updates and fixes in Cenia Pro
New Releases, Updates & Fixes in Cenia Pro Magento PWA Theme

New Releases, Updates & Fixes in Cenia Pro Magento PWA Theme


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CedCommerce Cenia Pro Theme 1.0.1 for Magento PWA Studio is now available on Google PlayStore. It comes with new releases, bug fixes, and updates as follows:

Creating a Mobile App for your Magento website might get a prolonged, time-consuming, and costly process. You don’t need to create separate apps for different operating systems anymore. Therefore, to overcome these problems and help business owners to provide their customers with an app-like experience of your website on the browser, we came up with the Cenia Pro Theme utilizing the robust technology of Magento PWA Studio, ReactJS & GraphQL.

It provides a totally app-like experience on the browser which provides a seamless experience followed by additional features. PWAs have cross-platform functionality and this eliminates the need to develop mobile apps for different operating systems.

CedCommerce has done several design changes in the Venia storefront to facilitate improved user-experience. Other changes for your website’s PWA theme followed for your website are described below:

  • A banner slider has been added on the homepage now to showcase the best offerings on your site.
  • A dropdown style navigation menu for category listing has been implemented.
  • Product Sliders are provided to show your latest and trending products right on the PWA homepage.
  • Sleek newsletter subscription form input is now embedded in the footer.
  • Link hot sections of your PWA with eye-catching static blocks on the homepage.
  • PWA footer now comes with expandable vertical menus and social media links.
  • A mandatory page for About Us has been added with a direct link in the PWA footer.
  • A new page with Contact Us form has been added to let your customers easily reach out to you when needed.
  • The product page now comes with a snappy add to cart option to boost conversion.
  • The shipping address form has been extended to support the dynamic state dropdown field.
  • UI improvements, color/style tuning, and appearance refreshments of My Account
  • Merchant to create tabs using headings in your product page descriptions, assign tabs to collections and/or products

Related Products

  • A separate product reviews section have been added
  • Added a custom shopping cart to fit your business needs and branding
  • One Page Checkout
  • Wishlist section has been added

Experience the power of Cenia PWA for Magento 2 with the Cenia PWA Theme Demo.

Know more in release notes about Version 1.0.2.

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