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Now help your vendor migrate to magento 2 Cedcommerce Marketplace

Now help your vendor migrate to magento 2 Cedcommerce Marketplace


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An expansive vendor pool is the attribute of a vibrant marketplace. More the vendors, more products, better competition and healthy growth.


Sometimes your marketplace is enormously famous that vendors line up to sign up with your marketplace and you get the option to choose. However, this is the luxury available to few. For most, it is about the negotiations, strategic partnerships, mutual goals, and interests.


Moreover, the vendor you get in agreement with may be offering their products already on other platforms. Thus, the transfer becomes cumbersome. It is where new sets of addons by Cedcommerce Marketplace comes into the picture.


Designed to import products on your Cedcommerce Marketplace from their individual stores, these add-ons ensure seamless transfer:


1. Shopify Product Importer:

It is an addon that allows vendors to migrate to magento 2 Cedcommerce Marketplace from their Shopify Stores. The addon is designed according to and compatible with Magento 2 Architecture and is extremely flexible. Your vendors just require to enter their Shopify store URL, API key and API password and can start importing the products. Read here for more information.


2. Volusion Product Importer:

For vendors who created their online store using Volusion, this addon comes extremely handy. It allows vendors to migrate their product data from Volusion store to marketplace along with product images. Vendor can import simple and configurable products from Volusion store to their Vendor Shop by uploading CSV files. Read here for more information.


3. Bigcommerce Product Importer:

Bigcommerce Product Importer addon enables the vendors to import products from their BigCommerce store to Magento. Users can import Simple and Configurable products of from his store and facilitates One click process for importing the products and images from the store. Read here for more information.


4. Amazon Product Importer Addon:

This is another most fascinating feature allowing vendors to migrate to Magento 2 Marketplace all their product data from Amazo. Migrate simple as well as configurable products with all its specifications to your Magento 2 store, dynamic category creation, simple automated image upload process. Read here for more information.


Installing these add-ons with your marketplace empower you to help your vendor seamlessly migrate to Magento 2 Cedcommerce marketplace. Moreover, quality service is the hallmark of the great platform. Don’t you want your platform to be extremely flexible?


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