Optimize eBay Images For Holiday Season eBay Photo Guide
Optimize eBay Images This Holiday Season: eBay Photo Guide

Optimize eBay Images This Holiday Season: eBay Photo Guide


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Stepping into October, you might’ve already prepared an elaborate plan to get the most out of your Holiday Season eBay sale through an optimized listing and eBay images that kick starts soon. Customers worldwide spend billions of dollars during their three-month-long “shopping spree” on eBay sales. New dresses, costumes, toys, gifts all sell like hotcakes from day one. To maximize their sales, sellers usually go ahead with various guides and tips to sell on eBay often finding ways to improve their listings through product details, titles and fulfilling the eBay photo policy and requirements.

That brings me to a question – Did You Optimize Your eBay Images for the holiday season? It’s a topic that happens to be missing when we discuss holiday season strategies and planning. Well, let me do the honors and introduce you to the eBay photo guide you need to follow this Holiday season that’ll cover the ebay photo requirements you need to fulfill.

eBay Images: Worth a Thousand Words?

We’ve all been there, purchasing something because it looked so good on screen. It happens when we can’t resist our temptation and surrender to desires, making that purchase. Taking eBay photos the right way always make an impact on conversion rates during the holiday season. Knowing how to leverage this fact to your strength during ebay sales is what we will uncover here today on this eBay photo guide.

Photographs convey and create an emotional response on the part of buyers. And, the images are easy to pass off information when compared to reading a text. To use pictures to instigate a buyer in clicking the purchase button, you should remember the three pillars of the eBay photo guide.

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The Three Pillars of eBay Images

Call them the three most important pillars of our eBay photo guide this holiday season. Once you cover these ebay photo requirements you are good to go.

#1. Photo Display Type

Did you know using stock photos for your products instead of taking and uploading your images reduced sales by half? Buyers tend to trust more on actual eBay images and photos of the item to be sold.

eBay image display type

#2. Number of Images

Number two on the list of eBay photo requirements is the number of images you upload for each product. Most sellers on eBay happen to list their products without using more than one image. Again, this drastically reduces their chances of selling compared to sellers using two or more images for the same product. Try taking eBay photos from the best angles for your product as eBay lets you add upto 12 images.

Number Of Images vs Conversion Rate

#3. Image Quality

Image quality helps buyers segregate a professional from an amateur seller (casual seller). When you are using a proper and high-quality image, it boosts buyers’ confidence about the seller while making a purchase. On the contrary, using low-quality images can undo all your hard work.

Image Quality vs Sales

Optimizing eBay Images

Any product image has to be different to make them stand out from the rest. The same goes for taking eBay photos and images a seller uses for product listings. The holiday season eBay sale is a fast-paced shopping event where shoppers quickly decide based on these “images.”

#1. eBay SEO and Product Images

If you happen to be a nerd, an eBay nerd, to be precise, you already know about Cassini. And if not, let me help you with the knowledge about how things work.

Keywords make a difference, while Cassini does all the hard work to show customers the relevant search result. Getting ranked in eBay’s search index requires a tick on many checkboxes. To get those ticks, you’ll have to work on,

  • Have satisfied customers
  • Provide brand value
  • Gain shoppers trust
  • Optimize the image alt-tags

Although other aspects are equally important, we’ll be sticking to image optimization in this blog. Optimizing the eBay images and taking eBay photos is a two-step process. The first one involves taking care of the image quality while looking at the second after SEO.

#2. Taking eBay Photos: Image Quality

The eBay photo guide covers how to get the optimum image quality. It’s simple, you need to get all the below-mentioned aspects in check.

  • Lighting
  • Background
  • Resolution
  • Product Placement
  • Using Multiple Images (Cover All angles)
  • Avoid shaky and blurred images
  • Showing the actual size

#3. eBay Image SEO

The alt text on eBay images and photos has only one purpose, describing the product on display. It comes into use when due to some unforeseen circumstances, the picture gets unavailable for the user.

Start using alt tags for images when uploading them to eBay. Using keywords relevant to the product as alt tags is a great way to optimize and utilize the all-powerful eBay SEO. It improves the chances of product visibility in eBay search results.

Use HTML view/text on eBay description editor when creating the alt text HTML code. Ou can use this eBay photo guide to use the template that should look like,

img src=”https://www.justforexample.com/imagename.jpg” alt=”The alternate description you want to add”

#4. eBay Image Mistakes You Should Avoid

When taking eBay photos of products for gallery make sure you are not,

  • Adding only one or two images per product.
  • Using Low-resolution images.
  • Having cluttered backgrounds/low lighting for the images on display.
  • Uploading products with borders, copyright watermarks, logos, or promotional text.

Read in detail how to get the best images for your products that adhere to the eBay photo requirement here: How to Get Quality eBay Photos?

Integrate with eBay

Suppose you sell through your store and are starting on eBay. Or if you’re an established eBay seller exploring the uncharted territory of multichannel selling. Managing eBay images can be a bit tricky.

You’ll have to upload the entire gallery multiple times to the marketplace and, of course, on your store. The manual labor that comes with it can be massive. In situations like these, it’s better to get someone else to do the hard work. The best recommended solution is deploying a third party integration solution to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Integrate eBay with Shopify

The eBay integration apps are a great add-on if you are selling multichannel. Their USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? If you ask. They can integrate your eBay account to any framework you have your store on.

Things can get complicated, especially with the Holiday season and eBay sales around the corner. An eBay integration app is of great assistance in automating the selling process. You will get easy eBay image import and the product lists and manage orders, shipments, inventory, and every other aspect of selling from a centralized location.


Trust is an essential ingredient when success you seek is in eBay sales or just sales on any platform. The way you frame and present your product’s description helps build this trust. Product images play an essential role in it. Increasing the number of product images per item is a virtual equivalent of providing more information about the product to add to your sales.

Millions of eBay product images get uploaded every day. To stand out during holiday season eBay sales, you need to make intelligent moves like optimizing your listings and images. Actions that’ll bring on top of the sellers’ when a potential customer searches.

The eBay photo guide asks you to work on SEOs and images quality for the holiday season to perfect your product listings and update the old ones. Make sure you follow the eBay photo requirements and it’ll help you through the Holiday Season eBay Sales.

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