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New Update of Vendor Product Addon

New Update of Vendor Product Addon


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Vendor Product Addon, a Multi-Vendor Marketplace addon, by CedCommerce has been updated to include a new feature which is done especially for the ease of our customers. This update is launched on customer’s request, as we always welcome suggestions and actively work on it to give the best to our customers without letting them face any kind of issues.



This update of product addon includes the availability of both Basic and Advanced Product form. The Basic form for product creation appears in the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Basic extension, but after installing Product addon the advanced product form starts to appear having multiple tabs as that appears in the Magento admin panel on product edit page.


Now as per the new update a setting has been provided in the system config according to which the Basic product form appears even after the installation of Product Addon.



Product Creation page of Vendor Product Addon before the inclusion of the new feature

Product Addon

To show the advanced product form (default product addon form with all the tabs), a system configuration setting has been provided in the admin panel under Vendor Configuration Tab.

System Config Setting

If it is set to Yes then the advanced product form will appear as shown

Advanced Form

If “Allow Advanced Form” is set to “No” then the new product form will appear having the Basic product form as it used to come with the Basic version of Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

New Product Addon Form

Updated Product Addon Form

This new product form will also include the required attributes assigned by the admin to the attribute set from the admin. In other words, if the admin has created some attributes from the admin panel and assigned to a particular attribute set (which is used for creating the product) then those attributes will also show in the vendor product form at frontend, provided those attributes should be required as only required product attributes will show up at frontend.

Assign Attributes

Brand attribute has been assigned to vendor_cedcommerce-demo attribute set and it is a required attribute. Now if we see at frontend, it will appear in the product form.

New Product Creation

Brand Attribute

This is all about the new update in Vendor Product Addon. Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions regarding this blog as we always work for customer satisfaction and would love to work upon your suggestions.

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    Very useful addon,which have all the product types.By this addon we can create all types of product according to our need.

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    I was looking for an extension which would allow my vendors to create their products themselves, This extension fulfilled my requirements and exactly what i was looking for. It has a great look and design and a great extension at affordable price. Highly recommended !!!

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    After using this extension I can’t stay without commenting on it, because it fulfills all my expectations which I was expecting with it. I really appreciate this product and I want to say that you guys should use it at least once.

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    Excellent 🙂
    I purchase ‘Vendor Product Addon’,it provide great feature,specially add configurable product with multiple attribute and also provide add product functionality like appears in the magento admin pannel.

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