Multichannel Importer App Migrated Aditi Kali’s Product to her Shopify Store

Multichannel Importer App Migrated Aditi Kali’s Product to her Shopify Store


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The objective behind Aditi Kali’s online store Wonkey Donkey Bazaar is to avail customers with unique clothing that is hippy, trendy but at the same time able to add an element of personal expression to their attire. Customers love to buy from his store as it provides merchandise (including gifts and travel accessories) that resonates with the customer’s idea of uniqueness and are fully comfortable.

Problem realised in Early Stages

Aditi ensured she provides the best customer experience by doing product fulfillment on his own and on time even though her team is not more than 10 members. Despite providing premium quality cloth line customised to give personal touch the sales on eBay was not very satisfactory.

Aditi’s major concern were

Struggle with sales

Less traffic

Wonkey Donkey Bazaar approached CedCommerce 

Wonkey Donkey Bazaar owner upon through research narrowed down the reason behind sales saturation to be not selling on its own online store, lack of store automation, limited channels to sell products, and business scalability

CedCommerce Migrated Wonkey Donkey Bazaar Store with a multichannel Importer App

Multichannel importer app by CedCommerce helped the client to migrate products from the eBay marketplace to her Shopify Store to an impressive level. The time for product migration was significantly less to an extent that exceeded Aditi’s expectation.

 – Bulk Product Upload: The product upload process in any amount without manual action saves significant time apart from restricting the possibility of any error to zero.

 – Inventory Management: The product inventory was synchronized to ensure order placement and shipment is done seamlessly from a centralized dashboard.

 – Order Management: Upon integration the app helped in automating the process of Order Management via Amazon FBA. Auto Acknowledgement of orders ensured hassle free and error-free way to handle the order. 

 – Regular Updates: The app will be updated on a regular basis to ensure that your store is up and running as per the customer expectation. 

CedCommerce impressed Client with Technical Expertise

Store automation, high level of technical expertise, courteous customer service and cost-effective solution inspired the client to work with CedCommerce. The client was highly impressed by our BDA who gave him the app walk through and ensured he had a complete understanding of the multichannel Importer application.

BDA Deepti put her technical expertise to ease product migration for client and it saved a lot of time.

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