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Smartphones are important. Come on, do I really need to prove that to you? What is the first thing you hunt for, as soon as you open your eyes? And what is the last thing you see, before sleep forces you to drop the shutters? Smartphones, right? So, the real question is – Why doesn’t your Magento e-commerce store have a smartphone app already? Why are you losing the millions of potential clients that are separated from your brand by a mobile application?


Now your answer might be “But I don’t know how to code!”, “I don’t have the resources to hire a developer.” Or something else along these lines. If so, well, we have an offer that will wash away all your excuses and force you to come to terms with the fact that one, your business absolutely needs a mobile app, and two, there is nothing stopping you from getting one.



The MageNative Mobile Application:


Okay, as a business owner, there are several options before you. Should you get a web application? Should you get a hybrid app? Or should you get a native application? The answer to this question depends upon a lot of factors.


However, the most important question is usually the cost of development. Getting an e-commerce application developed can be prohibitively expensive and prices may start from a few thousand dollars and range all the way up to hundreds of thousands of dollars!


But I don’t have that kind of money!


We understand that. As a business in its initial years, money is sometimes hard to come by. However, you must also be familiar with the adage “money breeds money”. In terms of e-Commerce, it is more like technology and marketing breed money. However, unless you have an army of in-house developers and marketers, it boils down to much the same thing.


Unless you have tons of money or in-house teams of developers — you can’t really equip your business with a mobile app of any kind — let alone a native app, which is the best of them all.


Or can you?


Well, thanks to MageNative brought to you by CedCommerce, building an app for your online business is easy, incredibly easy. All you need to do, is to visit the MageNative Page 


Here are some key features of YOUR app:



  • Attractive and User-Friendly Layout
  • Multi Lingual and RTL Support
  • Synchronization with your website, so that updating your website also updates the app.
  • Supports all product types available in the Magento 2 store.
  • Let your customers search for an app based on its name, description, category and more.
  • Barcode And QR Code Reader and Scanner.
  • Push Notifications to enable you to send news of exciting offers or any new happenings, straight to your customer.
  • Social Login feature to enable users to sign in with a single tap, by using their Facebook or Google accounts.
  • Native Payment Gateway to ensure that all transactions take place effortlessly and seamlessly.
  • Voice Search feature to enable users to search for any new products or services with their voice alone.


Ready to equip your eCommerce business with a smartphone app yet?


Interested? Wondering how much the app costs? Well, the cost of getting a native mobile application developed can start at anywhere around $10,000, and range all the way to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don’t take our word, go on, use Google.


But since we are kind of nice, we offer our customers, a fully developed, customized smartphone application for just $740. Awestruck yet? Well, wait. There is more!


Order an app for your Magento Store between the 14th, 15th and 16th of August, and pay just $249.


That is right, get your eCommerce store on the Android and iOS platforms, for just $249! How cool is that?


Indian independence day offer, Magento Store, MageNative



And that’s not all! You also get 5 hours of FREE CUSTOMIZATION worth $100, and one month of free support worth $50. Get exactly the kind of application you have in mind for your Magento Store/Marketplace, and have it delivered lightning fast. Don’t wait! Offer is valid only until the 16th of August. 




  1. Get the Mobile App at $299 $249 – (Your Savings $50).
  2. 4 months free support instead of 3 months support – (Your Savings $50).
  3. 5-hour Customization Absolutely Free – (You Save $75).
  4. Additional Hours Customization  at 15% Discount.


Overall cost of the MageNative App for Magento 1 store, along with all the associated benefits – $435 $249 (BUY NOW)




  1. Get the Mobile App at $299 $249 – (Your Savings $50).
  2. 4 months free support instead of 3 months support – (Your Savings $50).
  3. 5-hour Customization Absolutely Free – (You Save $100).
  4. Additional customization  at 15% Discount.

Overall Cost of the MageNative App Including the associated benefits  $464 $249 – (BUY NOW)!


Spread the word around, tweet this offer!


Get a smartphone app for your Magento Store at the never-before seen price of $249. 


Here is what our customers have to say about the service they receive:


When we say the word ” Amazing “, it means simply Magenative team, they built us our professional application with incredible support with a 24h availability. I highly recommend the service.



I had some issues during initial days of planning for an app, but prompt and decisive guidance from the support team of magenative was above and beyond my expectation and is much appreciated. Great service !!”


Don’t think any longer. If you are actually, really serious about your business, you need a mobile app in today’s smartphone driven world. And you won’t get better services or support, at such competitive prices. Do it now, and your future self will thank you for it.



Thank you for your interest!
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