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Don’t you want only authentic vendors to register on your website? Aren’t you looking for a way by which you can acquire more information about your vendors beside their name and email id before you actually add them? If yes, then the Multistep Vendor Registration Addon of Magento 2 is just what you need.


With this addon, you can not only obtain more information from your vendors like their personal and business address, bank details, and other personal information but also digital copies of supporting documents like birth certificate, address proof, id proof, pan card etc. All these requirements can be appended to the vendor sign-up page in a plain sailing step-wise fashion.


Multi Step Registration

Multi Step Registration


All that a vendor has to do is just follow these steps, fill in details and get himself registered. Your vendors just have to fill in some details or maybe upload a few supporting documents to prove their authenticity. Yes, it’s that simple.


Multistep Vendor Registration Addon enables the admin to create a multi-step form for vendors which they have to fill at the time of registration. These simple steps in the registration form can include any custom attribute as per your requirement.


Multi Step Registration

Multi Step Registration


You would be wondering, what about vendors who have already registered on your website? Well, in that case as soon as your already registered vendor logs in, he will be redirected to the multi-step form. They won’t be redirected to dashboard unless and until they complete all the step of the forms.


Functionalities Provided To Admin


1) Admin can enable/disable the addon.


2) Admin can create as many steps as per his requirement.


3) Admin can add different attributes to each registration step.


4) Admin can delete steps.


Key Features:


Easy step-wise registration process to manage the registration process


Multi Step Registration

Multi Step Registration


Each Attribute can appear only in one step. Thus removing the chance of duplicity of any field


Multi Step Registration

Multi Step Registration


Proper validation such as required field validation, text only validation etc can be provided to form attribute


Multi Step Registration

Multi Step Registration


Vendor receives an email on successful registration


Multi Step Registration

Multi-Step Registration


On the ending note, Multistep vendor registration is a proven and an efficient tool to get important details from the vendor at the time of registration. Multistep vendor registration by Cedcommerce provides a hassle free registration system for your vendors.


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