches for “care package ideas” have doubled.

The shoppable products have seen a 2.5x rise when compared to last year, which drove 2.3x more traffic to retailers. Pinterest noticed a 44% rise in users tending to shop. 

Key takeaway for eCommerce players:

Given these facts, you must not overlook the shopping potential of Pinterest. Unveil the potential of your business with Pinterest’s easy to sell updates.   

  • A new platform for SMBs for product distribution.
  • A new addition in the series of commerce motivated social platforms: Facebook, Instagram Shopping, and Google.
  • It would be great to see how it goes and adapt the existing eCommerce challenges in the coming days. Stay tuned.

Source: Pinterest Newsroom 

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