New Product Upgrades makes Etsy marketplace integration for Shopify more seamless

New Product Upgrades makes Etsy marketplace integration for Shopify more seamless


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The new upgrades in Etsy marketplace integration for Shopify deals with making shipping seamless for international clients and accepting products in other languages besides English. Also, the app now enables sellers to import new products as well.


Etsy is a global marketplace. It has a presence all across the continents – North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Oceania and across all the leading e-commerce nations. Therefore, the new upgrades will help cater to their global audiences.


Latest upgrades Etsy marketplace integration for Shopify:


The 4 new upgrades recently takes the total count to 8.


  1. Now app is compatible with item information in any language.
  2. Dedicated shipping templates can be created for different countries and on the case-basis.
  3. The sellers can now import new products to the app and thereafter marketplace.
  4. POD (Print on Demand functionality to cater dropshipping needs)
  5. [New] Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual
  6. [New] Profile-based Product Upload
  7. [New] Prevent Overselling & Underselling
  8. [New] Polaris Compatible


1. Compatible with any language:

Earlier the products with their item information only in English could only be imported to the app. It is no longer the case. Now, sellers using Etsy marketplace integration for Shopify, irrespective of the language of their item content, will be able to upload their products. This upgrade will benefit the sellers from Europe as the customers prefer the native language over English.


2. Dedicated Shipping Templates:


This is another great upgrade that enables online sellers to create dedicated shipping profiles based on the destination company. What this implies is sellers can create one-set-of shipping rules for items destined to ship to a particular country.


This is particularly significant for sellers who have the customers present across multiple countries. The sellers can create dedicated rules and apply those to items.


Here is how to do it?


i)  Go to Shipping Template settings. For this visit Profiling>Shipping Template and click on the Add New.

create Shipping Template


Here, select Everywhere Else in the Destination Country ID and Destination Region ID, if you want the settings to be global/same for every country.


Note: This offers flexibility to online sellers to create the shipping profile as per their requirements.


ii) Once all the required details are entered, Save it.


3. New Product Import:

Also, the app now offers sellers the ability to import newly added products into the app and thereafter create listings on the Etsy marketplace.


4. POD (Print-on-Demand)

Now, Etsy sellers who have apparels as their listings and use Etsy marketplace integration for Shopify can benefit from the POD (Print-on-demand) functionality. They are no longer required to stock inventory in advance. They can work on the instant-demand-fulfillment model. Here, whenever the customer places a personalized apparel request,  the order is acknowledged and inventory is procured. This saves sellers from overstocking.


5. [New] Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual:

This feature enables online sellers to convert the prices of items and the language of the items according to their Etsy store. The sellers can choose from 9 languages and 23 currencies.


6. [New] Profile-based Product Upload

Create dedicated profiles for different product categories which contain the information of products on various levels. Merchants can decide categories, attributes, pricing and other related information of an item using a particular profile.

Under this feature, merchants can benefit from the customize pricing functionality. This enables them to increase/decrease the pricing of their items by a fix margin – by a factor or by a percentage. This enables sellers to strategically price their products according to the competition and maximize profitability.


7. [New] Prevent Overselling & Underselling:

The merchants can optimize the standard inventory status of an item or group of items to ensure availability of items all the time. The sellers can define a maximum inventory status so the item is never-out-of-stock.


Similarly merchants can opt for a threshold frequency which alerts them whenever the inventory status is lower than threshold.


8. [New] Polaris Compatible

The user design of the Etsy marketplace integration for Shopify comply with polaris theme guidelines and offers user experience similar to Shopify dashboard. This makes app operations easier to understand and manage.



The Etsy marketplace is a great place to sell all-things craft which serves as great gifting items.


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